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Yarn Bombing in Taunton

Yarn bombing, yarnbombing, yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting or graffiti knitting is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.

I think I need to get out more as of up until last Saturday I’d never even heard of it!

We were having a stroll around town before heading off home when we turned a corner and entered a small alley way. I was so excited! Everyehere i turned there was gob smacking creations!

I wish I could take you there, but I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with photos, sorry!



It really was amazing!

Stumbling across this alley gave a holiday our lovely happy ending.

Have you heard of yarn bombing? Can you share any links to any other places that have been yarn bombed?!

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  1. Lovely! I first heard of yarn bombing when ‘a mystery knitter’ decorated Saltburn Pier in Teeside with Olympic themed knitting in 2012.

    • No 😟 I didn’t see it till an hour or so before we headed home. If I’d have known I would have out a little crocheted flower somewhere as digit my stuff with me on holiday.

    • I remember reading it now (dreadful memory!) and have read it again, thanks for the link! Are you going again this year?

      • I don’t think so as the girls I went with last time can’t make it and it’s a long lonely journey on my own. Although three evenings sat on my own in a B&B crocheting does sound rather appealing….

          • I’m disappointed, it has to be said, as it was brilliant last year. We did a few of the workshops and literally spent two days from opening ’til closing browsing, chatting with the stallholders and buying LOTS of stuff. The perfect girlie break really:)

  2. Don’t know if we have anything like it over here….but I’ll look it up. Tialys, was that a wheelchair athlete in the link? (Made me a little misty) And Yarndale? That was amazing.
    Ali, my favorite, if there can really be just one, are those piano keys and scale. Such talent!

  3. I’ve seen yarn bombing before too, and it’s like opening up a present, it just feels so exciting and brightens up the street. 😀 These are super cool pics, thanks for sharing!!

    • You’re welcome Abigail! It was exciting when I just stumbled across this little street! Thank goodness for camera phones!

  4. Bekki Hill says

    Not sure when I first heard of yarn bombing. A friend of mine bombs the statues in their village every year. I did google but couldn’t find any references to it. Love the swimmers on Tialys link above!

  5. Bekki Hill says

    Sorry, also meant to say your pics are fab, but got so side tracked looking at that Olympics knitting book I forgot about the post!

  6. I’ve heard the phrase yarn bombing but wasn,’t sure what it meant. It looks fantastic very creative the bike is amazing.

          • Hm. Wouldn’t know your pricing, as I suspect it would depend on location & store brand there, as it does here.

            Also, her location over here would make a difference as cost-of-living (COL) changes across regions & even within.

            For example, Northern Virginia (VA) is at the top of COL because it’s so close to DC.

            But western & southern VA (toward the North Carolina border) have a lower COL.

            If she’s near a Trader Joe’s, they have less expensive products, but she should read ingredients carefully wherever she shops! Manufacturers are very sneaky about substituting water or cheaper “flavouring” for the real thing!

            Sorry about the dissertation!

  7. Wow! There’s some yarnbombing now and then in Stockholm, but usually just a few small pieces here and there looking a bit sad. I was never a big fan. But his is FANTASTIC! I totally understand that it shouldn’t be done by one or two people, it takes a massive group effort to make it this beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    A coincidence: my cousin just went back home after visiting for 10 days. Back to Taunton, that is! What’s the name of the street? I might send him there to have a look. 🙂

    • Gosh! That is a coincidence! It’s bath place – a narrow street more like an alley way and is in the centre just s few shops down from boots chemist 😃

  8. Beautiful! In Richland, WA, (one town over from mine), they organized a tree yarnbombing in the park last fall. Individuals and groups signed up and were assigned a tree, then people voted on the best ones. So fun!

    • Cool! I can’t believe I’d not come across it before in real life – it’s everywhere! I hope they do it near me in the future!

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