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Lazy Valentine Weekend – The Frock Part 3

Hi!  Hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentine’s weekend.  I finished my frock on Friday, except for a little hand stitching, so that left Saturday for chilling.  Today has been a quiet day too, mostly because I’ve been nursing a hangover!

The Frock…..

lekala5891 3

I really enjoyed making this.  Probably due to making a muslin and knowing it would fit!  For the lining I chose something a bit fancy from my stash. I originally purchased this to line my Godzilla jacket but ended up using a zebra print for that instead.

lekala5891 (1)

The lining was a nightmare to cut out, really slippery. Maybe if I’d have used a rotary cutter it would have been easier.  It was worth it in the end though.

I intended to add 2 inches to the length of the dress but then forgot when I was cutting out.  In the photos of my muslin here in Part 2 the length is just right, but that was before hemming.  So I didn’t loose much length from the dress I decided to use some bias binding.  I didn’t have anything suitable and the thought of making bias binding from the lining fabric made me come out in a cold sweat, so I had a trip to Boyes in Brighouse and bought some satin bias binding.  It had to be red too, cos it’s a Valentine’s Dress!

lekala5891 9

I really really really love this dress.   I’ve only made 1 lined dress before, the Vogue 1353, but I don’t wear that anymore cos it makes me feel frumpy.  But this one is so comfy and slinky with the lining I feel fabulous wearing it, and the cotton sateen is so soft, it hangs lovely.  Here’s a link for the fabric if you’re interested, it would make a fab A-line skirt if you didn’t fancy it as a frock.

A bit more about the construction….

lekala5891 1 lekala5891 2

The dress calls for lots of top stitching, and not just one row either, twin rows.  I really thought this would spoil the look of the dress, so instead I under stitched as much as I could.  The top picture is the outside of the front, and the bottom one is the inside.  I think next time I would add some sort of interfacing to made the edges a bit firmer and more structure, especially the straps.

lekala5891 11

I managed to stitch most of the lining with the machine. For the back I tucked it under the bias trim.  I was a bit worried the bias trim might peak out due to no topstitching but it behaved.

lekala5891 8

For the front of the lining I stitched it to the seam allowance of the seam under the bust.  This just left a bit of hand stitching at he sides.

Onto pattern matching

lekala5891 14 lekala5891 15

I wasn’t sure where to start with this, but after much deliberation I decided to put the large flower on the centre of the front and the back. The centre back seam made this a bit tricky as it didn’t run parallel with the grainline. It’s narrows at the top.  I matched the pattern at the top, but on reflection I think I should have matched the skirt part of the dress.  What do you think??

lekala5891 5

We had a great night.  Lots of wine, and dancing!  Here’s another pic before we went out….My legs look a funny colour in this picture.  I was wearing some skin coloured fish-nets which look better on your toes than normal stockings/tights.

lekala5891 6

I’m planning on making a couple more of these, unlined cotton ones for the summer.  Here’s a link for the pattern if you want to take a peak…….

The Buttons!!!

lekala5891 12

The instructions called for button holes and buttons. I skipped the button holes and stitched the buttons directly where needed, it’s not like I was going to be unbuttoning them to get the dress on and off!

lekala5891 13

The buttons came from my stash.  I acquired quite a collection from my mum in law last year.  It took a lot of time to sort out, but so worth it.  I  had 3 of these little beauties, just enough!

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  1. Fiona M says

    Lovely dress and you look fab in it – which is why you had such a great night out!

  2. springystitches says

    Lovely work and the dress fits you perfectly! The buttons are super cute too!

  3. Stunning, gawjus dress – congratulations!!!
    Those buttons are so perfect, as is that hidden red!
    Now, about those pickles… lol!

    • Thanks! I think I’ll be making quite a few of these this year! I’m even thinking of making one in a lightweight fabric to use as a nightie 😃

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