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The Yorkshire Spoolettes Meet Up Tomorrow!

Gosh, it’s only 1 sleep until our meet up in Dewsbury.  I can’t believe how fast the last month has gone when I first posted about it!  It came about originally as I’d been planning to meet up with Amanda from Sew Deputy and we decided to open it up to anyone who fancied a little fabric shopping and a natter in Dewsbury!

And now there’s going to be 15 of us meeting up! Yay! Can’t wait to meet you all.  Here’s the roll call:

  1. Me
  2. Rachel from Is It Fitting?
  3. Fiona from Seams Straight Forward 
  4. Dee – Fiona’s friend
  5. Jeanie from Love That Sewing
  6. Hannah from Handmade by Hannah
  7. Margaret from The Crafty Creek
  8. Carol
  9. Amanda & her daughter Annice, from Sew Deputy
  10. Katrina from Rolling Eyeballs
  11. Neela from Sew Fusion
  12. Corrine from Appleby Makes
  13. Helen – my golfing and sewing buddy – no blog (YET!)
  14. Katharine – a keen sewer & final year Uni student who’s heard about our meet up and would like to feature it in her final year dissertation!

Just a couple of things to be aware of…

  • Fabworks takes cards, but Lucky Fashions and the market will be cash only. (Thanks Hannah for thinking to ask this!).
  • Parking is only £2 for up to 5 hours, but then is £4 for over 5 hours.  Still much cheaper than places like Leeds city centre, but I’m not sure how long we’ll be!?!? I’ve got ALL day, and told my hubby to go to his mums for tea!
  • Dewsbury isn’t an affluent place and it won’t be like having a shopping trip to York with lots of lovely tea rooms.  But saying that Dewsbury folk are the ‘salt of the earth’ and we will have a good day!
  • The coffee shop where we are meeting has an upstairs so when you walk in don’t be panic stricken if no one looks like they are sewers.  What do sewers look like!!!!????

I’m going to aim to get there a bit early, around 10am.  With there now being more of us we will soon fill the place, especially as it will be busy already as it’s market day.  Hopefully we’ll all squeeze in.

I think if we have coffee there we can have a bite to eat later at Weatherspoon.  I don’t think there’s anywhere else that will be able to fit us all in.

I was wondering if I should put my number on here for you all, and after some diliberation I’ve decided that if anyone gets down to reading this far then they’re coming and may need it!   My numbers 07891xxxxxx.  Please drop me a text with yours (if you wish) and also use it tomorrow if you’re lost, late, or just to say Hi and you’re on your way!

Can’t wait to meet you all!

If you would like a print out of the map I made to bring along to help you find your way, here it is:

Spoolette Dewsbury Map PDF CLICK TO DOWWNLOAD

#Spoolette Dewsbury Map

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  1. Suzanne mawson says

    There is a stall that sells ribbon,lace trim, buttons etc. Bought loads of satin bias in lovely colours. He is in the undercover market, opposite kens greengrocers. Worth having a look.

  2. Very jealous! I love all your research on this event. Do you plan stuff for a living? Your attention to detail is great 🙂 Hope you all have a fab day and careful with those wallets…

    • No I don’t plan for a living…I drive a ambulance response car, but I think I was able to plan it well as I love fabric shopping and a bargain, and Dewsbury’s good for both!
      …….and it’s only the other side of the Pennines for you!
      PS you should come and bring the kids…you could take them to Batley park when they get fed up! My little boy used to love it there x

      • Well, I bet your organised nature would be perfect in an emergency. And your ability to raise a few smiles too 🙂 Tried combining kids and fabric shopping once and only before, not fun! But my parents are very good at having them so must plan better next time…

  3. Fiona M says

    Can’t wait – Shopportunity Knocks! 🙂
    See you all tomorrow.

    • Thankyou! Todays been gorgeous! I’ve even had my legs out, so fingers crossed for the same tomorrow (the sun, not my legs, lol!)

  4. This is one of those times when I wish I was living back in Yorkshire rather than Alabama! I hope you all have a lovely day and make sure you post what you get up to too 🙂

      • Haha I’m using it as an excuse to go crazy, despite only living 5 minutes away I’ve not visited Dewsbury before and I had no idea they had so many fabric shops! I think my other half is already regretting this discovery 😉

        • Oh no, best buy some fabric to make him something!! There’s a free man’s vest top on the thread theory website. its a start!!
          It’s only worth going on a Wednesday or Saturday. 😀

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