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Lucy’s Lace – who’d have thought my old Janome could do this!

A few weeks ago my niece Lucy asked if she could borrow my machine to make some lace for her a project for college.  She knew I had a free motion embroidery foot for my new machine.  Little did she know that I also had one for my 16 year old Janome, which had never been used.  Well, not properly.  I think I fastened it on once but never got any further than that!

So she set about moving the hoop around – she had some wash away film fitted to a regular embroidery hoop – and in no time at all made this!!  She used embroidery thread and kept adding tiny scraps of fabric as she went. How clever!  free hand embroidery  5

Once finished the piece was soaked and the film dissolved hand embroidery  2

I think it would benefit from a few days between a couple of heavy books, but I was amazing at how easy it was, and you don’t need a fancy machine to do it.  Just one where you can drop the feed dogs and attached a free hand embroidery foot hand embroidery  3

And as usual Rory, like any other cat, likes to get in on the action.

free hand embroidery  1

Tempted to have a go? I am!

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    • Wonder if she takes after me!! Lol 😃😃 I was studying maths and economics at her age, not very exciting, so glad she’s following her creative streak 😃

      • Bekki Hill says

        I was channelled into maths and science at school, so also pleased to see her exploring her creative streak. Mind I did knit under the desk in lessons, so all was not lost. Yes, of course she takes after her brilliant aunt 🙂

  1. I would be tempted but, having tried free motion quilting without too much success, I’m not sure I’d come up with something so pretty. I just panic once I drop those feed dogs ;(

  2. That’s so cool! I’m not a lace kinda girl, but I’m certainly tempted to try that. I’d never thought that it would be so easy…

  3. Wow that’s clever and I don’t think I’ve seen an thing like it before. Clever niece! I’m looking forward to seeing your attempt!

  4. I agree with Robyn and will add this to my must-do list. Looks like so much fun! Congrats to your niece on her piece – hope she got an A+!

    • Thanks Del, she got a merit, and her tutor said she was lose to a distinction. Wonder if i could talk her into writing a tutorial as a guest post! 😃

      • Congratulations to her! If she’s not in the midst of exams or some such, why not ask her? Could it count as more of her project?

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