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Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!  I have!  It’s writing my Sunday Sevens and reflecting on my week that make me realise how lucky I am having an extra 2 hours in the day to everyone else – I must do cos I don’t see how else I could fit everything in!


Natalie from Threads and Bobbins thought up the Sunday Sevens over 18 months ago as a way of posting snippets of your week that maybe wouldn’t warrant a blog post all on their own.  You don’t have to sign your life away to join in – just jump in and out as you please – or go for the long haul like me.  It’s my Sunday Sevens Anniversary this weekend and I’ve not missed a week!

1   I started my week with good intentions of running 3 time.  Monday went well but then I started with the sorest throat you can imagine and it’s lingered all week.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get out more next week.

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2   Took mum to stretch her legs around our local garden centre and bought some cherry scones for after tea.

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3   I decided I needed a Brooklyn hoodie for work – I had 2 old jackets that had broken zips and managed to fit all the pieces on.  It worked really well – post to follow!

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4  The first snowy day we had this week – we had 2 but the 2nd one was much worse.  Luckily I was off on the really bad day, I felt pretty rotten with my poorly throat and stayed in bed to lunchtime.

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5  Slaithwaite in Huddersfield – pronounce sla-wit by Yorkshire folk!  Maybe I should do a Vlog for my Sunday sevens!

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6  Major sorting out of stash has started this week.  43 metres later and I’ve not even touched any of the 4 boxes of organised fabric or anything on my shelves.  I think I might even be really ruthless and see if one of the local high schools who teach textiles would like some of my stash.  With the best will in the world there’s no way I’m going to sew my way through this lot.   Out of what I sorted so far most i would keep as its what I’ve bought and not used in the last year.

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7  I think it’s 3 or 4 years since I’ve not had to work on Mothers Day so today we went to the golf club – they do a fab sunday lunch – 3 courses and coffee for only £12.50!!

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8  And the lovely lady who works there brought me a double helping of my favourite pudding with a red ribbon round it!

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The feature photo this week is a little vintage camper that I’ve embroidered for my lovely Mum……Happy Mothers Day Mum! xxx

And just before you go – even tho it’s already had it’s own post but I’m so pleased with it I just need to show you again!  My 2 blocks for the Time for Teal quilt in aid of Ovarian Cancer.

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  1. Hi, I always found the primary schools to be more appreciative than secondary, or if you’re up near Starbeck the Cone Exchange is a fantastic charity sponsored by Betty’s, ( I think you may be able to drop stuff off at Betty’s, Helen takes it into the Ilkley Betty’s for me, but she works there.) we had a talk at WI and I was very impressed with how help etc went round in circles. I’ve got my stash written in a book at the moment, but I’m wondering about doing a computer form to make it easier…

    • I’m taking photos as I go as well as making a sample book. When I start opening the boxes I think I’ll find theming a I don’t be bothered about keeping. I’ve had a look on the web and it looks a good place to send some fabric. It’s only 40 minutes away so will get over there when I’m organised! 😃

    • Hi Oxfam in Harrogate are selling sewing patterns, fabric and wool, so that’s another option. I went and bought a pattern there, so am determined to declutter some of mine to them! I had never heard of the cone exchange, so that’s good to know too.

  2. You are a star and deserve the cake. Happy Mothers day sorry you have the lurgy. Loving your quilt squares and looking forward to seeing hoodie no 2. You have a lovely sewing view bugger the stash quantity. You bought it for a reason. Remember. Get well soon K xXx

    • Haha! I like your stash philosophy! Some of it I’ve inherited and others I don’t for the life of me know what made me buy it!! 😳 xx

  3. Sorry to hear you’re unwell. Hope you’re feeling ticketyboo very soon. For a poorly woman, you’ve done heaps. That snow looks magical. I do wish we had a bit more than we do, even if it does disrupt everyone.

    • Thank goodness for strepsils & paracetamol, otherwise it would have been a struggle this week!! Friday was really bad with the snow – we had about 6 inches but then it rained late morning. H was gutted as he thought school would be closed but it just opened a bit later. ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️

  4. Love the curtain details on your caravan. And well done on getting to grips with your stash. Should think starting to quilt should use up some of it… Can only speak for my secondary school, but they were delighted to receive my off-cuts. Feeling quite saintly with my very small stash, but it feels pretty big after our meet-up to me 🙂

    • I end up feeling guilty buying more, but not for long! And it’s too easy online. I’m going to just keep my favourites and destash!! And I’d better come back and read this comment in a month to remind me! 😳

  5. Never woulda guessed you were poorly last week ~ you kept cranking out those projects & posts. Am even more impressed now! And sure hope you’re feelin MUCH better! xxx 🌸🌹🌻
    Hopefully that extra boost whilst dining at the golf course has set you up for a grand slam kinda week. 😉
    Happy Mum’s Day to you & CyberMum, too!

    • It’s a women thing – we battle on! There was just the one morning when I couldn’t surface from my pit. Thanks for the happy Mother’s Day – my mum will get hers as she reads all the comments xx

      • Aye ~
        CyberMum, good for you for getting up on those sticks and around to the garden centre! No better place to lift spirits than amongst all that beauty.

  6. Your little camper is adorable! I wish I could get a handle on my stash. I know kind of sort of what I have if only I could remember which bin I put it. I try to use some of it up with my sewing classes but it’s too hard to part with some of it. I buy with something in mind and have many, many projects in mind. (Oh dear) Happy Mother’s Day. Our’s is coming in May. Hope that you are feeling better this week.

    • I’m the same, always with something in mind – so it’s the to do list that’s out of control not the stash!! 😃

  7. I love the camper. It’s adorable! So sorry to hear about your throat, I hope it gets better. The pudding looks so good. Happy Mother’s Day! 😊😊

    • I’m feeling much better today, thanks Abi. Just tired now after listening to the hubby snoring all night!! 😳

  8. Hope you’re feeling better this week Ali, and able to get back to running. Your outdoor photos this week all look very wintry, when I think we’re all desperate for spring to come – at least the mornings are light now! Sunday lunch looks gorgeous and your embroidery & quilting are stunning.

    • Thankyou! It’s nice to try different things but I’m back to proper sewing this morning. Hopefully some sort of shirt dress…I’m making it up as I go along, hacking last weeks colour blocked dress 😃

  9. Hopefully you are feeling a bit better now, and will be up and running again. Your sewing output is admirable and you have reminded me that I’m not finished cataloguing my stash.

    • It’s spurred me on to try and do the rest of my stash, especially like when yesterday I was looking for fabric and had to rummage in my big boxes – that’ll be a thing of the past when I’m more organised 😀

  10. Wow! All of these accomplishments and you’ve been feeling poorly? Someone must get you a Superwoman cape. And your organizational skills are impressive, my dear, and your sewing view is enviable. But can you guess what stood out the most to me? The mention of a Seven’s VLOG. Yes, please do!

    • Hays, it’s your fault I did it – the vlog that it!! Not sure it’ll be a regular feature here though! I used to try and be superwoman round the housr, but felt it got me nowhere – the family did less. So now I only try to be superwoman for myself. Slightly selfish but better for my sanity 😀

      • Well then, fluff fluff….I’m happy to take the credit, it was a fun “visit”. 😉 And I know what you mean about the superwomen issue, it’s the way of it, isn’t it? Taking care of family? Somehow we moms can forget about ourselves. So it’s not selfish at all to give up the mantle – a sane mom really is a better one!

  11. Hope throat is better now! Your embroidered caravan is soooo cute! I’m not going to make any comments on the food… but snow? weather has gone completely mad, although the view from your window is pretty cool! I love your blocks.

    • I’m better thanks, and firing on all cylinders! Yesterday was almost tropical – so different to last weeks blizzards! 😀 ps not long now!!!

  12. Yes do a vlog! I am sorry you werent well – hope you are feeling better. Must something going around. Your qiuilt blocks are so cute😃.

    • I’m feeling loads better, thank you! I read your comment just about as I was getting to the golf course after lunch so did some filming for the vlog! If I’m brave and/or daft enough I might have a few clips to put together by the end of the week 😀

  13. Happy Sunday Sevens Anniversary! And you’ve spoilt me with another sunday roast picture…I’m very jealous once again! What a great idea to reuse some of your old work fleeces 🙂 Love the embroidery & quilt blocks!

    • Thanks Natalie for think up the Sunday sevens! I bet you never thought so many would join in and carry it on for so long. I thought of you last night when a Westie won best at Crufts!! How cool is that! 😃

  14. Such a lovely, lively post of your week! I LOVE the vintage caravan and did something very similar for a friend. I’m teaching free motion machine embroidery all day today and must remember to take some photos of the results. Snow is forecast this morning although no sign of any as yet. Hope you’re back on top form soon – who knows what you will achieve then if you can do this much when you’re sick!!

    • Hope you’ve taken loads of pics of the free motion embroidery to show us. I’ve only dabbled a little bit when I made the bus tea cosy but love all of yours I’ve seen. 😃

  15. Beads and Barnacles says

    I hope you feel better soon. it can be rotten feeling a bit ill.
    You have some wonderful fabrics there, I really need to get round to sorting mine out. I have just gained a massive wardrobe that is sitting in my sewing room now which has drawers in it, I think they might be destined for my fabric stash and transferring it over should give me a reason to sort it out.

    • You could hang up all your favourite pieces in a queue waiting to be sewn! A wardrobe would be a fab place to store a stash! 😃

      • Beads and Barnacles says

        Lol. It’s got two ballroom dresses in it at the moment. And so far I’ve filled one drawer… plenty of fabric left to sort.

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