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The Worldwide WordPress 5k – #wwwp5k

As part of the Worldwide WP 5k 2015 I’m sharing with you what I got up to last week when I did my first ever 5k run.

As some of you already know on the 24th August I decided it was about time I got off my crafty but and did some exercise. I downloaded a couch to 5K running app on my phone and off I jogged.

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At first I thought my lungs would explode after just a minute running but it got easier, and I even started to enjoy it.  After only 4 weeks I’d clocked up of 40 km!

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But then disaster struck (only a minor one).  My achilles tendons were giving me some trouble, especially first thing on a morning.  So I rested for 2 weeks and rode my bike to try and keep up my slowly developing fitness level.

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I was soon up for running again, but didn’t feel I could carry on from where I had left off – I’d built up to running for 10 minutes.  So I went back to the beginning and did more intervals of running and walking.

THEN I saw the post last week (link above) and thought “what the heck”!  In for a penny in for a pound, and signed up on the Park Run website.  I’m lucky that our nearest park run is set in Oakwell Hall Country Park.

So with very little running experience under my belt (the longest I’d run in one go was 12 minutes) I turned up with a big smile, lots of enthusiasm and my son!

Everyone was really friendly.  There was a little talk for all the first timers and it was good to see that there were quite a few of us.  There was also some new to this particular park run, one lady was visiting from Devon!

After our little pep talk it was over to the start line.

#WWWP5K 249

I really wish I’d taken more photos before the event, but I was a little over awed.  As it was Halloween lots of the regulars were in fancy dress and all of the marshalls were in fancy dress too.  There was a great atmosphere as were cheered on by ghosts and goolies!

After 34 minutes and 44 seconds I crossed the finish line!  It was hard but I felt great afterwards.  I did walk a couple of times going up one of the hilly sections, so my goal for next time is to slow jog when it gets tough and not to walk.

Here’s me at the finish line with H my 13 year old son.  He did it too and I bet him by 50 seconds!  And I wore my Fehr Trade running top!

#WWWP5K 250

Unfortunately I can’t make the next 2 Saturdays as I’m working but I’m definitely going on the 21st November and I can’t wait for my second park run!!

I’m so glad I read the post about the wwwp5k 2015 as I’d probably not gotten round to it for a few weeks, so Thankyou and well done to all the others who took part!

Photo from Friends of Oakwell Hall and Country Park. Click on the photo to be taken to their website. Oakwell hall was built in 1583 and is now run as a ‘living’ museum.

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  1. Anne Wright says

    Wow I am so impressed! I downloaded the couch to 5K app too a while ago but am still on the couch part!!! I’m nervous of running due to the lung exploding thing but also because I suffer from chronic nerve pain around my back and pelvis/sciatic etc… so I’m a bit scared to try. I do like the idea of it though, getting some fresh air and really noticing the difference as you progress. I am so impressed that you did the 5K run in just over 30mins when you have not been running all that long. I thought from reading your sunday sevens that you were a seasoned runner. I am inspired! 🙂 Well done you!

    • Thankyou! You should give it a go, and just take it steady with your back. I’ve not had an injury but working on the ambulances for the last 20 years has taken it’s toll and it’s been ok with the running – but I can’t stand on the spot without it aching after 10 minutes. Weird!!
      Good luck…give it a go! A couple of friends did it at work too and their lungs felt like they were going to explode too so it’s fairly normal, and they don’t! 🙂

  2. Well done. I hate running – I don’t like what happens to my wobbly bits 😉 However, I do walk my dogs up a mini mountain every day (except weekends when I leave it to the husband) so, with that, yoga and zumba, I consider myself exercised.
    You might become addicted. I have a friend who, when I first met her, was not into exercise at all but then she latched on to running, cycling, swimming as a way off letting off some marital steam shall we say and now she has competed in two full Iron Man triathlons and a half one for good measure. She has the tattoo to prove it. So, you’ve started with the cycling and running – how’s your swimming?;)

    • Crikey! I don’t know about that!! She sounds like super women! I do fancy having a go at a tough mudder next summer. My swimming’s ok but I don’t like washing my hair at the swimming baths – rubbish excuse I know!

  3. You are a Rock Star!

    I’m going to get back into a yoga regimen as soon as I get home. And increase my walking. And swimming maybe? And one day, I may recover my waistline… least some semblance thereof.

    • Thankyou!! I’m not sure if I’ll have a waist again, but i’d like to think i could reduce the sticky out bit under my boobs and above my navel – not sure if that bit’s got a name, lol!

      • Isn’t that the midriff? I recognise your lovely description and seem to remember a time long ago when I was happy to reveal mine in public. A VERY long time ago.

  4. That is such an achievement! Well done you! Every time I see your progress, it inspires me to try and start the app…just not got round to it yet, I’m terrible at procrastinating!

    • Go on! Give it a go! You could take Maisy, and you’ve all that lovely countryside too! The first week is the hardest. No I’m wrong, downloading the app is the hardest! Lets hope we’ll see it in your Sunday Sevens next week 😉

  5. Well done you! I’ve not got my bike out since we got back – mostly because I have a sore throat I just can’t get rid off 😦 feeling very stodgy.

  6. corrineappleby says

    Congratulations on completing your first 5k! We’ve signed up for park run but I’m not sure why because there isn’t one near us!

  7. Brilliant finish time for your first Parkrun! It is quite amazing what progress can be made with the couch to 5k plan. I am on week 7 now and planning to do our local Parkrun soon but it is VERY hilly. No way will I get near your time!

    Do you do lots of leg stretching exercises before & after you run?
    Should relieve leg fatigue & get tendons to behave themselves.
    Lots of gentle toe- and floor-touching as well. Before & after running!
    Well done you! ! !

    • Oh yes, I stretch everything, and H is amazed I can touch the floor, his arms are about 6 inches too short! I walk for 5 minutes at least at the beginning and end too 😀

  9. Fab, hope you’re feeling very proud of yourself! These park runs sound like great events, lots of my friends have been enjoying them. You’ll have to get H running with you next time 🙂

    • I am thanks, still can’t grieve I’ve done it! H did it too, and he’d done it twice before. It’s done him the world of good as he thought he wasn’t as fit as he should be for his age 😀

    • It’s strange isn’t it, I was definitely a none runner all my life, probably got something to do with smoking for the past 25 years! But now I’m trying to get fitter I’ve really surprised myself. Well done to you to, have you been running a long while? 🙂

  10. Well done! I have the app and even invested in some running gear but haven’t got any further than my daily dog walks- very u pressed you managed a Park Run so soon!

    • I’ve not got a dog so need to make myself get off my butt and the app did it for me. Really surprised how much I love it when I’m out there 😀

  11. Well I thought about it, briefly. Unfortunately all the ones near me (there are about 6) are at the same time! Golfing time. Well done, you!

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