Yorkshire Spoolettes
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The Spoolettes in Dewsbury 

Yorkshire Spoolettes 4

left to right – Margaret, Katrina, Corrine, Rachel, Amanda, Me, Jeanie, Katharine, Nee, Hannah, Fiona & Dee


Thanks Ladies for a fab day!  It was a bit like organising a party and biting your nails until the first guests start to arrive!

And arrive you did – we had a ball – and so did the fabric shop-keepers in Dewsbury.  I bet they closed early as I’m sure today’s takings must’ve been up on a normal Wednesday!

Yorkshire Spoolettes 11

left to right front row… Jeanie, Rachel, Katharine, Hannah & Corrine. Back row… Helen, Me, Amanda, Katrina & Neela

We met in the coffee shop at around 10:30 (Fiona, Dee and Margaret joined us a little later).  Most of us were strangers to each other in ‘real life’, but not for long.  We were all chatting like long lost pals!  It was fab to finally meet up with everyone, especially Rachel and Amanda as I felt like i knew them anyway, we’d followed each others blogs for so long!

Yorkshire Spoolettes 14

Yorkshire Spoolettes 13

Yorkshire Spoolettes 12

Yorkshire Spoolettes 10

Our first port of call was Lucky Fashions…..

Yorkshire Spoolettes 8

Yorkshire Spoolettes 9

The lovely lady there had even got some water and cans of pop in case we needed refreshments!

Then we headed down to the market and onto Fabworks.  I kept doing a head count to make sure we’d not lost anyone, but I could’ve done with Amanda taking the register!

Yorkshire Spoolettes 7

Yorkshire Spoolettes 6

It was hard work all this shopping, a sit down was in order!

Yorkshire Spoolettes 5

Phew!  It was soon mid afternoon and we were all starving, so we headed off to the local Weatherspoons.

A meal and a drink for less than £6!

Yorkshire Spoolettes 3

Go on then! Make it a pint!!

Yorkshire Spoolettes 2

I just wish I had taken the bus…. coffee doesn’t quite quench the thirst like a pint of lager!

We all had a great time – well I did and I hope the rest did too! It was great to get together with fellow sewers and crafty folk!

I didn’t break the bank with what I spent, but as i’m only 7 miles away I didn’t need to go mad.  Here’s what I did buy though…..

Yorkshire Spoolettes 1

Flowery curtaining to make a couple of cushions – 1m for £11

Yards and yards of satin bias binding – 20p / metre

4 spools of overlocker thread – £1 each

10m of very chunky piping at 50p per metre.

Not too bad – I spent more when I called into Dewsbury to take pix for the original post!!

The rest of the Spoolette bought some amazing fabric and I really can’t wait to see what they make!

If you want to see the original post all about Dewsbury and who went please click HERE.

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  1. kageymee says

    It was lovely meeting you all. Thanks Ali for organizing everything, I’d love to do it again sometime, once I’ve saved up some more pennies.

    • It was lovely you coming! Can’t wait to see what you make – after your dissertation!! Email me or give me a ring if you want a natter x

    • I might be coming to Taunton in July for a week, is that far from you?? We could organise something near you if it is 😀

  2. j5jmo says

    Ali, I would like to thank you for kindly letting me come (as mum & chauffeur of Katharine). I really enjoyed meeting you and all the other lovely ladies. Although I have only ever made one item of clothing – a dress for Katharine when she was little (a complete disaster I may add!) I subsequently turned my hand to making curtains which I found more rewarding. However, after seeing all the lovely fabrics on offer in Dewsbury I succumbed to purchasing some beautiful pieces and now will hopefully have a more successful attempt at making my own clothing. I look forward to meeting you all again the future and thank you once again. Joone (Katharine’s mum from Sykehouse)

    • Aw, was lovely to meet you too, it’s great that sewing brought us all together, no one would have known watching us natter that yesterday none of us had even met! 😀

  3. corrineappleby says

    Blimey, you were quick off the mark with this post! I’ve got fabric overload – I don’t know what to make first! Had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for organising.

    • I wanted to crack on before the meeting at the golf club tonight otherwise I’d have struggled to get on with it. I think it has to be the shirt first, that reversible fabric is gorgeous…..I’m gonna go back on Saturday to buy some, kicking myself now, I should’ve got it today. Can’t wait to see your bridesmaid dress too! 😀

  4. Fiona M says

    It was wonderful! Thanks so much for arranging it, we had a ball, and it was lovely to meet you all. I only bought 8m of fabric – quite restrained, really!

    • It’s a bit far for the day, maybe I should organise a weeks tour of Yorkshire to make it worth the journey! 😀

  5. FAB-u-licious outing! Thanks for being quick off the mark with sharing, Ali. Do hope Joone gets her sewing mojo started again. Bet its half way there already, after a Yorkshire Spoolette Day!

    • I only bought 3m – forgot to mention the 2m of stretch denim in my little pile! Ooops!
      You need to make one in next time, or maybe we could organise a trip to Manchester! 😀

      • Sounds like more choice your end. Would definitely be interested if you do one again and I can arrange for mum to have kids 🙂

  6. Thanks, Ali, for arranging the day. Lovely to finally meet you and everyone, and thanks for introducing me to the fabric joys of Dewsbury (if you ever need a shopping partner in the future you know where to find me!).
    Well, I really have no room to stash any more fabric, so I guess I’d better get on with some sewing now! X

    • You’re welcome, it was fab to finally meet you!
      You’ll have to join me Jeanie & Helen for our pattern swapping meets, we try to get together once a month, & I need to borrow your Anna & lend you my archer! 😀

  7. That looks like it was such a fun day! I love seeing the range of ages in the photos–glad to see it’s not just us old-timers that are sewing. It’s got to get everybody’s sewing mojo going, getting together and having fun with other sewers. Great job, Ali!

    • It’s lovely having sewing friends online – sometimes I think my none sewing friends think I’m bonkers when I go on about sewing, blogging & stuff, but it was great to meet so many ladies in ‘real’ life who are on the same wave length! 😀

  8. Oh it was such a great day out! Ali, you were an absolute star with your organising and name call. You didn’t lose anyone!
    I have been busy cutting out all night and adding my trims in some many different ways I can’t decide!
    I really hope this will be an annual treat as it was great to meet everyone in real life.
    At least my mam will stop worrying about meeting strangers from the Internet next time!!! Xxx

    • Haha….my mum was dying to ring me all day to see how it was going! Wonder if it was cos she was worried about my dodgy online sewing buddies!!
      It was a great day, but don’t know if I can wait a whole year to organise another! 😀

  9. springystitches says

    Your day sounds like fabric heaven! If only I lived nearer!

    • It was fab….I’d read about meet ups but they were always so far away, that’s why I organised this. I’d no idea if it was just gonna be me – I never expected 15. How about having some southern spoolettes?? 😀

  10. Thank you for arranging such a wonderful day! I had a great time! I’d rather be having another day shopping with you ladies today instead of being stuck at my desk again! All my fabric is washed, patterns are cut…I’m raring to go! Do you mind if I pinch a couple of your pics? They look lovely! Can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

    • Wow! Mine haven’t made it to the washing machine yet!
      I’m just getting up and thought of you…..I’ve loads to do today so I’m going to make a proper list & get motivated!
      Was lovely meeting & shopping with you all yesterday, will have to arrange another in the summer, but must get the stash down a little first!
      Pinch away with the photos…… xx

      • Haha mine only came out of the bag long enough for photos then were straight in the wash! Waiting for them to dry today then I can cut them tonight but I doubt I will get time to sit down and start sewing before the weekend 😦
        Woo! Let me know how the list goes! Yes it was great to meet everyone and I can’t wait until the next one! Hopefully by then I will have some handmade items that I can wear along! Feeling really inspired after meeting everyone! xx

  11. Sounds like enormous fun! Would love to have been there but my annual leave is not as generous as I would like! Hope to meet you all another time.

  12. Dee Weaver says

    What a great day we had, and thank you so much for organising it. Next time I’m bringing my wally-trolley, because I was seriously knackered after carrying my new stash all round the market, across to Fabworks and back to Wetherspoons… lols. I blame Fiona for slipping rolls of fabric into my *to buy* pile 😉
    Yes, let’s do it again in about six months or so (chance to stock up on winter fabrics, haha) but we should all make a commitment to wear something made from a fabric we bought yesterday. I’ll opt for a broderie anglais bra – and no, i won’t let anyone check… 🙂

    • Haha! We’d take your word for it! It was a fab day! At some meet ups I’ve read about they do swaps too. Do you think that might be something we should do?

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  14. Thanks for organising our trip, great day out, now I know my way round I’ll definitely be back again! Just got lots of sewing to do now 🙂

    • Your welcome! I’ve had a few selfish hours today, I’ve not made myself anything for what seems ages!
      If you do go back make sure it’s a Wednesday or Saturday – everywhere for fabric shopping is closed the rest of the week, except Fabworks which is open mon-sat 😀

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