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Scuba Knit Espresso Leggings

I think most of you have heard of Cake Patterns custom fit Espresso Leggings.  I’ve lost count of the number of pairs I’ve made  for me, my mum, my niece, and even H has a pair which he wore under his ski trousers.  I thought maybe I could adapt the pattern for a scuba knit fabric and then they’d I’d be able to make some easy funky pants (ish) for on the golf course.

I originally bought this check fabric when visiting Dewsbury for the Spoolette meet-up.  I went with absolutely no intention to buy any fabric on that occasion and came home with all this:

#sewingcake (1)

So far though I’ve done quite well and made use of 3 out of the 7 pieces bought that day.  Recognise the fabric top left….arrrhhhhh…… The second fabric down is now the Athena Top.

As the scuba knit isn’t quite so stretchy, I added about 1/2 inch all the way round my pattern:


As it turned out this wasn’t quite enough.  The fabric only stretches on the horizontal so when I was walking and bending whilst playing golf I felt I was continuously pulling them up and readjusting myself!  Not a good look playing golf with 14 fellas!  So next time I think for a scuba knit I would add at least 2 inches to the front and back – it’s easy to chop off after!  And I would add more from the knee to the ankle.

#sewingcake 2

Even though I had several wardrobe malfunctions on the course I felt great in them, and a few of the lads loved them and wanted a pair of pants made in the same fabric!  I was a bit too embarressed to ask them to take photos when we were playing so I balanced my phone on a bench on the tee and managed to get a couple of shots:

#sewingcake 4

The pattern matching was spot on, thanks to my walking foot.  I didn’t bother using the overlocker.  My first line of sewing was a basting stitch with the scantest of seam allowances.  This was fine so then I stitched 2 rows of a narrow zig-zig, and hemmed with a narrow zig-zap too.

#sewingcake 1

Leggings and pants aren’t quite the same, I know.  There’s no way I’d have my bum on show if I had leggings on!  And I couldn’t wear leggings for golf (not really allowed!).   But the scuba knit works wonders with the fit and smooths everything out.  A bit of a different look to the GBSB Drapey Dress don’t you think!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


      • Yes, you need one! It would look cool. I love the new trews tho, did they have other colours?? Perfect golf style fabric!

        • Jeanie popped over for lunch when I’d made them and she said they had another colour. On nights next Wednesday but I might loose and hour in bed and go have a looksie!

    • Its a soft, smooth thickish fabric with a small amount of stretch and good recovery. ..think that covers it…anyone else please correct me if I’ve described it wrong. They usually have patterns printed on. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks! I’ve just bought vogue 1429 to make some golf tops, hopefully will have enough of this check to use with a solid colour for one. 😄

  1. corrineappleby says

    They’re ace! I’ve never made leggings before – do they use much fabric?

    • No, I buy a metre for me – depends how long your legs are and how high you want them. I like mine over my tummy to avoid any wobbly ridges! I bought the cake pattern and made custom fit ones for my mum, my niece and me (mine fit H!) and they all love them, and they fit well too 😀

  2. Looks great, m’dear! Am definitely in favour of a complete outfit – including cap. Should be a must for every pair you make!

    • Thankyou! I used to be more coordinated when I bought clothes but now I’m not, but I feel there is a change in the air!

    • It’s easy to fit with it having a bit of stretch. And there’s some fab prints out there…. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  3. I’ve not actually heard of this pattern before! But they look fantastic, don’t they fit you so well!

    • Thanks! It’s all the different measurements needed. Seemed a bit confusing the first time, but when I made my mums I did them from start to finish in an hour and that included making her individual pattern. I bought the hard copy tho, rather than the pdf.

    • Thanks! I might have to modify the pattern from the other day. I think a bigger ‘peak’ is needed, otherwise I might burn my nose if it’s sunny! ⛳️

  4. springystitches says

    Love these! The fabric is great and they fit you perfectly.

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