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A little late but we won’t dwell on that!  After all, there’s no rules in Natalie’s Sunday Sevens!  Head over to Threads & Bobbins if you want to read more about it, and join in too!

As usual I didn’t think I’d done much stuff this week.  I’d worked an extra 2 shifts (to pay towards my girlie golfing trip!) so there wasn’t much time left for fun and craftiness.  But I still couldn’t narrow it down to 7 photos!

1   One of the ladies from the golf club has given me a selection of hand crocheted doilies. How gorgeous are they.  There’s 9 altogether in different sizes.

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2  We had sunshine on the golf course!

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3   And pizza at Pizza hut!  I just love their stuffed crust.  We don’t go very often as I think it’s a bit over priced, but soooo nice.

#sundaysevens 356

4   I’ve cracked on with my UFO.  Just this neckline to finish, which will hopefully happen today.

#sundaysevens 350

5    Learning to embroider at the roadside thanks to Craftsy!

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6   Friday we had a special night out.  It was touch and go till the last minute whether or not mum would be up for it but she was.  Those sticks and her cheeky smiley face meant we didn’t have to queue anywhere!

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7   Where were we???   We went to the XFactor Live Tour at Leeds Arena.  Maybe not your cup of tea but it was ours!  We had a great time and was on the 2nd row from the front!  All the acts were amazing, and I was surprised that Reggie & Bollie sounded better in real life than on telly.

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8  Saturday was my no smoking anniversary…..

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Next year it will be a year since I started joining in the Sunday Sevens!  I love it and haven’t missed a week.  The best bit (other than sharing it with you guys) is looking back and reminiscing.  It’s like the diary, but then I suppose that’s what a blog is for!

Until next time….x

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. Glad to see your mum smiling. Looks like you had an amazing time – Leeds Arena is a great venue. Congratulations on your 2 year quit smoking anniversary👏👏. Its a big deal and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. Thanks for sharing your week – I do enjoy these posts immensely.

    • Thanks Margaret, there’s nothing securing the flowers except the bondaweb. The chains are for decoration, do you think the circles need something else to keep them fixed permanently?

    • Thanks Robyn! The doilies…well I’ve a couple of people who would like one or 2, and a couple for me. I’m going to use them as were intended in my sewing room when it’s done later in the year. I’m Looking for homes if you’re interested? Don’t feel obliged to say yes, but let me know if you do 😀

  2. Your hairstyle looks great in your golf course shadow – love the flick ups – but who’s that you’ve got tucked under your arm? 😉
    Well done on your no smoking anniversary. Two years is a long time but do you still – just occasionally – see somebody really, really enjoying one and reminisce? Ask me how I know – and it’s been around 18 years for me.
    Talking of reminiscing, I completely agree with you about blogging being a bit like keeping a diary – one big difference, of course, being that you want other people to read it too. It’s why I keep doing it really – I love the occasional look back on some of my old posts and have a little laugh to myself. Sometimes, I hardly remember writing some of them but I guess I must have – maybe I’d had a glass or two 😉

    • Haha, I used to have a glass of wine when I first started writing. Must’ve helped me loosen up!! I don’t miss the ciggies at all now, it’s weird, I can’t imagine I ever smoked. My hair…I had a woolly hat on and the ends stuck out, and it was my golf bag on my back. 😀😀

  3. We went to pizza hut too this week (daughter’s 3rd birthday) every time I go I say I won’t go again, it’s a rip off, but I seem to end up there again… The ice cream factory is quite an attraction! 😀 congrats on your no smoking anniversary, nice to celebrate it!! 🙂

  4. Girlie’s golf trip, eh? Sounds like a blast! Huge pat on the back for your non-smoking achievements. I’ve never smoked but Mr H-L quit the evil weed ten years ago and has never looked back. I’ve got a stack of vintage doilies and don’t know what to do with them. I want to use them to make something useful rather than just sitting under plant pots collecting dust. Any ideas?

    • We’re off to Portugal! I’m the youngest, and probably the lightweight when it comes to finishing off a bottle of wine 😖. The doilies…how about stitching them onto bedding? I’m thinking of adding one to the back of a plain top 😀

  5. Well done on the no smoking it’s not easy. Glad your mum’s out and about. I took my mum to Leeds Arena for the Strictly Tour. She loved it K xXx

  6. Busy week for you, but full of lovely events – thank you for sharing them with us! And CONGRATULATIONS on both your anniversaries!!!
    What embroidery stitches are you learning – chain & running stitches? (Don’t know what they might be called in “British speak.”
    The doilies are lovely and would make wonderful pillows ~ as they could be sewn or tacked onto any sort of fabric or garment, scrunched up a bit in the centre for a corsage flower or corsage base… loads of things! Have fun with them & keep some starch handy in case you want to stiffen them a bit.

    • Hi Del! I’ve been learning a bit off all sorts with the embroidery after buying a Craftsy class. It was pay day so I splashed out! I’ve only done chain and back stitch so far but want to have a go at some of the others. 🙂

      • I enjoy embroidery but don’t do much as wearing something new usually takes precedence. 😉 Did the traditional sampler when young, and for some reason just kept going, but with the same stitches. Then found a few how-to books, and the rest has been self-taught instead of grannies. Blighty (always forget if it’s “y” or “ey”) has such a strong tradition, and there’s the Guild keeping standards high. Tempted to be quite envious. 😉 We don’t have much for kits over here to spur me on either, as everything is cross-stitch, which I find boring. (Not meaning to offend any cross-stitchers.)

  7. corrineappleby says

    Loving your feature image – your appliqué is just gorgeous! Congratulations on your no-smoking aniversery – filthy habit! !😉😉

  8. Sounds like a great week! Your applique looks great–I’m loving how everybody’s blocks looks so different. I feel like I’m learning a lot about how to change the look of a simple block. Congrats to your mom on her adventure and to you on your non-smoking anniversary!

  9. Oh I love your embroidery! And your mum looks so happy and well, look at that smile. 🙂 And may I add my congrats on your nonsmoking anniversary, the card from H is so sweet! My youngest daughter put it down one day about 3 years ago, and it’s made a huge, happy change in her life! Great week in pics again.

    • Thanks Jen! I wish I’d done it years ago and I bet your daughter does too. Mum’s doing really well and getting more mobile and less painful every day 🙂

  10. So funny that you mentioned Sunday Sevens as paralleling a diary – exactly the same thing struck me a couple of weeks ago, and I found it quite a pleasing realisation. So nice to see all the different crafts you’re engaging with at the moment, you seem to be so good at them all too 🙂

    • I think it’s my obsession with reading instructions that makes things turn out well! I can’t just do something I have to read everything there is to read (or watch) before i get started 🙂

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