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After a crazy busy week it’s nice to finally sit down and write my Sunday Sevens.  Unfortunately due to night shifts and storm Gertrude I’ve only been able to go out for a run once this week, hopefully next week will prove a little more active.  I’m also behind reading all your blogs but I’m back to work tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up between calls.

One of the highlights of my week was a phone call all the way from North Carolina – Del from CurlsnSkirls.  We had a lovely chat, and it was surprising how easy it was to chat with someone who I only know ‘online’.

Here’s the other highlights which I was able to photograph….

1    H needed new trainers, this growing lark is just getting out of hand!

#sundaysevens   320


2     Monday was my mums birthday.  For lunch we went to NANdos (where else do you take a super mum & super nan!) and in the evening we went to our favourite Indian and all the family could make it!  Here’s a selfie of my talented nicee with me and cyber-mom.

#sundaysevens   322

3   I sent a parcel off to Del on Monday – a housewarming gift, though it’s a while since she moved!  It’s well wrapped in case it hit’s a snow storm!

#sundaysevens   321

4   I had a very healthy lunch out with one of my pals….

#sundaysevens   324

5 Followed by a not so healthy creme brûlée.

to#sundaysevens   325

6  Towards the end of the week talented niece was at my mums showing us what’s she’s been up to at art college.  These are fabric samples that she’s had printed for an exhibition – she’s designing fabrics patterns for sports wear.

#sundaysevens   326

7   Cyber moms kitchen – it’s been a while since I’ve showed you it.  It’s finished now and the new floor is down, just the adjoining dining room needs a lick of paint then all done!

#sundaysevens   323

8   This weekend we’ve been to North Shields to a surprise birthday party.  I should have taken some lovely photos of the beach but I was either drinking wine or eating birthday cake and didn’t get chance to see the sea!

#sundaysevens   328

9    There was quite a few talented folk at the birthday bash.  Hubby’s uncle was a roadie years ago for Lindisfarne who sung Fog on the Tyne.  The band came to the do after they’d been performing at a different gig, and although they didn’t sing one of their lads did and had us all in tears nearly – obviously not singing fog on the tyne!

#sundaysevens   329



Feature image…. now why didn’t I take a bigger handbag and a spanner to the do!   Last week i was showing you a fancy loo in the photo challenge and last night i stumbled across the nicest sink ever!


Fancy joining in with Sunday Sevens?  You might think it’s hard mustering up 7 pics, it is at first, but then it gets harder to narrow it down to seven.  Head over to Natalie’s blog to find out more…..


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  1. Ali, talking with you was the highlight of my week, and that package looks waaay too huge – thank you! Grand piccies of a lovely family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CYBER MUM! Your new kitchen looks wonderful! Oh, wish you’d had that spanner as the sink’s gorgeous! XX

  2. Anne Wright says

    Oh no – now I’m gonna have Fog on the Tyne buzzing around my head all day! 😉 that’s a blast from the past!! What a busy week! I love your nieces patterns – what a great fun sounding time she must be having at college- I wish I’d gone to art college! Your mums kitchen looks fab! Can I ask if her floor is real or not? We’re thinking of redoing our kitchen floor but can’t decide if karndean or similar will look ok – our house is quite old with lots of wood beams and stuff. But your mums floor looks lovely! Can’t believe how big H’s feet are!!! (Or are you just very dainty?) looks like you’ve had a great week. 😊

    • My niece is soooo lucky, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do at her age but she’s really focussed and knows just what she wants. How’s your course coming on? Hope you’re managing to juggle everything.
      My mum’s floor is real oak that got put down in long strips a bit like how they do a laminate floor. I’ve got kardean and even though it worked out more expensive mines so much more hard wearing and easy to look after. I think my mums will mark over time, where as mines been down 7 years and looks just the same.
      PS my feet aren’t dainty!!

  3. Lots of lovely meals and social events this week, it all sounds great! That kitchen looks like something from a magazine! Very nice. Hope the weather sorts itself out for you this week so you can get out and running as normal 🙂

    • So far the weather’s still horrible and I’ve not managed to be able to get out in my trainers. Think i’d get blown about just going for a walk! Maybe I should get or borrow a dog so I have to go out! 🙂

  4. Another good week! I was brought up not far from North Shields – not been there for years despite lots of return visits. Clearly that creme brulee was good 😉

    • It’s such a lovely place, the family live at Preston Village (i think that’s right!) and we love going up to visit them. And yes, the creme brûlée was lush – as they say up there! 🙂

  5. I had to laugh that you obviously couldn’t wait for a photograph to be taken until after you ate the crème brulée.
    I have very similar cupboards to your Mum’s in my kitchen but sadly, that’s where the similarity ends as my kitchen NEVER looks that tidy.
    You truly have discovered the World’s Best Sink.

    • It’s not always this tidy (i’m whispering this in case my mum reads it!). The creme brûlée is just my favourite pudding and you’re right about taking the photo – it never entered my head to take a pic when it was put in front of me! 🙂

  6. Fiona M says

    The Lindisfarne Xmas concert was always a highlight during my misspent youth, it’s good to hear they’re still at it!
    Where did you see that beautiful washbasin?
    And as for CyberMum’s fabulous kitchen, swooooon! 🙂

    • It was a teaspoon, lol! It is quite big as far as creme brûlées go though. If you’re ever over this way its The Fleece at Birkenshaw – next to Readmans. It’s recently been done up and the foods lovely. 🙂

  7. Are they GOLD trainers, or is it a trick of the light? Very bling – and very big! Love that sink – it would look fab in a downstairs cloakroom. I wonder where you could get one? Looks like you had a great week:)

    • They”re a gold/bronze colour, and yes very big! Wonder if i got in touch with the pub they’d spill the beans of where the sinks are from?? I’ve found their Facebook page and am on it!!

  8. I’ll need a nap after reading about your week! hehe. So many goodies in this post. Your mum’s kitchen is wonderful (and so tidy), and I’m swooning over that red stove! How lovely that you’ve connected across the pond with Del, this online community is chock-full of helpful, supportive, wonderful people! The sink is truly a work of art – so delicate, installed in rustic wood planks. 😀

    • The red stove she’s had years – but she had it professionally cleaned so it looks like new for her new kitchen. I assure you it’s not alway tidy, but I managed to snap a quick photo – I’ve taken others in the last few weeks but she’d have killed me if I’d have put one of them on!! 🙂

  9. Looks like a great week! I really love those fabric samples, very cool that your niece is doing that. It’s been unseasonably warm here in the US (East Coast) and so I was finally able to get out for a run, although I have been pretty lazy last month. Great to see all these photos!

    • Thanks. How I’d love some unseasonably warm weather, it’s hard to get motivated when the weathers runbish 😎😎😎😎😎

  10. I love the fabric your niece has designed! Has she thought about selling it on somewhere like Spoonflower? I would buy some! Your mum’s kitchen looks gorgeous! So does your yummy pudding!

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