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MY Space for Sewing – Revamp Phase 1

We all have a space somewhere, whether it be large, small, pretty, draughty…. it doesn’t matter because it’s OUR space and if anyone says it’s untidy we’ll have their guts for garters.  We can lay our hands on anything we want at the drop of a hat.  But, on the other hand,  we’ve all suffered at some point of the dreaded ‘sewing space envy’. Then next time we enter ours space we notice the imperfections and find it hard to get motivated.

Me? Yup, I’ve suffered too.  I blame Thimberlina. Ali was so organised and tidy until Thimberlina came along with Gertrude and took over out modest 3 bedroomed semi.  Gone were the family teas where we sat down having civilised discussions at meal times.  Now replaced with TV dinners.  TV DINNERS!!! They were unheard of until Thimberlina came along.  But now the dining table was home to a sewing machine and overlocker and 12 months down the line, all THIS had happened……………

my sewing space janome 8200 1 (1)

And if that wasn’t bad enough, check out the corner behind…..

my sewing space janome 8200 2 (1)

Things had started to get out of control.  We have a spare bedroom, only big enough for a single bed, and at the moment it was used as a bit of a dumping ground with the door firmly kept shut.  Husband had previously spoken and said it could be Thimberlina’s room.  But banished to the box room and no view over the garden!! No way!!  As I said things were getting out of hand, so it was time to tackle the bombsight  upstairs…….

my sewing space janome 8200 3 (1)

Now I really can’t believe I’m showing you all this. Most likely to shame myself into doing something about it! What you can see above is my overflow stash and here below is the rest of my stash……

my sewing space janome 8200 4

Now once upon a time this was all very neat and tidy.  (the top shelf is a non-stash, nothing to do with sewing shelf).  But want you want when looking for fabric is never near the top and inevitable rummaging occurs causing disarray, though I think there must be a stronger word than disarray for this little lot.

So!  Action stations and a trip to IKEA (where else!?)

my sewing space janome 8200 5

this little lot was going to be the answer to my prayers.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling (and hopefully not so shocking) episode of My Space for Sewing.

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  1. Ooooh I can’t wait to see the ‘After’ pics! It’s very easy to get in a muddle when sewing 🙂

    • You won’t have to wait long! It’s hard to sleep having a new machine, a bit like having a new baby, lol, so I’ve been very industrious and gotten loads done!

  2. How exciting! I love my sewing space and really enjoy seeing what others choose to do. Storage is definitely key!

  3. Wow! You really are getting into it, aren’t you?! May all go well with your re-org! (Bunting? Gotta see this!) xx

  4. Where Can You Buy Canned Pumpkin in the UK?
    1. It might be quiet challenging to find canned pumpkin in stores across UK, but you can source it online from either of the following websites; ‘melburyandappleton’ ‘Americansweets’ and ‘cybercandy’.
    2. Are you near a WalMart? Check there…
    3. Melbury and Appleton Store, at 103 Belgravia Workshops, along Marlborough Road Islington
    4. Amazon?
    I’d call #2 & #3 before making a trip… Good luck!

    • Dee Weaver says

      There’s a big Asian store on Woodhead Road in Bradford, just off Great Horton Road, called Al-Halal (BD7 1PD). They are the only place I know that stocks tinned jack fruit, so there’s a good chance they might have tinned pumpkin.

      • Thanks Dee, I’ll check it out.
        Del, I need to escape from my sewing room…..! At least David’s not over from America for another 2 weeks. I bet he’ll want Yorkshire Puddings when he gets here and not something to remind him of home!

          • Wish I was, Dee. Am across the pond, which probably still has huge chunks of ice in it from our northern shores. (Believe me, we are all **very** sorry about that.) Spring’s lovely bulbs cannot bloom over here soon enough!

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  6. My sewing room is a complete disaster half the time and when I can’t find half the tools I need to do a project I am forced to reorganize lol. Good luck I can’t wait to see the new space 🙂

  7. Love this, but have clearly read your posts in the wrong order (ie ‘after’ before the ‘before’). Still a very impressive transformation and I’m sure there’s far worse out there… 🙂

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