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One Cap Many Looks

Last week I read about Sth’s Grandma’s Cycling Cap:

How cute is this!  I really needed one, like needed one and bought the pattern straight away and printed it off before the money came out of my paypal account!  And it sat there for a week.  Then it took me all of 60 seconds cutting out the pieces and before I knew it I was a hat maker!

I woke up early and I’d made most of it my 8:30 am – I was so pleased H was awake and I could get a move on and make a bit of noise before before I got dressed.  I seem at my most productive when I’m in my dressing gown.

I needed to find some firm plastic to stiffen the peak and chopped off part of a plastic folder.  There was enough for 2, so I chopped the extra one ready for hat no 2 (should it occur!).



The hat came together in no time.  The instructions were really easy to follow.  I could’ve done with using my overlocker to neaten the inside, but as this was my first go i used the overlock stitch and foot on my new Janome.


It’s number 13 on the picture below:


It was a bit tricky when I came securing the plastic in the peak.  Probably as it’s small and a bit taffy.  I basted along the raw edge to stop the plastic falling out.  All was good until I edge stitched the peak which then caused the fabric to go squewiff so I unpicked the basting stitches and restitched.   The peak was secure without though as I stitched through the plastic. (with a normal needle!).



It was soon finished and I gave TBM (trainee blog manager) a fashion show.  He’d already had a sneak preview before the peak was sewn on.  I went into his bedroom wearing it and told him I’d made a denim swimming cap.  Unfortunately he believed me.  I’m only adding the next pictures as not many people I know in real life read my blog so I’ll still be able to go to the local shops without being a laughing stock!


I’m not sure when I’ll wear it in . My friends called today for lunch, we had a giggle and Jean took some photos:




Three different looks!  How lucky am I!  

How would you wear yours!!??

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. LOVE IT! And love your pictures even more!

    Would this work for golf, do you think? Or is this just to be worn for general fabulousness?

    • The peak is a tiny bit small for golf but that would mean just a bit more sun screen. I might try making it bigger with the next one. It looked a bit much with the dress!

  2. You need to make another one in Pringle diamond pattern for the golf course with matching culottes:)

    • I’m just on with making some blue plaid leggings in scuba knit for golf tomorrow! Would look a bobby dazzler if i made a hat to match those!
      Not sure if i could carry off culottes. Need to try them on in the shops before I embark on any more dodgy makes!

      • You’ve GOT to make a hat to match your plaid leggings! Look forward to seeing that on Sunday Sevens:)

        • I’m playing with the lads from work tomorrow, it’s Captains Day and our first outing of the year – I’m the Captain and get enough stick from them without drawing attention to myself!! Will make one for when I play with the ladies though!

    • It was funnny when we were taking them. in the last ones I kept trying to keep a straight face but just couldn’t! 😃

  3. Dee Weaver says

    Was just talking with some friends tonight about organising trips and keeping people together, and one woman, who organised trips for a kids’ club said she made them all wear matching hats so she could pick them out in a crowd. Let’s have a Spoolettes cap 🙂

    • Hahaha, don’t think this cap would suit everyone though! Not sure if it suits me, but on the golf course people will only see it from a distance!
      Might have to rethink the style for the Spoolettes! 😀

  4. Hilarious photos! Isn’t it funny how we feel we can act the fool/talk endless sewing here, when we wouldn’t with the ‘real’ people in our lives. It’s good we have this outlet!

    • I know, until we all meet up – will we be on our best behaviour then!
      I don’t tell anyone from work about my blog, they think I’m mad as it is – don’t need them to see this!

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