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The Osaka from Seamwork Magazine

Yesterday I created a wish list, and right at the top of it, is the Osaka wrap skirt from the new Seamwork magazine!  So today I gathered some suitable fabric from my stash and got started.  I’m not making a muslin as the shape is really simple so i’m going to fit as I sew – I’ve left out the darts for now, but will add them before I sew the 2 pieces together.

Now, this is going to be a quick post with lost of photos and not a lot of writing. I’m too upset to think of much to say tonight….you’ll see why soon. WRAPSKIRT1 10 WRAPSKIRT1 11

The first fabric I chose was this gorgeous black and white poly/viscose blend coating.  It’s already been a skirt but I’ve only worn it once as it didn’t fit too well, so I can use that plus about 0.7 m which was left.

FOr the reverse I had 2 small pieces of 100% wool. one 30cm and one 40cm.

This was going to be a tight squeeze!

WRAPSKIRT1 13And it was. But I managed!


I ended up with a scant 1/8 inch seam allowance in places!


I sewed the grey and yellow first:


It was a dream to sew.  Check out the pattern matching and topstitching – and so little fabric I hear you say!


Disaster struck when I sewed the black and white:


I’d spent ages making sure that this side was going to be a mirror image of the grey/yellow side. I even unpicked my first seam as I thought I’d gotten it wrong.


But NO!! I’d unpicked it, but it was right and I proceeded to sew it all the wrong way complete with perfect topstitching!


So what now?? I really can’t bring myself to totally unpick the black and white!  Should I just go shopping or have a rummage in my stash and make 2 more pieces and then have 2 reversible skirts?!

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  1. Oh, my… Reminds me of the flannel pants project I’ve been avoiding because I’ve unpicked all the seams twice so far… . . Guess I might unpick them a third time, if necessary. So maybe you might reconsider. After a suitable recovery time. Or not.
    You are NOT alone!
    xxx del

    • Thanks Del, I’ve slept on it and today I’m going to finish the black & white one – I’ve something suitable in my stash. If it goes into the UFO pile it’ll never come out!
      Your flannel pants would be super cosy for your cold weather…..c’mon, let’s see them finished xx

      • Maybe today I’ll give ’em another try… if it snows all day as predicted. 😉
        Sleeping on a project does allow for another go round!

    • Recovery time has worked! Not sure what to put with the grey wool so I’m going to finish the black & white one today….should really be taking it easy today tho, as I start my nights tonight 😟

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