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Save The Date – Yorkshire Spoolettes Meet-Up! 

Back by popular demand I’m arranging another meet-up in Dewsbury on Saturday 6th February 2016.

The day will be the same or similar to our last meet up – link in the top menu (or HERE) with what we got up to last time.

Everyone’s welcome!

More details will follow, but as it’s only a few weeks away I thought you might like something to look forward to and have time to juggle child care etc so you can make it.

Hope you can make it!


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  1. Just a suggestion Ali, but at the Leeds meet they had a fabric / pattern swop for any fabrics you don’t want anymore, I’ve certainly got some lengths in my stash I could bring along!!

  2. Fab, fab, fab! Still have relatives staying, but think this is a good date for me. Was so sad not to make it last year. Once visitors gone, will get childcare sorted 🙂 Thanks for organising again!

  3. corrineappleby says

    Since reading this post I have been on a mission to get childcare! The husband’s going to Sweden that day but I got my parents to agree to babysit (although I got them drunk first – hopefully they’ll remember!)

  4. Just looked up the trains but the cheapest return ticket is £143 so wouldn’t leave much for spending on fabric!

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  6. Can I be a Yorkshire Spoolette even though I’m from Lancashire. I’d love to come to Dewsbury for cake and fabric. sounds good. I’ll have to make it provisional though because my mum is in hospital and I’m busy toing and froing to Southport hospital but hopefully I’ll be able to have a day off and be a Spoolette if you’ll let me!!!!

    • You can be an honorary Yorkshire Spoolette! There’s another very lovely Lancashire lady heading over the Pennines so you won’t feel out of place! Be good to see you again. Hope your mums ok 🤒

  7. I would love to come, but I will be on my way back from holiday in Scotland that day and I don’t think I can persuade my lovely husband that we want to make a detour via Dewsbury. Maybe next time.

    • Lol, no he might not see the attraction of being surrounded by lots of fabric and ladies stroking said fabric!! Hope you’re keeping well, and hopefully see you at the next meet up! 😃

  8. Hi Ali – if I can be an honorary Yorkshire Spoolette, living in Tyne & Wear, count me in. It’s a bit of a drive but I’ve never been to a meet-up, and do fancy going to one.

    • Course you can!! Will be lovely to meet you! Amanda is coming from Darlington, do you want me to get in touch with her, you might be able to car share?? 😃

      • Thanks – that’s a possibility, depending on when we start in Dewsbury? Either I could get train to Darlington and Amanda drive, sharing costs, or I pick her up and I drive?

      • Looking at trains, that might be a better option. Newcastle to York to Dewsbury. Any idea of times based on last time? Open ticket possible of course and might be preference otherwise restricted to certain train – cheaper option but more restrictive.

        • Last time we met in the cafe from 10 and stayed there til about 11. People left at different times but I think those of us who ate in weatherspoons stopped til about 3:30/4pm.

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