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A Few Renfrews…… A Few Renfrews…… A Few Renfrews……

You can’t beat a good tongue twister! I can’t even say it in my head more than twice never mind out loud!

I think we all have a few Sewaholic Renfrews in our wardrobes. I feel myself wanting to type closets, I’ll be calling my Overlocker a serger next! I already call my trousers pants which is confusing to none sewing friends. They wonder why I’m telling them that I want new pants (they think I mean knickers). Reading everyone’s blogs from various parts of the world is playing havoc with my Yorkshire accent!

I’m trying to update my blog with some makes that I’ve not shown you yet, and yes you’ve guessed,  this is about a few Renfrews.


The first one is a refashion too. The dress above was bought about 4 years ago for a wedding  I loved that dress.  The style is out, but the fabric is still in…..I’ve seen chevron patterns all over.

Refashioned to a Renfrew…… Refashioned to a Renfrew…… Refashioned to a Renfrew……

Think that’s a bit easier than the first tongue twister!

i wondered what it could be…..


The skirt starts about 3 inches below the bust so there was plenty of fabric to work with. The photo on the left shows my espresso leggings pattern laid out.  At a push I could squeeze some funky leggings out of this. Not sure how much I’d wear them. On the right is the front of the renfrew round necked top.

I decided to go with the renfrew, but it wasn’t going to long long enough – I had a dress in mind. I had some cream fabric left from this Renfrew, an exact match to the cream stripes.


This is unblogged…..  I have worn it loads! It’s some stretchy winter white fabric that I picked up cheaply from Lucky Fabric as it had some marks on. I was easily able to work around them to make this top, and had enough left to add a white trim to the bottom of the dress.  I doubled over the strip for the bottom of the dress so it didn’t need hemming.


Check out those side seams!! I confess to pinning these seams, which is totally out of character for me! The stripe matching on the front was also spot on, but these are original seams so can’t take credit for that I’m afraid!

I  used the white fabric to edge the neck arm arm holes.

I wore it to the ladies golf presentation night, which was funny really as I wore the original version to the same event 3 years ago!

2 down, 2 to go….

Unfortunately I haven’t any good photos of the next 2. But these will do for now, the main garment really in this post was my refashion.

Here’s another dress made using the Renfrew pattern.


It’s the one above on the left.  I just used the front and back pieces. This was my first time sewing with scuba fabric.  So easy! No fraying and it behaved impeccably. I’ve not a photo of me in this handy, but I will soon when I blog about my Lemoncello cardigan from SBCC. (It’s the next to my dress above is grey, and I made it to go with my snakeskin dress!).

Are you ready for one last one….a really fine slinky stripey Jersey I picked up from The Shuttle in Shipley. A bit see through too and shows wobbly bits.  I usually wear a fitted vest underneath to keep things nicely covered.  This shops only about 7 miles away, but it’s not somewhere I go very often, though when I do I usually come away with more than I planned to buy.  But that’s normal isn’t it..?!


The above pic shows the fabric fairly accurately. Excuse the ironing board that needs recovering, it’s my mini one that fits on the worktop and does get a bit neglected. I stabilised the neck and shoulders with some iron on steam a seam to make it easier to sew. It was a bit flimsy.


Crikey if you’ve got this far, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to scare you! I scared myself when I just previewed this post and finally got to see the photo above.  I can’t remember taking it but I look proper pissed off. I don’t usually swear here but there’s not other word for it!

I should really put this top on now and takes some more pics but I’m comfy with my feet up and a cup of coffee. Don’t know about you but it’s taking decent photos that usually delays me updating my blog with what I’ve made. I’ve now got a tripod and found a timer from my camera so hopefully things will improve.

So that’s it for now, 2 posts in a day! I bet you’re wondering how I found time…..no housework and lunch in Starbucks with my boy…. Had a lovely day, hope you have too!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email - Thimbers.blog@gmail.com


  1. Ha! I’ve taken to chopping my head off at the moment. Don’t have to worry about the hair or lack of make-up! Great selection. I’ve just completed a stripy cowl neck Renfrew and I love it. Wearing it all the time. I think it could be the best pattern in the world.

    • Never thought, I should’ ve chopped it off and re-uploaded it!! Oh well…the others were already headless!
      I think the cowl style is my favourite, will be making some more I think soon. Thanks for stopping by ✂️😀✂️

  2. What a packed post – I loved to see everything you’ve made and refashioned! Brilliant pattern matching on the side seams too:)

    • Thanks! I feel like I should walk around with my arms in the air when I’m wearing this frock to show them off, lol ✂️😀✂️

  3. I’ve got a Renfrew to re-cut (smaller) and sew up, but it’s been so cold here I sorta lost me umph. But seeing these helps remind me the temp won’t be sub-zero forever… Love that you re-made that dress, and actually pinned those seams! Know what you mean about reading posts from all over the world. Does rather influence one’s vocabulary! xx

    • No Renfrew?!?!?! Oh no, I though I was late to the party with this one, but it’s all over now, lol. But you’ve been on telly, so that’s ok, we need to restart the party! ✂️😀✂️

  4. Fiona M says

    Renfrew is one of my most favourite patterns, I have made at least half a dozen. I like your longer versions, I must try that.
    The chevron dress refashion is fabulous – go you!

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