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My Space For Sewing – Revamp Phase 2

I feel a bit more comfortable writing this post as the photos I’m sharing with you aren’t of the embarrassing nature that appeared in Phase 1!  There was quite a lot to be done before my new Janome could be introduced to Gertrude and the gang (i.e. Thimberlina and my Overlocker with no name).  This included:

  • Stash cull and tidy – TICK!
  • Lick of paint
  • New curtains
  • Build 2 new tables from Ikea – TICK!
  • Major sort out of everything into neat little, big and medium size boxes – TICK!
  • Deal with wool stash – OMG – I must have found at least 5 WIP’s that I’d totally forgotten about, plus loads of crochet practicings.  None particularly big or important,  but just forgotten as a shinier project appeared in the distance.
  • Make it look pretty.
  • Make pin cushion.

The list above is not conclusive or exhaustive and probably will be added to, as well as items ticked along the way, but progress has been made and that;’ what this post is about, so here we have:


All organised, different elastics, ribbons, fastenings, tools & patterns.  The bottom shelf also contains a small amount of stash that is currently homeless.

my sewing space janome 8200 13

my sewing space janome 8200 12

TABLE READY FOR THE NEW JANOME (just wondering if she needs a name?)

OOOOO LOOK! THERE SHE IS, IN ACTION TOO! I have another table under the window which can be used for pressing:

my sewing space janome 8200 18


my sewing space janome 8200 19

(this was my first project – an apron for H’s cooking class at school, soon to be be blogged.  BTW his aprons not pink! I was using mine as a template!)

There’s still lots to be done, the biggest thing will be a lick of paint.   Now it’s better organised it will be easier to empty the room for decorating.

I’ve not shown you the wall on the left as you go in.  You’ve probably noticed that except for the tables and boxes I’m making do with with existing shelves and storage for now.  Once I’ve been in there a while I’ll get a better feel for how I want it organising.

my sewing space janome 8200 14

 This looks a bit of a mess but it’s actually organised chaos!  I had a hanging rail which will come in handy for muslins and WIPs. Underneath it i have an old IKEA storage system that had been in H’s bedroom. This has patterns, a cutting out tray and other bits and bobs. There’s also a space for my old Janome too.  The wicker basket contains things for refashioning/upcycling.

So, I’m slowly getting there! It’s the little things that make it feel like home!


my sewing space janome 8200 9



When we went out for tea last Friday to celebrate me not smoking for a year my mum bought me balloons and a plant, and lot’s of other goodies.  My balloons are filling the window, I’ll be sad when they start dropping.


As well as the balloons in the next photo, in the corner you can see how I was able to make use of the corner space and stack my stash filled boxes:


Check out the IKEA bag under the table  SEWCHET. I really need one like yours! Click on the link to be taken to her fab tutorial and get rid of those ugly blue bags!

I also need a pin cushion.  I made this last year (in under a minute!), and this is the only one I’ve ever owned.  Despite it not been very pretty, it serves it’s purpose,


 But I want one like this:


Now these are what you call pin cushions!  These are from GrannyMaude’s Girl. Again here’s a link to her blog and a great tutorial. It was also this blog where I found my inspiration for my collections of peg bagsand my first attempt here.

It may be a while before Phase 3 of the revamp comes along.  The painting will be a biggest job and as there’s a lot of sewing to be done with my new machine, I don’t think I could cope with the disruption just yet.  But for now I’ll enjoy my new special place which is now not just a place for sewing…’s MY SEWING SPACE…..x

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  1. Looking good. YES the table needs a name as does your overlocker else they will feel left out what with everything else having names.

    Maybe Sergei the Serger!!??? 😜

    • The Serger can be Sergio after Sergio Garcia! We’re all a bit sport mad in our house. And my new Janome can be Joey – after Joe Smith the cricketer! Looks like I’ve a bit of a theme going on now, except I don’t know anyone sporty called Gertrude! Oh well!

  2. Fantastic! I never take the fact that I have a sewing room for granted but it is somewhere I can lose myself in creating. Half the fun is in the organizing isn’t it? Can you email me your address please? I have a little gift for you:)

  3. Those blue Ikea bags are so versatile…….
    Looking great – Unfortunately I have to make do with the dining room table.

    • Last night was the first meal we’ve been able to have at our dining table since I don’t know. At least 6 months! At least dining tables are nice and big!

  4. Looking good! I’m impressed – and a mite jealous – you have managed to fit a pressing area in there – I always need to set up on the landing outside my sewing room (and I swear I would get much more done if I didn’t have to haul my ironing board out every time I put needle to fabric…)
    What’s up with your sunny day? It’s snowing outside my window and I ain’t that far away!

    • We had blizzards and hail this morning, but sun in and amongst. I was going to play golf but so glad i bottled it! The table top ironing board is only small, I got it for about a fiver from pound stretcher a couple of years ago. How’s the testing coming along? I got mine finished and feedback form sent off last night, will have to wait till the release before I can write my blog post!
      PS Nice to hear from you x

      • Oooh no – it has not been a day for golf!
        I have my top cut out and ready to sew, but aside from setting up the ironing board I will need to change my thread and needle! LOL – I know that it only takes a minute, but sometimes that kind of thing really puts you (me!) off getting going (I’m anticipating a quick sew once I do start, though). How did the stripes work out?

        • they were fine, didn’t attempt any matching, which was just as well as it would have matched then not matched further up. Nearly had a migraine working with those stripes tho!

  5. Ooh, you’re really inspiring me to get mine sorted with this post. I’m totally sick of carting everything up and down the stairs so often! Very impressed 🙂

    • I wasn’t that good, mine stayed downstairs, and Thimberlina ended up taking over everywhere! I feel like I can sew & blog guilt free now 😃

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