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Sunday Seven week 46 (me 21)

Happy Monday! A belated Sunday Sevens…. sorry! I’m doing this on my iPhone as I’ve forgot to bring my iPad so it will be light on text as it’s not easy to write a blog post on a phone! 
1. Meet my apprentice photographer, I didn’t see my camera until the match was over once Sophie got hold of it! 

#sundaysevens 001

2. Played golf and wore my Osaka skirt i made a few weeks ago. It’s the first time I’ve had chance to wear this in ‘real’ life. 

#sundaysevens 002

3. We watched H’s buddy play in a final. 

#sundaysevens 003

4. H had a new haircut for his cricket tour. This is the shortest he’s ever had his hair. He said he thinks he’s now grown into his ears so can have it short!

#sundaysevens 004

5. Lunch out with mum and sister 

#sundaysevens 005

6.  The view from my kitchen window in the caravan – my home for the week. 

7. Extra guest this morning waiting for his breakfast. 

Normal service will resume after my little holiday with links to Natalie’s Threads and Bobbins – the creator of Sunday Sevens. 

The feature image is the cyber Ma & Pops kitchen. Isn’t it looking fab! It’s nearly finished! 

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  1. Wow, that kitchen does look great! I really love the wood counters in particular–so pretty.

    I feel just the way Sophie does about getting hold of a good camera (just ask my honey). And long lenses are so fun!

    Enjoy your caravan holiday! Hope your extra guest in the picture isn’t too noisy of a neighbor. 😉

    • The kitchen is really so lovely – when I came back this weekend I couldn’t wait to see it, think I’ll be wanting to go make my parents dinner for them!

  2. Loving that kitchen. V envious. Wherever that caravan is the weather is better than we’re having. It’s pouring here

  3. First of all, hope you have a grand holiday week and you have a very special feathery guest! That kitchen – oh my goodness it’s beautiful. That stove!

    • We’ve had a lovely time, thankyou! The stove is from my mums old kitchen. I think it’s about 15 years old but she’s had it professionally cleaned and it’s like new!

  4. Your parents will be glad to have a kitchen again then, it’s been a while. I’d love to have a peacock just turn up on my porch – how amazing! H’s comment about growing into his ears made me laugh! Enjoy your hols:)

    • Thanks Sheila! The peacocks were everywhere! Sorry I’ve not been in touch – I thought we’d have a quiet week just watching cricket but it’s been a bit crazy really and I don’t know where time’s gone!

  5. What a lovely view from your caravan. What’s with all this eating from wooden boards all of a sudden?!

    • Don’t know -there’s either wood or slate everywhere! We were wondering if they’d be able to go in the dishwasher otherwise they’re not very hygienic!

  6. Gorgeous kitchen!!! Please congratulate Sir on his skills! Hope you got more than views from over the kitchen sink whilst in your caravan? (We’d say camper here, but caravan sounds much more exotic.) 😉 Thanks for a lovely review of your week!

    • Thanks Del, you’re welcome! Dad got it all ready and the kitchen company fitted it, which is a bit of a treat for him as normally he does everything!

  7. Bekki Hill says

    Lovely pics. Hope your holiday’s going well and the weather’s better than here.

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