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Yay! The Spoolettes Are Coming To Yorkshire

I’m not sure how this is going to go, if it’s gonna be a breeze or lots of sleepless nights – I’m organising a meet-up in Dewsbury on Wednesday 8th April.  All the other meet-ups look amazing fun but miles away from me so I thought “why not have one nearby so I can go”!?

I’ve been in touch with Clare over at Sewdixie Lou so all us Northern Sewers can join the Spoolettes!  If you’ve not heard of the Spoolettes then click on the link.  They have lots of fun and we can too!

So where & when are we meeting……

#yorkshirespoolettes 27

Why Dewsbury?

What’s it got to offer…..

Dewsbury is market town which also has 2 amazing fabric shops.  Market Days are Wednesdays and Saturdays hence the meet up on a Wednesday.  For those who have a proper job and don’t work shifts like me, if this works out then I’ll organise a Saturday meet-up later in the summer.

Its super easy to get to – it’s only 10 minutes off Jun 28 of the M62 and Jun 40 of the M1. Parking is really cheap – 40p per hour, and it also has it’s own train station (click here to access route planner) – it’s only 13 or 20 minutes from Leeds Train Station depending on if you get the fast train or not.  So its dead easy to get to.  There’s also trains direct to Manchester Airport for those of you flying in (only kidding but how cool would that be!!  Bring an empty suitcase!).

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There’s even a pub next door to the train station which may provide refuge later in the day!

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Today I’ve been to Dewsbury to find a meeting place and to take some pictures so you know what to expect if you’ve never visited before.  I feel like someone from the Tourist Information board trying to get visitors to come to Dewsbury.

There’s around 6 market stalls selling fabric, plus haberdasheries and a wool shop:

#yorkshirespoolettes 1

#yorkshirespoolettes 2

#yorkshirespoolettes 4

#yorkshirespoolettes 6

#yorkshirespoolettes 7

#yorkshirespoolettes 10

#yorkshirespoolettes 8

#yorkshirespoolettes 9

#yorkshirespoolettes 14

There are 2 main fabric shops that we’ll be visiting – Lucky Fashions & Fabworks – though there are lots of smaller asian style fabric shops all in close proximity to the market. Neither Fabworks or Lucky Fashions sell online so if you want to buy their fabric then you need to join us!


#yorkshirespoolettes 22

Off the beaten track but only 2 minutes from the train station and the market.  One of my favourite places – the lady and her niece who run it are so friendly.  They let you loose and leave you to have a good look round, but are really helpful and chatty if you are looking for something in particular.

#yorkshirespoolettes 24

This is the stretchy wall…. the fabric not the wall!

#yorkshirespoolettes 21

Look at this linen type fabric, I don’t know how I resisted!

#yorkshirespoolettes 19

The shop is quite compact, and the owner was a bit embarressed when I wanted to take photos as she’d just received lots of new stock and hadn’t tidied it all away yet. They sell everything (almost) and the dearest is £5.50/metre – even the denims and tweeds and boucle!

#yorkshirespoolettes 23

Lucky Fashions also have a stall on the market.  Today I bought 3 yards of a lovely cotton for £6 to make some PJs.

#yorkshirespoolettes 32

Over the ring road and less than a 5 minute walk is:

#yorkshirespoolettes 34

#yorkshirespoolettes 35

Now this is one huge fabric shop.  If you couldn’t find anything to tickle your fancy in Lucky Fashions (and I’d be surprised!) then you’ll find it here.

#yorkshirespoolettes 41

Last time I visited it was a bit chilly but they’ve got new heaters so you don’t need to wear your woolly hat and gloves!  As well as dressmaking fabric they also stock curtains and upholstery fabric, leather, ribbons, trims and lots of inspiration!

#yorkshirespoolettes 40

All the interior fabric tends to be colour coded and they have cute displays above:

#yorkshirespoolettes 39

The green roll below felt really weird, like foam!  I should’ve asked what it was!

#yorkshirespoolettes 38

#yorkshirespoolettes 37

There’s loads of unusual fabric as well as what you’d expect.

#yorkshirespoolettes 36

So, have I wetted your appetite for mooching round a Yorkshire market town and visiting 2 of my favourite fabric shops? I hope so.

Meeting Time and Place  10:30 am at Bennetto’s Coffee House  

#yorkshirespoolettes 18

If the numbers aren’t too large (up to about 12) we can meet at Bennett’s Coffee House which is No 23 The Arcade.  I’ve never been to this cafe until today.  The owner Steve is lovely and although 10:30 on a Wednesday is one of his busiest times of the week he said he’ll do his best to accommodate us – there’s seating upstairs so we should be ok.  If the meet up ends up being HUGE, I’ll change the venue to a nearby Weatherspoons, but for now it’s the cafe.

#yorkshirespoolettes 17

The cafe is at the end of this arcade which really needs some more local business to restore the hustle and bustle which it would have seen in ‘the olden days’!

#yorkshirespoolettes 16

So, if you’re up for it let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me and I’ll add you and your blog to the list.  You don’t have to be a blogger to join in, if you love talking sewing then join us!

So far attending there’s

I think there’s a couple more who have mentioned they’d be interested, but I can’t remember your names – sorry!!  I get enthralled reading so many blogs that I get mixed up!

If you’re not local to Dewsbury, but some of your followers are from Yorkshire then re-blog this post to spread the word.

I’ve added a page at the top of my blog to easily locate all the info to do with the meet up. Click HERE to be taken to it.  I’ll be adding maps and anything which I think might be useful.  Also, please add any comments there too.

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  1. Oh, wow! You’ve seriously tempted me! Those shops look fab… Will have a look at date and where Dewsbury actually is (!!?), sorry no idea whatsoever…. Well done for being proactive and getting something organised 🙂

    • It’s not far! I’m sure it would only be about 40 minutes on the train! Go on! You know you want to! To give you an idea where it is, if you were travelling by car its about 15 minutes from the IKEA junction of the M62 near Leeds.

  2. Fiona M says

    Dee & I are definitely coming, but we will be travelling by bus and will not be able to get there for 10.30. We’ll work out some way of catching you up!

    • No worries, I’ll put some sort of plan together when I know who’s coming then you’ll know where to find us. Does Dee have a blog? 😃

      • Fiona M says

        No, Dee doesn’t blog. I have another friend who may come along too – also not a blogger.
        If you like, you can contact me by email, so that we can exchange phone numbers: fiona at barkisland dot net

  3. It looks great! I was curious and plane tickets from Amsterdam to Manchester range from 160 euro to almost 1100 (crazy!). It would be great to attend a sewing related meet-up, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pass. 😦

    • Big shame you can’t come, but Amsterdam would be more exciting for us all to come to you than you come to Dewsbury! We should all start saving now!

  4. So excited to finally be getting to meet you, Ali! I’ll be on the train, I think, but have checked I can get there for 10.30.
    I’ve only been to Fabworks of all these places, but got some weird and wonderful (and some just weird and some just wonderful) things there.
    I realised today that I have not bought ANY fabric yet this year – I was about to rectify that online, but decided to hold off for this trip!

  5. Who knew Dewsbury was such a fabric hot-spot! I hope you’re getting commission. Very best of luck – I’m sure it will be a fab day out. Only wish I was nearer..

    • Reading it you’d have thought I was, but unfortunately I’m not. Shame they don’t have their own blogging network, I could’ve put myself forward. I’m lucky though that they’re only 7 miles way from me. 😄

  6. Reblogged this on Love, Lucie and commented:
    I would so love to attend this sewing bloggers meet up in Dewsbury, but I’m working. 😦 I’m reblogging the details in case any of you other Yorkshire folk would like to go.

  7. I’ve just reblogged your post. I would have loved to come. Definitely put me down for a future Saturday version. x

  8. springystitches says

    If only I lived nearer! It’s a wonderful idea, don’t spend too much! 😉

    • Can’t promise that – I came home with 2 bags full of fabric on Wednesday and I only went to Dewsbury to take some photos for this post!

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  10. Found you via Lucie. Sadly I will be working, but (being relatively new to Yorkshire) I don’t know Dewsbury very well, so thankyou for sharing the fabric shop knowledge. I shall try and get through for a look one day.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I think there’ll definately be a Saturday one in the future to look out for. If you want I can email the map I made in pdf format which should be better for printing if you like – it’d make fabric shopping in Dewsbury a bit like a treasure hunt!

  11. I’d love to come but I’m on holiday that week. Usually Wednesday mornings are good for me though, as I don’t start work until 2pm. Down to your amazing writeup though, I think I may be visiting Dewsberry for a spot of fabric shopping on my tod 🙂 Hope to meet you ladies some other time xx

    • Happy holidays! But be careful you’re not late for work if you venture down there, I always loose track of time when I’m fabric shopping! Will let you know when we arrange another one locally 😀

    • It wouldn’t be too long on the train, well maybe it would! Sometimes I wish I lived further away, it’s just too tempting and I can’t help myself. 😀

  12. Hello! Sadly I can’t make this meet up but great idea.
    There’s a leeds meet up on April 18th by the way. Are you on twitter? Or you can email alchemymakes@gmail.com for details. This is the second leeds meet up and it’s good shopping fun.

    • Hi, I’m working on the 18th 😞, I work shifts so don’t get too many weekends off. I might be able to get a swap tho. I’m on Twitter – @thimberlina
      I’ll drop an email and see if I can get the day off. Thanks for letting me know! 😃

  13. Carol says

    I’d like to come along. A little bit later though my train gets in at 10.40 to Dewsbury

    • Brilliant! We’ll be in the coffee shop waiting. We are you coming from? Can you email me your contact details?
      Thimberlina.blog AT gmail.com

  14. Hi I’d love to come along. I’ve booked that day off so I hope to see you all then. I would be grateful for help NOT buying fabric, as my stash really does not need adding to.

    • Brilliant! Think that’s 10 of us now! I’m replying on my phone but will add you when I have some wifi for my iPad 🎉😃🎈

  15. corrineappleby says

    Hi. I’m a Yorkshire sewer and I’ve just stumbled upon this post. I Would love to come if there’s room for one more! 😀

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