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#GBSBLIVE 2017 & The Japanese Asymmetrical Top

The Great British Sewing Bee Live was fabulous and just what the doctor ordered!  I’ve been AWOL for the past few weeks, I won’t go into detail but I’m doing ok and hopefully there will be some action on the blog and in the sewing room very soon, and I’ll be back firing on all cylinders. I don’t know about you but the best thing to get my creative juices flowing is having a special occasion to attend.  As the date of #GBSBLive loomed and the days ticked away I was at loss as to what to make, and decided to have a flick through the GBSB books and patterns which accompanied the show. I’d left it to the last minute so I needed to make something quick and easy.  The Japanese Pattern Top from the latest book looked a fairly simple despite the odd shaped pattern pieces. I’d seen on Hila’s Vlog about this top that the pattern pieces were huge, and she wasn’t wrong! Lucky I had some Burda tissue paper which easily …

The Goodie Bag!!

When I went on the sewing with silk day we were all given a Goodie Bag!!   Can’t believe I forgot to tell you about this little beauty! It didn’t look too exciting at first glance.  A couple of magazines and a few leaflets.  BUT!!! On a closer inspection, and over a cup of coffee there was all this in the bottom of the bag………..!! A box of 10 full sized spools of thread! I’ve not opened this but I think you stick bits of you fabric from your stash on these and keep them in your handbag for when you’re out and about. (correct me if i’m wrong!!) Scissor Buddy- fastens your scissors to your sewing machine so you don’t loose them. Ingenious!! Needles, tape measure, pen and a book a sewing feet! There was also 2 magazines from sew direct which have the new patterns from Vogue and McCalls in. I know how a kids feels now when he gets a party bag!! So all in all a fab day!!

Sewing with Heather and Silk – The Reveal

Remember I went on a sewing with silk master class with Heather Jacks from the GBSB? Well I have finally finished my silk blouse!  Not without a few choice words, a few tweets to Heather and quite a few moans of exasperation! The sleeves had me and more than once it could have easily gone in the bin!  I usually sew sleeves in flat, then sew the side seams after.  I can’t remember ever using ease stitches for anything. I sewed 2 rows of ease stitches at the end of my sewing lesson but didn’t have time to set them in. Here’s what happened when I got home, after I’d bought some Janome blue tipped needles that Heather advised, and plucked up courage to tackle easing in silk sleeves! From here on things went swimmingly!  I’m no longer afraid of sewing with silk.  The hems on the bottom and on the sleeve were a doddle.  Heather said to run the overlocker round the bottom to give a neat finish and make the edge easier to work. I …

GBSB Capri Pants – converted to an easy elasticated waist

I need more pants!  No not knickers, I mean trousers! Cropped ones for summer.  I’m living in my jeans and when we have the occasional warm day I’m stuck at just what to wear.  So I decided to make the Capri Pants which are in this years series of the GBSB book. The pattern looked straight forward.  Side invisible zip and facings instead of a waistband. I chose a denim with some lycra content.  Not sure how much, but they had a definite stretch rather than had ‘give’.  I sewed them up without the darts (i marked them but waited to add them) and basted the left side seam – but sewed all the others with a normal stitch length and overlocked all the edges..  I also stay stitched the waist band. I tried them on and apart from taking in the centre front seam I thought they’d be ok. I made 2 new rows of stitching for the centre front seem before I was happy with the fit. After adding the darts I then found …

My First Sewing Lesson – Doing it in style! 

After 25 years of intermittent sewing (including making my bridesmaids dresses, umpteen pairs of curtains and a whole year worth of clothes as I took part in Goodbye Valentino’s 2014 RTW fast) I finally got round to having my first sewing lesson. Back in February when I was looking for a new sewing machine I stumbled across sewing lessons being advertised on the Janome UK website. Being a fan of the GBSB I was immediately drawn to their Celebrity Sewing Bee Week.  I booked onto Heather Jacks course – successful sewing with silk – as I thought I’d learn more from her class than the others. The others seemed aimed more at beginners.  Though I’d tackled all sorts of fabrics I do have 2 pieces of silk in my stash but I’ve never dared cut into them! So the day finally came and I headed over the Peninnes on the M62.  The M62 is notorious for accidents on this particular stretch so I set off in plenty of time. I was so glad I did …

Guess where I’m going next week! 

Ages ago i spotted this on the Janome UK website. I think it was February time.     It’s less than an hours drive so I thought it’d be daft not to book onto one. I’ve never had a sewing lesson in my life, so I thought if I’m going to have one I may as well do it in style!  I chose the successful sewing with silk class by Heather Jacks – last years GBSB winner. It was the  class I thought I’d benefit most from. I would love to meet Tilly, but I’ve already made several Cocos.  It seems to have come round really quickly! Can’t wait – will hopefully take some photos so I can share what we got up to! 

The Great British Sewing Bee, Season 3 in ON!

Originally posted on ATLANTIC SEWING GUILD:
Faye wanted to share these new episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee, Season 3 with you from YouTube because most of us in Canada can’t get them any other way. Looks a bit like British Project Runway, but a lot of fun nonetheless! The season is in progress, though, so to get notices of new episodes, you’ll need to subscribe to The Great British Sewing Bee YoutTube channel. It’s a free subscription if you either sign up for a free YouTube account, or give them your email. Thanks, Faye! ? ?