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#SundaySevens Week 61 (me 36)

It’s that time again – here’s my weeks in 7 ish photos.  Head over to Natalie’s blog at Threads and Bobbins to read more.

Before I start on my week I’ll mention the photo above.  As those in the UK will know it’s Remembrance Sunday.  We had a good turn out in our parade today and as usual accompanied by the pipers.  I might be wrong but I think they’re the West Yorkshire Fire Service Pipers (The WYFS HQ is in our village).

1  Chilli from the freezer – defrosted leftovers for tea. I got engrossed in my sewing (the Wren and it’s nearly finished!!)  and didn’t leave enough time to cook anything.  Thank goodness for microwaves!

#sundaysevens 286

2  Had a bit of a revelation.  I usually use scissors or my dads guillotine to trim 2 sides of my PDF patterns.  The rotary cutter is much quicker!

#sundaysevens 287

3  Whilst working this week I was sent to a call at Bradford Interchange (buses and trains).  In the main foyer was a Boar made from sand. (I took the pic after I dealt with the patient and the crew had taken him to hospital!).

#sundaysevens 290

4  A little about the boar.  I’d never heard of it before!  (haha that rhymes!)

#sundaysevens 289

5  Me and Mags – one of my golfing buddies (she’s 71, and still a fab player, winning the golfer of the year for 2015!). Anyway, she’s been having a sort out and came across this pic and texted it to me.  Gosh!! No need for a FBA there!  It was only about 7 or 8 years ago.  Maybe the running will get me back to my fighting weight!

#sundaysevens 291

6  Zac…. He lives opposite.  I see him out on walks all the time but here he is wearing his new jumper!  He wasn’t a very willing model and I think his owner must have thought I was a bit daft when I asked if I could take his photo!  If you’re local and would like a doggy jumper they’re £8 on Dewsbury market (from the wool shop on the corner) and can be made to order in any colour and size!

#sundaysevens 288

7  This popped up to say ……

#sundaysevens 285

Couldn’t quite believe it.  That’s a lot of hours blogging when I could’ve been sewing!  But then I wouldn’t have met all you lovely people! xxx

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. That boar is wonderful – and an interesting story! Sewing.. so little time these days and its easier to pick up wool and hook than sit at the machine. Looking forward to seeing what you are making.

    • I’m struggling with crochet at the minute.I can’t seem to get stuck into anything and when I sit down on an evening I’m reaching for the iPad instead. It drives me a bit mad when I’ve nothing to show for my time in front of the telly!

      • Oh that is familiar! I am the same, that is why I struggle with reading! I listen to audio books instead so that I can do something while I am enjoying the story!

  2. For a minute, I thought that boar was made of chocolate and had a virtual sugar rush. Lots of wild boar just up the top of my garden here in the Pyrenees and, when I walk the dogs up there, I make a lot of noise so they don’t come for me or, on hunting days, I don’t get my head blown off by a myopic hunter.
    I hope you’re using your old rotary blades for cutting the paper 😉

    • Crikey sounds a bit like the wild west! You go careful out there! Errrmm…old blades? Not got any old ones, I’m still on the first. Maybe it’s time for a change 🙂

  3. Great story about the boar and I can quite believe it – they can be terrifying. On the days when I’m immersed in something crafty, my husband doesn’t even interrupt me, he just gets on with the cooking. I love that top you’re wearing in the golf photo – do you still have it? Well done on the 200 posts! My tally is 172 in the 18 months I’ve been blogging so I might make 200 in the new year if I keep at it:)

    • I think i’ve still got the top. I bought it for a best worst dressed day we had with the boys from work. We looked like a colour blind bunch of golfers! My hubby doesn’t get home till 6 so we’d starve if we waited for him! 🙂

  4. Lots to smile about in this post 🙂 Love the boar story and the photo of you and your friend. I swear that post 40 I can put on weight just thinking about cake, let alone eating it! The price for ‘supposedly’ becoming wiser I guess… Keep at the running, you’re doing a great job!

    • Thanks Teresa! I’m trying not to eat too much less just move more as I love cake too much! We’ve had bread and butter pudding tonight. No photo though, it went too fast! 🙂

  5. Love that boar and Zak’s jumper. I put the microwave away for the winter when I turn the aga on, so it’s frozen pizza when I forget the time.

  6. Another great week. That boar is amazing and looks a bit terrifying, even in sand. Your little furry neighbor is much more my speed. 😉 love the pipers!

    Big Congrats on your 200th post!

  7. corrineappleby says

    Congratulations on your 200th post! That’s very good going! Great photo of you and your friend – you’re so tanned! Must be being outside all the time!

    • the tan is only what you can see – when I’m playing a lot of golf my feet are so white! it’s really embarrassing if I go anywhere in a frock and sandals! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your 200th post. We were recently looking at our group golf picture from the millennium – I didn’t even immediately recognise myself! Hubby thought I looked like a teenager. So young and slim! I would like to get back to a slimmer self even if I can’t turn the clock back.

    • Golf used to keep me slim but I just don’t play enough any more, and I’m sad to say I don’t miss it too much either. I really need to make an effort to keep moving though, the hours pass too fast when I’m sat at my sewing machine! 🙂

  9. Great job on the 200 posts! I’m glad you’re spending some time here and not ALL in the sewing room! I definitely need to double some recipes and get some things in the freezer for busy days like yours–lately we’ve been relying on take & bake pizza a bit more than I would like. Such a cute picture of you!

  10. LOVE the doggy jumper…it’s not quite cold enough here yet to get Maisy one 😦 Congrats on reaching 200 posts! Very impressed with the Bradford Boar, though I thought it was chocolate at first! Ha!

  11. Lovely photos. How is the walking going?? I almost sent you a photo from my hols when I had done 10.1 miles!!!! Holiday?!? More like boot camp!?!? Did you get your application form in on time 🐝🐝??

    • Thankyou! Walking’s still doing good, but I’m running now 3 or 4 times a week now and feeling loads fitter. Didn’t apply this time, maybe next year! 😀

  12. Great post with lots of lovely content. I’m glad I’m not the only one microwaving something from the freezer when I have lost track of time.

    • I try and fool the hubby into thinking not only have I cooked a lovely meal that I’ve tidied up the kitchen too! Little does he know I’ve only used one dish! 😉

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