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Osaka Wrap Skirt – Tick!

Whoop! There’s only one thing on my new wish list and I’ve only gone and made it – the rest is in my head but will be noted soon!  Disaster did strike yesterday – here – but Thimberlina is over the stress and happy to be wearing her new skirt!

So Let just crack on and I’ll show you the photos then talk about the nitty gritty afterwards!

I did struggle to get photos of me in it that did the skirt justice.  I’m not sure about the button placements yet, but here goes, it does look better on Gertrude than me (at the moment!)

#osakaskirt 1

Horaay for new machine that does lovely button holes! I’ve not made any thing that requires button holes for donkeys years!

#osakaskirt 2

And top stitching to die for!

#osakaskirt 3

Have you noticed the front and back are opposite?

#osakaskirt 4

#osakaskirt 5

#osakaskirt 6

I’m glad in the end I went a bit wrong when I started off as I’d never have thought of using this FAB cotton and ribbon ponte for the reverse side.   More Lovely Top stitching!!

#osakaskirt 7

I’ve been wracking my brains as to where I bought this fabric. It was love at first sight and one of those where you’re just waiting for the moment, and today was the day!

#osakaskirt 8

#osakaskirt 9

#osakaskirt 10

#osakaskirt 11

What do you think of the top?  It’s a cropped coco (unblogged!). I didn’t have anything to go with the skirt so hacked a few inches off this and straightened the side seams.

#osakaskirt 12

#osakaskirt 13

Me & Rory (she’s a girl, but is happy to be called after Rory McAlroy#osakaskirt 14

#osakaskirt 15

Now All I need to to is find some fabric for this one!

#osakaskirt 16

Just thought I’d mention in case your thinking of making this, I sewed up the bottom and the side then pressed the seams open before stitching the top.  When Ie stitcdh the top I left enough room to fit my clapper pressing tool inside so I could then press the top seam open.#osakaskirt 17

Another tip (get me!!) if your sewing is a bit heavy and you don’t have the luxury of a flat bed machine, put something alongside it that’s roughly the same height.

#osakaskirt 18

It’ll stopp the fabric been dragged off as you sew if its heavy.

#osakaskirt 19

Oh, and I’m not sure you noticed, I didn’t bother with any of the darts as I don’t really go in in the middle, or out at the bottom.  Depends which way you look at it, lol!

Oh, and another thing before I go.  Did you know TMS are running a challenge this month all about having beautiful insides – Inside out.  I think mine are this time, don’t you!?  Will have to try and find time to write a post for that!

That’s it for now, short and sweet. I start my first of 4 night shifts in an hour so although I’ve posted quite a lot this week you’ll now think I’ve gone into hibernation!

Now where are my crochet hooks……..need to take something to work in case I have a quiet moment!


  1. Oh I’ve got buttonhole envy, nearly everything I sew has buttonholes and my machine is a bit hit and miss, it will do a couple of beautiful ones and then makes a horrible mess! Your new machine looks awesome and the skirt is as well.

    • Thankyou!! There was a tip in my instruction manual that said once you’ve made your button hole don’t move anything or raise the foot, and do another one in exactly the same place. Might be worth a try if yours is a one-step one 😃

  2. What a conversation piece that fabric is! Very, very neat indeed: perfect for ‘show us your innards’ month 🙂 The cropped Coco goes perfectly with it too.

    • When I came into work in it tonight one of the lads took great pleasure in telling me someone’s been drawing on my skirt! 😃

    • Thanks Del! I’m so glad I messed up yesterday otherwise it wouldn’t have ended up like this & I love it!! ✂️😃✂️

      • All’s well that end’s well!
        So far today have avoided getting back to those green pj’s. Amazing what excuses I come up with to delay…

        • Are you busy making more rock cakes?? We also call them scones in the UK. Some pronounce it scone (rhymes with own) and others scone rhymes with none! 😀

          • Lol! No, not this time – hoovering & house-cleaning. But thanks for the tip about rock cakes & scones. I also love scones & couldn’t help but see the similarities. (I like to use the “none” version.) But the supply is awfully low…he-he-he!

  3. Oh that speech bubble fabric is amazing, I love it! Three great skirts and I, also, have small hips but no waist, so I agree with the no darts sentiment:)

    • Thankyou! I now have a very cute new one thanks to Sewchet, but I’m saving it for my Sunday Sevens!
      Are you still ok for the meet up on the 8th? I really need to get a post written for it ✂️😀✂️

      • Fiona M says

        Yes, I’ll be coming with Dee on the 8th, looking forward to it already!

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  5. Very Cute! I have been drooling over the Osaka. Quick question, is the skirt low-waisted or does it sit at the waist?

    • I’m not sure where it’s intended to sit as Completely missed off the darts – I intended to add them after I’d sewn it all together but as I’ve not much difference between hip & waist measurement I never bothered. When i came to sew the button holes I adjusted it how i felt comfy and ignored their markings. Mine sits just an inch below my natural waist but I’m still not sure about the fit and may alter the button placement – the angle of the front sections is more pronounced because I missed off the darts.
      Hope I’ve not waffled on too much and that was helpful!

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