Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens Christmas Special

Hello!  Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas!  I know I have and so far I’ve taken advantage of not working and been able to spend time with my lovely family.  Having worked for the Ambulance Service since I was 21 I’ve worked more Christmas’s than not so really do savour the ones I’m off.

I started off the week having afternoon tea with H and my mum.  There’s a shop near my mums which sells clothes and things for the home, and also has a little cafe.  Not quite the Ritz but not bad for a fiver each either!

#sundaysevens   301 (4)

Upstairs in the home dept there was a shelf full of bits n bobs to do with chickens, made me think of Sewchet and her chickens!

#sundaysevens   302 (4)

Christmas Eve- H and I spent the afternoon deliveries cards and pressies.  We met up with Tina and Charlie in KFC – he was so excited!  I wish H still believed!

#sundaysevens   317

Later in the evening we called at some friends for a few drinks.  Clare is a really bad influence on me and often tops my glass up without me knowing.  I managed to keep tabs on my bottle of Rosé and didn’t have more than a bottle.  She has a fancy fridge that dispenses ice.  It got a bit too generous and spilt all over the floor!!

#sundaysevens   303 (3)

Christmas Day

He’s been!!!!

#sundaysevens   304 (3)

Think I was more excited than H!!  Here I am in the midst of opening my #StitchingSanta parcel from Sewchet – separate post to follow!  Check out my lovely gloves and the earnings!!

#sundaysevens   318

Christmas Day we went to our Local Indian Restaurant for lunch.  Here’s my nephew and niece – my sister’s 2.  I always think Lucy is more like me and H is like my sister.  Unfortunately  big sis’ was working – she works for the ambulance service too.

#sundaysevens   305 (3)

The other end of the table – quite a rowdy bunch.  Wonder if it’s anything to do with bringing your own drinks!!

#sundaysevens   306 (3)

When it was time to go I collected up the placemats and napkins which I’d made. (last time we went on Christmas day it wasn’t christmassy enough for our liking!)  It looked like we had pinched them!  Do you like how the napkins are folded – I followed this tutorial here on ShopJoya.

#sundaysevens   307 (3)

A rare pic of the 3 of us…

#sundaysevens   308 (2)

Back to Ma and Pa’s after Christmas Dinner for more food – the Indian restaurant doesn’t do Christmas Pudding or Cheese & Biscuits.  We also had a game of “Articulate”.

#sundaysevens   309 (2)

Mum & I were the Champions!!

#sundaysevens   319

Boxing Day

Started the day with a 5k run to make up for stuffing my face on Christmas Day.  The rain was torrential, which lead to all the flooding around north and west Yorkshire.  Luckily we’re at one of the highest points in the West Yorkshire so escaped it, but the area I work in and where a lot of my friends live were badly affected.

#sundaysevens   310 (2)

I was cooking for 6 on Boxing Day then at 9am Big Sis’ called to say there would be 3 more.  Yay!!  We’d missed her on Christmas Day so was great that she would be joining us.  Her hubby is also a paramedic so it’s really hard to get all 3 of together.

#sundaysevens   312 (1)

Another game of articulate, only this time mum dropped all the cards! Ooops!

#sundaysevens   314

Followed by a game of Pie Face….

#sundaysevens   315

Bright blue sky today.  Hubby and I went for a walk this morning.  I couldn’t face another run though the weather was perfect for it.  On the horizon on the right you can just about make out the tall buildings which are in Leeds city centre.

#sundaysevens   316

Fancy joining in Sunday Seven-ish?  There’s no hard and fast rules, but if you’d like to read more head over to Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins, to read more!


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  1. Wow! You have been very busy!! My brother is up to visit tomorrow and my sister is in York on flood alert! We went for lunch yesterday….surprised we made it out!!! Happy New Year when it comes!! X

    • Hope your sister managed to escape the flood. It’s a scary time for everyone. Big hug to you and yours, and a Happy Christmas! I’m looking at arranging another Spoolettes meet up soon, probably a Saturday at the beginning of February, will keep you posted xx

  2. Karen says

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing. You don’t half pack it in. Love the idea of an Indian Xmas lunch and the napkins and mats are a great idea. Looking forward to your blogs next year. Happy 2016 to you and yours K xXx

    • You’re welcome! And Merry Christmas to you and yours! I’m now sat chilling and catching up on my blog posts…and the tea plates can wait until the morning 😀

  3. Love the napkin folding and think it’s a great idea to take things with you to make your table more Christmassy. It’s so nice that your sister could join you for Boxing Day, last minute surprises like that are the best, aren’t they? Not sure I’ll have time to do a Sunday Sevens this week as the family have only just left and we’ve got more arriving in the morning who are staying for a couple of days, followed by six more on Thursday who are staying until Jan 2nd! Thanks for sharing your festive photos with us – brilliant, as usual, and thank you so much again for the lovely coasters:)

    • Your welcome! I think the caption about not having time for the nervous breakdown you deserve is quite apt!!! I hope they all appreciate all you’ve done for them.
      Maybe you could do a Holiday Special when they’ve all gone home?

      • I’ll try to do one before they arrive at lunchtime tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath! I get a few hours to myself on New Year’s Eve as I’m having ‘girl’ surgery and will be in there for about six hours – maybe I can do it then?!! Hope hubby doesn’t expect me to cook after a general anaesthetic, especially as we’ll still have guests…..

        • Sorry, I meant when they’d all gone home, as in last ones next week. You need a rest before the next lot arrive tomorrow. Good luck with surgery. Think you’d be best taking a magazine with lots of pictures so it’s easy reading and more relaxing.
          PS I hope you’ve dropped HUGE hints to your guests that as a Thankyou for your generous hospitality that all your favourite online crafty places sell gift vouchers!!

          • Ha ha! No, their presence is enough – we love having everyone here, it’s not a chore at all and we’re used to having a houseful all year round:)

  4. Always nice to see a bit of West Yorkshire in your posts. Glad to see at least some of it isn’t underwater. Last I heard I currently have one friend stranded at her parents in Hebden Bridge (on high ground but not fancying driving back to Brum at the moment) and other helping to organise a clean up operation in Sowerby Bridge. Looks like more rain on Wednesday too. Must make your job more challenging too.

    • I’ve only heard from my pals and seen it on FB but it’s so tragic. I’ve not been in work since, but the hardest thing for us is getting about as some of the newer staff rely on satnav and the big challenge is finding alternative ways to get to people.

  5. Happy times with family, friends and food 🙂 Guessed you’d got Sheila as your swap partner, will look forward to the big reveal. Hope your friends who’ve been badly affected are getting plenty of help and support to get it all sorted…

  6. Lovely, lovely photos of all, specially all that green grass! Lol, wish I could find a tea over here as good as yours looks. With all the rain, it’s wonderful your family could gather over the hols. Hope the coming week brings cooler weather, but no more rain – on either side of the pond! Thank you for sharing with us! xx

  7. So glad to hear that your family is safe from the flooding; I was seeing all the scary pictures from Yorkshire and wondering! And great to see that blue sky–I’m sure that was very welcome. Looks like a lovely holiday with lots of family and food!

    • We’re really lucky that we’re high up. No good when in the last stretch of a run or cycle home, but a godsend when the floods happen.

  8. Looks like a happy time was had by all. It appears that you have an alter ego – some sort of spiderwoman type character judging by the way it looks as if you were hanging from the ceiling to take the photo in the conservatory 😉

    • Haha, I was balancing on one leg on the chair arm! Would have given H a telling off if he’d have been doing that! 🙂

  9. Lovely – so much fun being had!!! Makes me a bit homesick, to be honest! I’m getting stuck into Boxing Day today: Terry’s Choccie Orange and Downtown beckons tonight!

    • Bit late replying….. behind with everything! Bet the choccie orange didn’t last long! When I was in the co-op today I spotted some yoghurt versions, whatever next!!

  10. Looks like fun was had – and curry for Christmas dinner sounds perfect to me.
    Hopefully there will be a respite from the rain and flooding. Bewdley has had the flood defence barriers up so we are safe – but like you we live high on the valley side so if we get flooded the country would be in real trouble.
    Well done on the 5k on Boxing day. I did Christmas day Parkrun in Worcester which was great fun.

    • Well done doing the Christmas day park run, I’ve missed doing it over the hols but ok for this Saturday! think we’ll be having curry again next year if I’m off. Glad to hear it’s safe from the flood up your way.

  11. Anne Wright says

    Merry Christmas Ali, looks like you’ve had a lovely time so far and really made the most of your time off. Love your festiving up of your table at the Indian! 😊

    • Thanks Anne, though a bit late replying, sorry! Lost track of days, blogging and everything! A belated Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too! 🙂

  12. Love the napkin folds. We did again this year, but failed to take a photo. Yours turned out so awesome. Thanks for the mention too! Happy New Year from ShopJoya !

    • Your welcome! Everyone loved them and by the end of the meal almost everyone had learnt how to fold them too! I’m hoping to write a separate post about them and my placemats soon 😃

      • There’s something about this simple technique that influences others to want to learn it too. When you write your separate post, let us know okay? Hope you have a great New Year!

  13. Looks like you had great fun with the family! You all look your usual happy and smiley in the pics 🙂
    Well done for going for a run with the rain, I wouldn’t dare going out haha!

    • If I’d have realised how bad it was then I don’t think I would have done either! It’s a wonder i didn’t electrocute myself with my headphones, lol! 🙂

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