Sunday Sevens
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#Sunday Sevens Week 62 (me 37)

Hello! Sorry I’m a tad late but I’ve been working this weekend and I only have enough hours to sleep and eat between shifts so trying to catch up with things today. H doesn’t have a shirt for school tomorrow yet, but blogging comes before ironing!

Just to warn you there are photos of food! If you’re peckish you’d best go grab the biscuit tin!

1  My dad gave us a lift when we went out to our posh do on Monday night.  The bestest dad ever!  And not just cos he gave a lift!#sundaysevens  300


2  Scrummy lamb at the awards.

#sundaysevens  299

3  The next day I was a bit delicate.  We ate lunch and tea out.  Here’s a selfie at Nandos.

#sundaysevens  298

4  Healthy mediterranean salad at Nandos.  We’ve not been for a few years, was really good and will definitely be back soon!

#sundaysevens  297

5  H wanted to get in on the photo of my healthy tea! Not tried roasted beetroot before, yummy!

#sundaysevens  295


6  Friday night was the Yorkshire Junior Cricket Awards at Headingley. Was lovely catching up with all the parents who we’ve not seen since the end of the season.

#sundaysevens  294

7   Managed to make 2 squares for Crochet for Calais.  Posting them off in the morning.

#sundaysevens  293


That’s my week in 7 picks.  If you’d like to join in head over to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins, or if you’d like to see other Sunday Seveners Natalie has created a Pinterest Board.

Feature pic – doesn’t that cute doggie look like Maisy!?

Cheerio for now x

PS is it my imagination or has the it changed where we write our wordpress posts?!

PPS Just remembered I’ve another pic for you.  I told this yesterday when I was working.  The river in Elland where I was working was so close to breaking it’s banks.

sunday sevens - 1

Oh and another one for good measure! My big sis’ having a night out in my new Colette Wren dress: 


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  1. The Severn was looking very high in Bewdley yesterday but no sign of barriers going up so presumably not expected to overflow.
    You look to have had a great week. I hope you weren’t ‘delicate’ for too long!

  2. Oh dear, flooding looks imminent by the look of that photo! We’re on high ground so floods don’t tend to affect us normally. No Nandos in our part of the country so I’ve never been. No anything actually, when I come to think of it, just the obligatory Chinese and Indian in the nearest town! Love a bit of pink lamb – glad to see it wasn’t overcooked:)

  3. What a lovely roundup! you have a lovely family, gorgeous boys! I am a bit confused however, there are only 52 weeks in the year how can it be Sunday sevens week 62? lol just call me a slow learner!

    • I was a later starter to the Sunday Sevens. Nat started it over a year ago, 62 weeks to be exact! I started 37 weeks ago. Yup, I’m pretty lucky with the men in my life, especially my dad 😍

  4. I can see why you’re tempted to cut off a bit of length, but you and your sister both look so great in it, it would be a real shame! And bless your dad, it’s other Mums I’m thanking my lucky stars for this week 🙂

  5. Boy, did your photos make my mouth water!! Everything looks gorgeous…I do miss a good Nandos and a roast dinner! Your dress looks lovely and that first photo is a great one of you and your Dad 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie, bit late catching up on my blogging! I’m new to Nandos but it’s going to be up there with the favourites 🙂

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