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Sunday Sevens week 31 (me 6)

I may be on a roll and getting into the swing of things with the Sunday Sevens, now I’m into week 6.   I have an app on my phone called Day One.  I’ve used it in the past and it’s kind of a diary, so this week I’ve decided to use it to keep track of what I’m up to and it’s worked out better for me.

I’ve had a strange week.  H is away in Italy skiing with the school.  I wouldn’t say I’ve missed him, as in missed him and moping around all day with a long face, but I have been worried about him and constantly checking schools twitter for a glimpse of him on their regular feeds, so I s’pose I have missed him!


Not having H at home meant the pudding only had to be shared between the 2 of us!  It was some sort of toffee & banana loaf cake from M&S.  (and there’s me wondering why my clothes are shrinking!).



Anyone who sort of knows me knows Tuesday is my golf day (if I’m not working, but I try not to work on a Tuesday).  Tuesday was a scorcher and our 3 ball all turned up in skorts.  Mine’s a Yasmin Yoke Skirt worn with a short pair of shorts underneath, easier to sew than skorts I think.  I took this photo with the aid of the timer on my photo whilst we waited to tee off on the 12th.

sunday sevens

Then after golf we were invited to Afternoon Tea with a Twist ?!?!  for one of the lady members 80th birthday celebrations.  We had no idea what was going to be happening when we were ushered into the ‘big’ room to watch a demonstration on how to make truffles, then we had afternoon tea and scones, then back into the ‘big’ room to eat the truffles and have a sing-song and a dance!  So I wasn’t planning on 2 photos for Tuesday but you got them!



Not a lot to say about Wednesday as Wednesday was well and truly blog worthy and has a post all to it’s self.  Click HERE to read all about it if you’ve missed it!

#yorkshirespoolettes THURSDAY

I really needed to get some jobs done at home.  I’m not really a list person, but I made one and managed to tick off most of what needed to be done.  Craig cut the grass that evening but the big lawn mower conked out about 7/8’s of the way through.IMG_6585


H came home!  He was only home 1/2 hour before he finished off cutting the grass. IMG_6594


We took my mum in law shopping.  Her back yard backs onto a farm and 2 donkeys have come to live in the field this week.  Not sure of their names yet, but they’re both pregnant and due in December!



Another animal picture! This is mini – my niece’s dog……  We had a family do today for my mum in law as she was in hospital at Christmas.  So today we swapped pressies and had a lovely afternoon.  Mini is smaller than my cat Rory, but Rory wasn’t impressed and disappeared  upstairs for the afternoon!  I tied this bandana round mini as Jean is now severely visually impaired and would have tripped over Mini, but she was able to spot the bright bandana.

sunday sevens (1)

Anyone who’s been following me for a while might recognise the bandana from when I made my 1950s outfit for a party last year.

If you’d like to find out more about Sunday Sevens, head over to Natalie’s blog at Threads And Bobbins!

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  1. On a roll indeed… Love your animal shots in this week’s update, particularly the donkey. You’ll have to make sure you post images of the newborns when they arrive 🙂

    • I love taking pics of animals, easier than taking ones of the kids! Yea, can’t wait for the baby donkeys, will have to look up what they’re called. Wonder if they’re foals. My mum in law said they have a 15 months pregnancy! Rather them than me!

  2. Karen says

    OMG I live in West Yorkshire and feel like I stalk your blog. Donkeys!! Now you better be looking over your shoulder. Love your blog honest. Love donkeys too!! K xXx

    • Haha!! We might be neighbours, though no good me looking over my shoulder – I’ve no idea what you look like…. Or do donkey lovers have a different look, lol 😃

  3. Karen says

    Might answer to Jenny! Sorry I missed you in Dewsbury too many people off work for me to attend. Looking forward to next local meet up. Love your blog as you show good and bad. Thank you K xXx

    • Thanks del, there’s definitely no routine in my life. 22 years of shift work has taken care of that! I don’t mind tho, probably because I don’t know any different. Wonder if I’ll ever be normal?! X

  4. Great week. Did your son have fun in Italy? I bet it was great nice to see him back safe and sound. Tea, scones and chocolate truffles! I’m jealy 😉

    • He had a ball and is saving up now to go again next year…hence cutting the grass! The truffles were yummy, we only got one each, but there was a big splosh of Amaretto in the mixture so maybe that was a good thing!

  5. LOVE the animal pics this week! I am definitely a list person so it’s great to see that you had a little go 🙂 I’m also jealous of your chocolate truffle eating!

    • It really helped me to get motivated when I started to tick things off. I think it also helped that I put my phone and iPad out of sight so I wasn’t tempted to catch up with my blog reader! The truffles were really yummy, I should wish i could have had the mixing bowls as he finished each stage of making them!

  6. What a great shot of Mini! I’m tempted to put bells around our dogs’ necks as they’re so tiny you can’t see them under your feet:) Sounds like the 80th celebrations went down well – the truffles look so good I can almost taste them!

    • That’s a really good idea about the bells! She lost most of her sight in December so if i sewed bells on the bandana she’s be able to hear her too. I need to make one for George – the bull dog from a previous Sunday Sevens.

  7. Fiona M says

    Love the donkey nose photo – how wonderful to have them next door, especially with foals. I’m so envious of your MIL!

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