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Gray All Day – The Athena Top

Helena from Gray All Day has today released her new pattern The Athena Top, and guess what….. I was a pattern tester!!  When I saw her post asking for testers I couldn’t reply fast enough!  I’ve never done any pattern testing before so wasn’t sure what to expect.  When I received the email to accept my offer I was over the moon and got to work straight away!


This morning I decided to make another one, not realising that today was going to be the release day, so now I can share it with you!

Here’s how she describes it:

The new Athena top is a relaxed but chic raglan sleeve knit or woven top that can be whipped up in an afternoon. The sleeves twist under the arm to create a graceful waterfall and the hem dips in back for a subtle hi-lo effect. The knit version is finished with bands at the neck and arms, while the woven uses bias binding. It is perfect for those ultra-soft drapey jerseys or tissue knits that feel so great to wear. It would also look great in a fluid, silky woven 

I made the knit version today, with some fabric I accidentally bought whilst I was supposed to be taking photos for a meet-up I’m organising in Dewsbury.

Here’s what I came home with and I wasn’t even looking….  Please tell me I don’t have a problem and this is absolutely normal!

#my fabric stash  4

I used the 2nd one down from the pile on the left which I did actually buy with the Athena Top in mind.  It has a nylon see through layer and a jersey layer with loads of holes all over it.  £5.50/m from Lucky Fashions…bargain!


It only took an hour to make as I’d already had the pattern cut out:

I’m trying to get better photos – and I think the way forward for me is to pretend I’m somewhere else!

#AthenaTop  1

#AthenaTop  5

#AthenaTop  4

Because the fabric is so detailed you can’t see the draping so well, but it does drape, honest!

I completely missed off the neck and arm bands, and left the bottom unhemmed as I thought it wouldn’t work with this fabric.  Around the neckline I sewed a narrow zigzag about 1cm from the edge to help it keep it’s shape.

VERDICT: I love it!!

I’m going to the golf club for a meeting in 1/2 hour and I’m going to be a rebel and leave it on.  I usually don’t dress so casual when I’m going there but I really don’t want to take it off!!

If you want to whip yourself a new top up and fancy making the Athena then head over to GrayAllDay Patterns where Helena is giving a 20% discount with the code FIRSTWEEK.

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  1. I love this version and the drape is great, even if it doesn’t show up well in photos. You look so chic with your boots! That fabric is really perfect. Thank you for being such a helpful pattern tester!

  2. Love your ‘whoops, look what I accidentally bought’ pile 🙂 Great top! Looks comfy, practical and just that little bit different.

    • I had a ‘whoops I just went to cash machine’ moment on the way to lucky fashions. (They don’t accept cards) I think my sub-conscious is more powerful than it should be! Might see if I can have hypnosis to get my problem under control. Or maybe I need to pack work in and sew full time! ✂️😀✂️

  3. Oooh I really like the drapey-ness! Lucky you testing it 🙂 I hope you’ve got projects planned for all that new fabric… Haha 😀

    • Almost all….. Cropped coco jumper for the chunky knit, pj’s for the check, Xmas party dress for the black/gold (early planning!!) and not sure about the cotton With a border print, maybe a summer frock the same as my Valentine dress. ✂️😀✂️

      • Oh, and the black & white on the top I’m thinking the drapey knit dress from the new GBSB book! Let’s see if can stick to this 😀

  4. Looove the pattern! Looks so cool, relaxed, and comfy particularly in that see-through fabric ~ you daredevil, you! And that pile of fabrics looks sooooo enticing…….. del

  5. I kind of feel I shouldn’t like that fabric, but I am strangely drawn to it. Your top looks great.
    And your fabric pile demonstrates perfectly normal behaviour… I was just showing the other ‘alf your pics of Dewsbury and told him I’d be going on the train, not driving. His response: “well, I can come and pick you up if you have too much to carry”. He’s definitely a keeper!

    • Aw, best reply ever! I usually smuggle my fabric in to the house! They had it in a bluey colour too.
      I just think that if I don’t by it when I see it and I really love it, it ,might not be there next time! Might be worth bringing a couple of them ‘bag for life’ bags cos the carriers in the shop aren’t very substantial. Or a suitcase!! Lol ✂️😀✂️

  6. Fiona M says

    Oh, and I don’t think you are buying enough fabric – what if you wanted to sew something and the shops were shut?

  7. Fabulous fabric! I really want some for another Day to Night Drape top. It would look fabulous. Do you think they are open Sundays?
    Great pattern too.
    So many ideas… little time…..Who needs sleep!

    • Sleep! What’s that, lol?! I’m terrible, I wake up early thinking about what I can make next.
      It would be fab for a day to night drape top, it’s only open Wednesday’s and Saturdays. If you could send someone in to get it for you it’s on your right as soon as you go in. It’s in blue too and is part of a display so I think it’ll soon get snapped up ! 😀✂️😀

    • Unfortunately my fabric doesn’t show it off too well, I’m going to look out for a floaty woven. I might even have something in my stash……! 😀

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    • Yea, I think so, I’ve a couple of light jerseys I’d like to make it up in, and if I’m feeling brave hopefully a floaty chiffon

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