Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens Weeks 48 (me 23)

Last week Monday was the new Sunday as there were a few of us who were late with their Sunday Sevens.  Yesterday I was too busy having fun at the seaside and was late back so here we are again, but as the old saying goes, better late than never!  I’ve not had chance to catch up on my reader from over the weekend yet.


Here we go, my round up in seven-ish photos (I’ve had to fasten 3 together to count as one!) of my week, as invented by Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins:

1.   Our hebe bush in the garden is a mass of flowers at the minute, and bees!

#sundaysevens 163 (1)

2.   H Facetimed me whilst I was at work – I took a photo of the iPad screen.  Crazy boy!  Don’t know where he gets it from!

#sundaysevens 164 (1)

3.  Yorkshire v Lancashire away at Northern Cricket Club near Liverpool.  A long trek but we won so all smiles.  The little boy’s brother plays with H and he is only 6, and he loves it when the older boys play with him

#sundaysevens 165 (1)

4.   Nipped into Leeds and saw this skirt in Cath Kidson shop half price in the sale at £44!! How fab is it – very inspirational!

#sundaysevens 166 (1)

5.  Here’s inside our newest shopping centre in Leeds.  It’s THE place to be!! Not for me though as there’s no fabric shops!!  I only call in to use the loos!

#sundaysevens 167 (1)

6.  Played in a team event at Bradford Golf Club and whipped this skirt up in an hour before I played.  You might remember the trousers I made to match this top?  It was a bit warm for them so I needed a skirt to match V1429!

#sundaysevens 168 (1)

7.  Mr Thimbers jet ski came out of hibernation and we went to Whitby for the day with our old jet ski buddies (pre-children 3 other couples had skis and it was a year round hobby).  Our ski is about 20 years old and is the only one still running.  Craig had loads of fun taking all the kids out on the ski.  The skis not been used for 6 years so was a fab day.  H wore my wetsuit so I couldn’t go 😦 and I think I need to invest in a bigger one before we go again!

#sundaysevens 169 (1)

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and the suns been shining.  Unfortunately there’s no update on the kitchen at my parents – it’s waiting for a lick of pain (bought today) and new flooring to be put down.  The feature photo is Darren (one of the big kids), isn’t the beach gorgeous – if only we had great weather in England a bit more often we’d never want to go abroad!

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  1. Love the skirt, was it just ric rac sewed onto a base? I take it you left it in the shop and didn’t buy it. I totally agree about England being the best place to be in a good Summer. I bet they love to see what you’re going to come up with on the golf course next. H certainly seems to have inherited your sense of humour!

    • Yea, it was just ric-rac on what felt like a cotton lawn and was lined with the same. They had it in white too, but the blue looked best. They only had a size 8 otherwise I may have been tempted. When H and my mum get together they’re proper nuts and just egg each on – think we’re all a bit daft on my side of the family! 🙂

  2. Haha, too bad you didn’t get a shot of your son and his grand mum both with potato chip lips! That ric rac skirt is pretty cute. I’ve been golfing – once – would love to start going regularly. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. You look so professional on the course! What a fun week you’ve had.

  3. Love the beach and water fun!!! My all time favorite place to spend my time. I would love to see the beaching over there some day. That skirt is really cute. I have to admit that my first thought was ironing all that ric rac down again after washing. I have some giant ric rac in my stash. Hmmm.

    • Never thought if it’d be any bother to iron, it’s definitely inspirational, maybe with a bit less as I think it’d send my eyes funny!! 😳

  4. Cure golf skirt… Looks like the day at the water was fun! I have not gone this summer at all. 😦 I really need to go as we love the beach!

    • It’s our first time this year, hopefully we’ll squeeze another visit in whilst it’s still warm, hope you do too 🌞

    • Everything’s so much better with sunshine, this week wouldn’t have been the same without it! And more choice what to do too 🌞

      • I know what you mean, I was just on vacation in Nantucket for a few days last week and just happened to have perfect weather. This week is raining – I really lucked out!

  5. Loved your typical wild week, specially that 1-hr skirt. You look a right proper pro!
    Am so glad to see a family having fun together – those chip lips are great! Didn’t know you had such things there amongst the Jacob’s Cream Crackers, et al. (I broke down last week & bought an outrageous-priced digestives packet ~ have been scarfing them down.) On that oxo question – did you see it in a recipe or something? 😍

  6. Two new skirts this week!?! I have seen the gorgeous Cath Kidston one before. Lovely! I love the golf one though……makes me want to start playing golf!!! Looks like you had a great week and I’m with you with the weather!!!

  7. Ha, ha! I go in there to use the loos too! There were never any decent clean loos before without a trek and a good wait up the top of M&S or Debenhams!

  8. Bekki Hill says

    Looks like a fun-packed outdoors-y week 🙂 Love the little golfing number. Not sure about the skirt but always good to see ric-rac being used innovatively.

  9. You’re so right about the weather. Britain is soooo beautiful. If the sun shone more I’d never leave it. By the way your golf outfit is fab. Sorry I’m a Lancashire lass so I can’t be pleased about a Yorkshire win!!!!!!

  10. We are very jealous of your Jet Ski… Adam is wanting one quite badly at the moment! It looks like they are having loads of fun 🙂 H made me laugh…I could never eat a packet of Pringles without doing this or having the ‘how many can I fit in my mouth’ challenge!

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