Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens Week 60 (me 35)

Hey! Don’t you just love Sundays and catching up what all the other Sunday Seveners have been up to?! It’s not nosy (Teresa!), it’s just good to see what else goes on when we’ve not got a hook or a needle in our hands.


If you’d like to read more about the Sunday Sevens and fancy joining in head over to Natalie’s blog at Threads and Bobbins and start sharing 7 photos of randomness amongst your fellow bloggers.

1  My new washing machine arrived! It’s been not stop all week trying to catch up!

#sundaysevens 257

2  A very common position that H has been in this week in the school hols – xbox with Rory sat on his knee!

#sundaysevens 258

3  Miserable day but still went out for a short run.  Managed to slip on some leaves and went flying.  A photo of the sheep instead of my gravel rash.

#sundaysevens 256

4  My new (to me)dress .  Felt strange wearing something I’d not made, but now I want more wrap dresses, so I’ve bought the new dress pattern from Colette – the Wren dress.

#sundaysevens 254

5   The table settings at the wedding were stunning!

#sundaysevens 255

6   The Happy Couple!

#sundaysevens 259

7  H today playing football (soccer to those in America).  He’s the goalie in purple.  It was a scorching 18 degrees!

#sundaysevens 253

So that’s my week!  The front photo is the hubby and I in the Morgan that the bride and groom had hired for a few days!  Isn’t she a beauty!

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  1. Stunningly gorgeous dress for you!!! (Sorry about the reason for the sheep piccie, but like it very much – greeeeen grass & real foggy mist – ahhh!)
    Will be interesting to see how your new pattern works up.
    (Yonks ago I made DVF’s Vogue pattern, but gave the pattern away before a move. Still kick meself when I remember!) Always had trouble with the front wrap gapping, but was less endowed then than now. Also, working with knits was a new thing then, so not nearly as much was widely known about how to work with it. You should have no difficulties whatsoever! Eager to see which fabrics you choose for the first of your dresses. (Am certain you’ll be making lots!) It’s so very flattering!

    • Thanks for the lovely comments Del πŸ˜€. I toiled the bodice today in the actual fabric I’m using (I bought 5m I love it so much!!). Needs a bit of work – tight and too short at the front. Toil 2 tomorrow. Hopefully will get some pics and share. xx

  2. corrineappleby says

    You suit that car very much indeed! Glad to hear that you’re keeping up with the running (although not about the gravel rash – ouch!), you’re better than me. I’ve been out twice early in the week but the weather was too foul to go again. I’m definitely a fair weather runner!

    • Running’s not so bad when it’s raining, golf is worse – I end up been out there for nearly 4 hours! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ PS I did my first 5k yesterday! Separate post to follow! πŸ˜€

  3. Karen says

    Running in rain is easier for breathing I think. Slipping is not good. The car is lovely and your dress is stunning. I have the Rachel wrap dress I am wanting to try for Xmas. Looking forward to seeing how you go on K xXx

  4. Hasn’t the weather been gorgeous! We’ve been having picnics! πŸ™‚ You look fab in your new dress – you should definitely make loads!

    • I know, it’s amazing that we had lovely weather in the school hols, tho it was terrible here at the start of the week. I’m just attacking my pattern pieces ready for muslin number 2 so looking forward to hopefully having a TNT pattern for a wrap dress πŸ™‚

  5. Ouch about gravel rash. Hope it doesnt stop you running. That dress looks ace on you and the colours really suit you!

    • Thanks Hila! The wounds are healing and i’m back on it, and it feels strangely weird that I’m enjoying this running malarky! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, that dress is gorgeous on you and you can tell you’ve lost a few pounds too! Running obviously suits you – when there are no wet leaves to slip on. The Morgan suits you too, what a sexy car! I’d have sent Mr H-L to the nearest launderette with all that washing…..

    • I’ve lost a few but the dress definitely gives the illusion that I’ve lost a few more, and the M&S underwear underneath certainly helps! Think the hubby would have just left it with his mother so I daren’t risk it! Or it may have come back all one colour! :-0

  7. You must let us know how you get on with the ‘Wren’ pattern. I was fairly tempted by it but not 100% sure and I thought I’d see how other people get on with it first before I jump in with both feet, as I usually do, and then find I don’t actually like the pattern (‘Dahlia’ anyone??) I do have the perfect fabric already in my stash so I will be fairly easily swayed.

    • I got the dahlia too, and it was ok but I never made another. I’m on with it now, I’m making the slim skirted version and using a ponte silvery black knit. Fingers crossed Muslin bodice number 2 will fit πŸ˜ƒ

  8. Looks like you had a great time at the wedding! You look fab in your wrap dress! Thanks for posting a sheep pic – I’ve never seen a sheep in America :-0

  9. Oh, feel sorry for your gravel rash! My boyfriend went flying yesterday while running and he had to get a stitch in his chin and a tetanus shot. He wasn’t happy..

  10. Beautiful wrap dress! Nice new washer! Sweet sheep! (sorry you were on the gravel when you saw them though) Swanky Morgan! Great post! Is that enough !!!! for one comment? πŸ™‚

  11. You look terrific in your wrap dress. I’m excited to see your make of the wrap dress. Sorry about your spill….but a beautiful photo.

    The brides dress looks gorgeous I love the lace!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I’ve just read your other blog post, when you mentioned your new dress makes you look 2 stone lighter – when I read your Sunday Sevens I thought you looked fantastic and that it must be due to all your running! It fits you perfectly – what a fantastic find! The wedding pics are beautiful and the car looks stunning!

    • I got on the scales yesterday and couldn’t understand how I’d not lost a bit more, this dresses are playing tricks with me! Unless it’s the running that’s making me tone up and sloop slimmer πŸ˜€

  13. Oh, I love your dress and you look fabulous in it. I’m a bit late in posting – reading my blog posts in all the wrong order so don’t know yet if you have updated photos – off to find out. I’m afraid I opted out of golf this morning. Not good as I need the exercise but I am very clumsy and risked slipping as you did.One downhill hole in particular is treacherous.

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