Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens Week 38 (me 13)

Hi, hope you’ve had a fab week!  For all those of you with kids on half term hope they’ve not driven you too bonkers with this chilly weather we’ve been having this week.

Here’s a run down of my last week, showing 7 photos of what I’ve been up to. Natalie from Threads and Bobbins is the brain child of Sunday Sevens, so if you want to find out more head over to her blog.

1.   I think this photo speaks for itself!   I’m fed up of emptying the sink which is next to the dishwasher.  I must say almost a week on it’s working!  #sundaysevens 5 (3)

2.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted an old gypsy caravan whilst out for a stroll on Tuesday morning!  The guy had stopped and was rolling a cigarette.  I had a peek inside, it had a bed and other essentials so he must live in it!  Excuse the pic not being very sharp, I was trying not to let him see i was taking a picture.

#sundaysevens 1 (14)

3.  I was sent to Sowerby Bridge to stand by whilst at work, so found a good spot next to the canal.  Whilst there I got a spell out of a little girls finger and helped open up the lock for a boat that was passing through!

#sundaysevens 2 (14)

4.  What a view!  My lovely mum!  We were on our way to cricket.  Harrison was playing for West Yorkshire against South Yorkshire.  It was really in the middle of no where!

#sundaysevens 3 (9)

5. At the bottom of the hill in the distance we found Bradfield Cricket Club.  It’s just a quaint village.  This is the post office, which also incorporates the village store and a cafe.  The yellow bike signifies it was part of the route for the Tour De France – Grande Depart.

#sundaysevens 4 (4)

6. Out for tea to the place which serves the biggest puddings!   

#sundaysevens 6 (3)

7. Today we’ve spent in York for H’s final day of the trials for Yorkshire Cricket.  He’s played in the B Team for the previous 2 years so fingers crossed he’ll get in.  We’ll receive an email tonight saying yay or nay!  So can you cross your fingers too if you’re reading this Sunday night GMT!   This photo is after the trials, walking back to the car.  Awww, he’s a winner in my eyes whatever happens!

#sundaysevens (14)

Off to watch the finals of Britain’s Got Talent now to distract me from constantly check my email account!
UPDATE – he’s made it into the B team! Yippee! #proudmum

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  1. Fingers and toes are crossed! Is that cream AND custard with the massive pudding? Ooh, I’d love to have had a look around the Gypsy caravan, bet there were crochet blankets aplenty inside. That’s why I’ve never had a dishwasher, this would happen all the time – or they would chuck dirty dishes in without emptying the clean ones first:)

  2. Your countryside shots always make me feel a little homesick! I must admit…after looking at your dishwasher sign, I’m off to empty our sink 😛

    • Haha…a sink full of pots, oh no! If you put them in it’s ok, it’s when others do it and expect you to empty it!
      The place he played last week – Bradfield – must have been nearer you than me (when you lived in Sheffield). It’s surprising just whats on our doorsteps. You won’t want me posting photo of Meadowhall tho? I bet you don’t miss that – there’s no fabric shops!

  3. Wooooo! Well done H!! I always wanted a gypsy caravan after watching Kizzy on the TV and reading the book!! Are you too young for that???

  4. Good luck to H and my fingers are crossed 🙂 Your first picture made me chuckle because that happens in my house too. lol Lovely pic of the hill side and your mom.

    • H got in – thanks for the finger crossing!
      It was either a notice or put cling film over the sink! You might call it something else – the clear food wrap! I tried turning the bowl upside down but that didn’t work.

  5. OMG I completely forgot about BGT!!!
    Well done to your clever son!
    That village picture is so sweet. And, you look like your mum! 😀

    • I’m more like mum as I’m getting older – she’s aging well so I hope I do too! The village was lovely, but the groundsman at the cricket said only millionaires can afford to live there so no plans to move for us!

  6. Well done H! Cute lad. All this talk of Yorkshire makes me feel homesick! Trousers narrowed, although my bum looks huge in the jumpsuit (so says hubby). Not a good look for me! Hahaha!

    • Thanks Nee!
      Is your hubby been too honest – you’re so petite I can’t imagine it looking huge! it must be the rest of you that looks small! You’ll have to let us know when your next in Yorkshire visiting the family, we could meet up and go shopping!

  7. Congratulations to your cricketer! Thank you for explaining the yellow cycle, and charming pic of caravan & scenery. Interesting day at the lock. (Was it a splinter of wood you removed from that little finger? Sorry ~ need translation!) Good luck with the dishes brigade!

    • Ooops, yes, we call splinters spells – it was tiny but the girl had been carrying on a bit before her parents spotted my car then me! Thimberlina then to the rescue with a very small needle – but not the type for sewing!

  8. Beautiful pictures, as usual! Many congrats to the cricketer (and to you on getting that lovely pudding!)

  9. I’m still training my daughter to bring her pits out of the living room. We haven’t got to dishwasher stage yet😉

    • Lol, it’s so hard. He once asked me if it was hard being a mum – that was when he was much younger and I don’t think he dare ask me now! I was a bit harsh at the end of the school hols and had him doing his ironing! He was very shocked but did it!

  10. Fiona M says

    Well done H! (He’s a lovely looking boy – takes after you!)

  11. Bekki Hill says

    What beautiful pictures. Even when you’re working the view’s wonderful. And of course pudding always looks good to me. Congratulations to Harrison!

  12. Congratulations to H – a very fine achievement. By the way, the old boy might not have spotted you taking the photo but that horse is definitely posing 😂.

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