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Sewing Gives Me Butterflies – The Julia Cardigan #patternparcel6

Back in October I bought the Perfect Pattern Parcel #6.  Included in this was The Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations.


I’ve been meaning to make this up for ages, and now I have!  It’s good to know things do get to the top of the ‘to-do’ list, eventually!

I chose some black slinky jersey which was initially bought to make me and Thimberlina’s mum a pair of matching leggings.  I bought this fabric from Lucky Fabric’s in Dewsbury at the back end of last year. I s’pose I could’ve left it in my stash a bit longer, I mean, 3 months in the spare room, it’s not even got settled in!

But alas, despite £5 being an absolute bargain for me and my mum to have a pair of leggings  (I only had 1.8m but neither of us have particularly long legs) the leggings never materialised. But then I remembered the Julie Cardigan (my ‘to-do’ list is not written it’s in my head, note to self to maybe write a blog post about it).

julia cardigan 1 (1)

I really struggled with the pattern pieces to fit them on.  It was the curved front pieces.  4 are needed if you are going to line the front, which I did want to do for a better finish as the fabric was very slinky.  I even cut an extra front piece of the pattern so i didn’t have to guess if it would actually fit.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t squeeze on all the pieces.

julia cardigan 2 (1)So the above is all the pieces except the lining piece for the front.  Thought I’d add this picture so if you’re thinking of making this pattern it will give you an idea of pattern placement for not very much fabric.  It didn’t help either that I wanted a long sleeved version.  I rummaged in my stash and found some black jersey with a butterfly print which was perfect for the lining.   I remember buying it from Boyes in Brighouse with the intention of making a maxi dress (last summer).  Oh well….

The pattern went together so quickly, once I had cut all the pieces.  It was all sewn together on my overlocker with some top edge stitching done on my machine.

Here’s my photo shoot.  I’m sorry but you’ve to make do with the kitchen, as it’s the tidiest place in the house and it’s too cold to go out.


I was really glad I didn’t have enough fabric and had to use the butterflies.  Don’t you just love inside surprises inside your clothes!?

julia cardigan 2

It will meet at the front, but not at the waist …. that’s the design tho, honest!

julia cardigan 4

I’m really not flashing my butt at you….. just showing off the butterflies!

julia cardigan 6

Not really sure what going on here but added this one cos I think it makes me look slimmer than I am.  and I’m not pulling any faces so I mustn’t have been breathing in too much.

julia cardigan 7

Casual look… Isn’t it so so hard to photograph black clothes.  I’d put that vest top underneath because it’s pale and would help show the cardi, but I was freeeeezing.

Here’s a couple of shots of the back (I’ve got a lovely smile on these 2 but shame you can’t see it!)

julia cardigan 3

julia cardigan 8

Even though the flash makes this look shiny, it is actually a bit shiny in real life.  It looks a stiff wet look leather fabric but is really soft to touch

Well, that it for now folks. How you doing with your perfect pattern parcel makes?  I bought 3 out of 6 parcels, and this is my 2nd make, so 2 down 14 to go!!   The other pattern I’ve used was the Hudson Pants which I made for Harrison seen here.

Hope you all have a very eventful weekend in your sewing spaces!


  1. Dee Weaver says

    A friend and I, both from Halifax, discovered Lucky Fabrics at the back end of last year. We both came out with several bags of stash, had lunch in Wetherspoons and then went back for more! Love the place. And your jacket looks great…

    • It’s fab….so reasonable and the owner and her niece are both lovely and helpful!
      I’ve bought fabric there and seen it identical in other fabric shops for at least double!
      It’s such a shame it’s only open 2 days a week. I keep thinking I might organise a blogger/sewing meet up there…I’ve never been to one and reading others they seem good fun, and it’s only 2 minutes walk from the train station.
      What do you think??? Would you be interested? 😃

      • Dee Weaver says

        Definitely! Especially if we could get there on a Wednesday when the market is on.

          • Fiona M says

            Yes, definitely count me in for a Dewsbury meet!
            Love your cardi/ jacket – it’s a very similar shape to the Style Arc Fiona.

            • Thanks!
              I’ve set a date!! Hope it’s good for everyone…..the Wednesday after Easter, the 8th April.
              More details to follow, but though I’d let you know the date in good time ✂️😀✂️

              • Dee Weaver says

                That’s good for me. Gives me time to clear some space on the stash mountain! Looking forward to meeting up!

  2. It was a lucky break, not having enough fabric, ‘cos the butterflies are fab! They make the jacket look really expensive – and I love the leather look:)

    • Thanks! The leather look makes it look more dressy, though I still feel I’m just wearing a cardi, albeit a posh one with butterflies! ✂️😀✂️

  3. Great fabrics& wonderful use! Haven’t tried the parcels, so am glad to hear your experience was good. Wish I could join in your meet-up, but the pond’s a wee bit too wide. 😉 Have a toasted tea cake for me & enjoooy the fabrics! xx

  4. Great cardigan! I still need to make this pattern, it’s been on my “to sew” list for, uhm, months now… Whenever I struggle to get all the pattern pieces from a piece of fabric I usually try to lay them out on a single layer because that gives some more flexibility.

    • Thanks Emmely, it’s the funny curved front that made it a bit tricky, they were so big! I’d really like a more summery one for when the weather gets a bit warmer 😎
      PS I’m still loving the crochet, been finishing another heart shawl this weekend, and it’s all thanks to you for getting me hooked!

    • Thanks Linda, i do sometime accidentally on purpose make my butterflies peak out….is that showing off?!?!
      I see that pattern parcels as just in case patterns, though I’ve not bought all of them as I knew some just weren’t for me. One of them had the bombshell swimsuit in it,now I’d really love to try making one of them! ✂️😀✂️

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