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Ideas for homemade gifts – a sewing set for none sewers!

I recently put made a case for a few sewing bits and bobs for a ‘none-sewing’ friend.  By none sewing I mean she doesn’t make frocks, but she does do the odd bit of mending and replaces lost buttons etc.

sewing set 5

I wasn’t going to share this (don’t know why??!!), but she was so chuffed with it I changed my mind in case anyone was looking for ideas for pressies.

For the outer layer I used left over cotton from my Lekala dress muslin, the inside is leftover denim from a skirt, and the inbetween layer is a small piece of wadding. .  It closes with a loop of ribbon and a button – both from my stash.

I made a pocket using the ribbing from an old jumper which holds a few buttons and a small box of pins.

sewing set 2

Some elastic holds some spools of thread and a scrap of felt keeps needles secure.

sewing set 3

The tape measure doesn’t have a home but is held in place when closed.  Next time I’ll make a space for this.  And you can just see the scissors have a piece of elastic in which to slot in.

sewing set 4

The outside looks a bit quilted but it’s not intentional – it just the stitching that is holding the bits of elastic and pocket in place.  If you’re thinking of making one, I’d definitely go with a busy pattern on the outside, otherwise it wouldn’t look due to all the stitching being on show.

sewing set 5

All in all it’s a quick and cheap little pressie, and really useful too! I think I’ll be making a few more of these in time for christmas!

sewing set 6

Have you started making your Christmas gifts yet!?  Suggestions and links would be most welcome for any new ideas!

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  1. Wow that was so cheap, using your leftover fabric. It looks fab, I like all the elastic holding things in place! I made a similar one for my sister last Christmas and she loves it – ahhh no I haven’t thought about this year’s Christmas yet!!

    • It’s a bit early isn’t it? I’m very last minute, and seem to be more productive when the deadline is near. 😀

  2. This is a charming & thoughtfully put together gift, Ali. 😍 And it’s great for men or women. Another idea… does everyone over there need a tea cozy? Mug rugs?
    (Interesting tha you all use “wadding” and we use “batting” for the flat stuff, and “stuffing” for the loose.)

    • Cozies! Yes. Before I was sewing again I bought my mom one for her KitchenAid (a handmade one would have so much nicer). And a French Press coffee pot would love one, don’t you think? My sister-in-law quilts, and yes she makes lovely mug rugs.

    • Is wadding and batting the same? I’ve heard quilters talk of batting. I’ve never thought of having s mug rug – I’ve drunk my cuppa before it’s had chance to get cold! ☕️

      • Not being a quilter myself, I am only guessing that wadding and batting are the same – or at least very close. And there are sooooo many levels of thickness, softness, warmth, etc. And I believe the mug rug is a coaster? It seems like a quilted sleeve might be a bit cumbersome. Haha – my cuppa(s) disappear pretty quickly too!

      • I think they are, but I’m not a quilter so am judging by how they’ve been used descriptively in the posts I’ve read. Here we can buy batting in sheets, generally measured into standard sheet sizes: baby’s crib, twin, full, queen, and king. You can also purchase by the yard in some fabric shops; since there are now mostly quilting fabric shops, they have it. I’ve had it from time to time, as well as the loose stuffing. Would be a real pain to try to use the stuffing for a quilt!
        Oh ~ there also used to be levels of loftiness for the batting, which determined not only the puffiness of the finished piece, but also the warmth (the more air space, the more warmth). But I haven’t seen the high loft stuff the last few years. But then I’m not a quilter, just make the odd comforter every few decades. BTW, the stuff comes either in cotton or poly; I get the poly as I have to machine dry everything & cotton would take forever. Can send you samples if you want – email your info!
        How was ⛳️ & cricket this week? Details on Sunday, as usual?! 😘

  3. I have started ‘thinking’ but not ‘doing’. But I should start ‘doing’ as I know it pays off in the long run!

    • I’ll probably write my list of who I’m making gifts for, but will be after summer before I get stuck in. Though maybe I should make use of my time at cricket and crochet some gifts…

  4. Bekki Hill says

    Lovely gift and a great idea. Yes, started on Christmas gifts but not got very far.

  5. What a great, useful gift! Everybody should be able to do a hem or put a button back on, but those tools are usually nowhere to be found when you need them.

    I dunno if I can even think about Xmas when it’s 90F here! What I need to be pondering now is my honey’s birthday in October . . . maybe he needs the French press cozy, since he always seems to forget about coffee as soon as he makes it. 😛

    • I’ve never heard of a french press, I think it might be what we call a cafetière. I made a tea cosy for a man in denim and he loved it! 😀

  6. Great idea which I may have to copy:) Christmas pressies are well under way in this house – one of my Minerva sponsored makes will be a tee pee for young girls in the family, and another is crochet dolls with removable clothes. Lace knit scarves with Swarovski crystals have been started for the women but I ALWAYS have problems deciding what, if anything, I can make for the men. I did crochet a golf club cosy last year as a joke which backfired – he loved it!!

    • The men (and ladies!) love having something different on their golf bags, made hubby one and he loved his too! For male golfing friends you could make a zipped pouch with a clip that fastens to their bag to hold tee pegs & ball markers. 😃

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