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Guess where I’m going next week! 

Ages ago i spotted this on the Janome UK website. I think it was February time. 

It’s less than an hours drive so I thought it’d be daft not to book onto one. I’ve never had a sewing lesson in my life, so I thought if I’m going to have one I may as well do it in style! 

I chose the successful sewing with silk class by Heather Jacks – last years GBSB winner. It was the  class I thought I’d benefit most from. I would love to meet Tilly, but I’ve already made several Cocos. 

It seems to have come round really quickly! Can’t wait – will hopefully take some photos so I can share what we got up to! 

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  1. Oh, how exciting!!! Know you’re gonna love it and have a great time.
    Puh-lease do remember to take photos for us!

  2. Looks brilliant and SUCH good value! I love the comment on Heather’s blurb – “had tremendous sewing instruction at school before it was removed from he curriculum in its pure form.” Have fun!

  3. I’m so envious – I do love a workshop.
    I think you’ve chosen a really good one there as silk is notoriously difficult to work with and I’m sure you could easily manage all the others (although I wouldn’t mind doing the ‘active wear’ one). What are you hoping to make when you have your silky new skills?

    • I’ve never done any sewing lessons or works shops so it’s all new to me! I have a length of silk I bought about a year ago, think there’s 3m, and I’ve not dared cut into it. Hopefully I will after this but no idea what I’ll be making, except I’ll like a silk Archer shirt. 😀

  4. Ooh this sounds like fun! Don’t worry about not meeting Tilly because I heard she’s not as nice as she seems!!

  5. corrineappleby says

    Oh how exciting! I’m really jealous. Have a fab time!

    • I will, all my sewing buddies will be the first to know all about it! And it’s nearly the end of June, which is the time I set to do my skirt sloper – I’ve lost 6 lbs so can’t wait to get going with it. You never know, I might even end up making a silk skirt! 😀

  6. Helen says

    I’m sure you will have a great time. Take plenty of notes and photos. See you Wednesday X

  7. Yep, I think that is the class I would have gone for also. Sounds awesome. I hope you’ll have a fantastic time and I can’t wait to read about your adventure ☺️.

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