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Me-Made-May Part 3

Hi Ladies and Dad!   Don’t think there’s any more blokes read my blog but I know my dad does!

Not long now! Depending ‘wear’ you are in the world you, here in England there’s 6 days left including tomorrow.  I’m hoping for a few date nights and scorching weather and I’ll wear a few frocks before the months out!

Here’s the last few days, it’s not been too much of a struggle and some days I’ve even concocted more than one outfit!

20th May

Was a work day, though should’ve been my day off.  I need the following Wednesday off as H has a cricket match as part of his Yorkshire trials so worked a shift on the ambulance at Halifax – hence different backdrop for the locker room photo.  The top is a newlook one I made ages ago.

#mmmay15 8

21st May

Golf today.  This was a tricky one to photograph as I was dashing from my match back to my home club for a committee meeting but managed a rubbishy selfie.  My new Cabernet Cardigan had its first outing, worn with RTW linen pants and a sorbetto from last summer.

Just a funny note (for you Sheila!).  When I was leaving the golf club after the meeting Steve the barman said: “when are you next bringing us some baking in?”  (I used to bake, a lot.)  Me: “Sorry Steve, I’m not baking any more, I spend all my time sewing”  Steve: Crestfallen look on face.  Me:  “but you can chew on my sleeve if you want!”

It may be one of those, ‘you had to be there’ moments, but it was funny at the time!

#mmmay15 7

22nd May

Another work day, starting at 7am.  I turned up for work like the photo below and a work buddy commented I was looking rather smart, and she thought I’d not been home from the night before!  It’s been quite a few years since anything like that has gone on!!  There I go, telling the tale and nearly forget to tell you what I’m wearing.  As well as the obvious, i.e. the Cabernet, I’m wearing the top i made last year for my 1950s fancy dress outfit!  Would’ve looked a bit daft if i’d have turned up to work wearing the matching full circle skirt too!

#mmmay15 (1)

23rd May

The sun finally came out and we had a lazy afternoon watching the cricket.  I did walk round the pitch once though and persuaded Hubby to take a photo.  I wore a top i made from copying a RTW one, and my most favourite pair of Espresso leggings.

#mmmay15 6

Later on I had a rare treat.  I went out with my hubby.  A date night I s’pose they call it these days.  We should have had a selfie but didn’t.  He’d have been embarrassed. When he went to the bar I tried to take a selfie of just me without any one noticing. I’d had a couple of glasses of wine so come to think of it I don’t know why I was bothered.  Here it is!  I wore my newlook linen top and my Morris blazer and felt lovely!

24th May

A busy day, but luckily I didn’t have too late a night.

PART 1 – After waking up early and making a new top we went to watch H play cricket.  I wore my first ever Lekala make (a free pattern) and my Albion jacket.

#mmmay15 4

PART 2 – We went on our first family bike ride.  Only 9 miles but it was a start.  I wore a Renfrew I made last year from some crazy fabric my mum picked up on Leeds market.  I made it originally for golf, but have only worn it once!  H felt embarrassed to be seen out with me!  At least the motorists out there would see me coming!

#mmmay15 3

PART 3 – Another change of clothes!  We went back to the cricket club after a shower and change to watch the ladies team play.  It had warmed up a little so I wore my Yasmin yoke skirt, the drapey top I made that morning and my Oslo cardigan.  Car Selfie….

#mmmay15 2

Phew! That was a busy day. Exhausted just reading about it!

25th May….. Today!

And yes, more Cricket.  But not until tonight, so first thing this morning I went out for a walk to my mums and back to try and notch up those steps (this is the 3rd day running I’ve managed to do 10,000!).  I wore a hoodie I made ages ago using a teenagers sized patter.  Its a bit short as I didn’t have much fabric.  It was another treat from my mum after she visited Leeds market.  She likes to challenge my with random remnants!  I used to wear this when I went to the gym, but it’s a bit high at the front and drives me made most of the time.  I managed to wear it all day though.

#mmmay15 1

here’s a close up I took earlier in the day – the above pic doesn’t show the fabric off to it’s full potential!  The colour below is pretty spot on.

#mmmay15 (2)

Well, that’s all for now folks!  Hope you’re enjoying ME-MADE-MAY 2015, either joining in, reading about it or both.  And if you’re not then you probably will have switched off before you get to this bit!!

(apologies if there’s any typos, it’s taken longer to write this than anticipated, and I need to get to bed before my Hubby starts snoring, so no time to re-read it!)

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  1. Love all your makes & combos, and thought the “chew my sleeve” comment was priceless! Lol! But is there a piccie missing, like maybe the date outfit? Or perhaps its just too much past my bed time! 😊

  2. Great effort this week, you’re making it look easy! Like the look of that free pattern too, another one to add to the list…

    • It’s not easy, I’m still in bed! I can’t get out cos I don’t know what to wear! Working at 12 so whatever it is won’t be on for long! 😳

  3. Bekki Hill says

    Navybluethreads is right, you’re making this look far too easy. Still torn between whether I want to steal the Cabernet or the Oslo cardigan from you.

    If you’re not embarrassing your kids, you’re not doing your job right. keep rocking that crazy top!

    • It’s not easy honest – I was choked all day yesterday wearing that too tight round the neck hoodie! 😬

      • Bekki Hill says

        Or maybe I shouldn’t have liked that last comment? What a shame it’s uncomfortable, looks so lovely.

  4. I’m not sure if my comment worked…so here it is again! Lol! You had the busiest week!! Looking fab as always and I too would like the Oslo! Is Bekki at the front of the queue?? I also love the photo….BM worthy !!!

    • Haha! Maybe I’ll put it on eBay! I’d end up bidding and buying it for my self cos I love it too!
      Thought you’d be still asleep making the most of half term lazy days!

        • Me too, if by chance I makeup to half 6 it feels like I’ve had a lie in. I’m just contemplating going out for a walk, I’m determined to get fit in a month! Best get out of bed then! 🏃

  5. I want a Cabarnet EXACTLY like yours! Its so lovely! Love following your adventures on IG! You get up to sooo much fun stuff😃

    • Aw, thanks Hila! Never a dull moment, bet yours is more exciting and much busier than mine with your kiddie winks, I’ve only got one! Truro fabrics have the same fabric in other colours, but I think mine was the last of the pink. Sorry! Did you buy the silk? I bought the stretch denim and the red satin from their ebay shop. No idea what it’s for though! 😀

      • Lols I buy fabric without a clue what it will be too! Yes I got some silk – goodness knows when or what I will use it for😄

  6. Very impressed with all your makes! Maybe next year I will have enough outfits for MeMadeMay. I especially liked the first shirt you posted – very cool print.

    • Aw, thanks! Strange you should comment, I’ve just need reading about your knickers! Last years rtw fast made me up my game at sewing which lead to me having more choice for this years mmmay. I’d never have been able to do it last year.
      Looks forward to seeing yours next year 😃

    • Thanks! I just wish I could make it a bit lower at the front, but I think I’d have to take the hood off. …now there’s an idea! 😀

  7. Wow that is an astonishing list of makes, and all looking fantastic. I was interested to read about your Lekala top. I recently got given a Lekala dress pattern, was made using all my measurements but have been a little anxious to try it, I guess because there are no Lekala reviews out there. Would you try another one of their patterns? Maybe I should take the plunge and at least make a muslin.

    • I’ve made a couple of dresses – a denim one and my Valentine one. Both this year and on my blog – should be tagged with lekala. I made a Muslin of my Valentine one in a cotton and it’s ok to wear as a proper dress so was really pleased. My denim one is fab! Princess Seams in stretch denim. Should have a zip but didn’t bother. But then the other day I bought 2 tops. One I muslinned as the fashion fabric was too nice to spoil. It was awful – the style didn’t suit me – pattern & muslin now in the bin! The second was a drapy top and is Fab! Good luck! 😃

      • Thanks! Will do. That has made want to paste the pattern together. I think that will be on my week end to do list now ☺️

  8. You are super busy with your golf and son’s cricket and work – yet you seem to get lots of sewing done! Have you see Fehrtrade’s patterns – think they would be very you/ suit your sporty activities x

    • Other areas do get neglected (housework, I’m whispering this in case the in laws read it, lol!). Thanks for the heads up on fehrtrade, I’d forgotten about them. I remember seeing their leggings as I had made a dress out of the same fabric! 😃

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