Sunday Sevens
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Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Or so I’m hoping.   What’s normal though!?  Posting my Sunday Sevens on a Sunday wouldn’t be normal for me!

Well anyway, here’s a final catchup, a sort of extended Sunday Sevens and then I’m hoping to get some order into my life blog.  So without any more waffling on or excuses…..

H had his annual football (soccer) presentation night.  It’s a big event and the kids range from 6 to 18.   Each year they hire out the Frontier Nightclub in Batley, more famously in the past known as the Batley Variety Club where Shirley Bassey and the Jackson Five and loads of other famous people performed back in the day!

You can tell H was mortified that I’d snook up to take his photo.  He won the award for “players’ player”, voted by him fellow team mates.  #proudmum!

#sundaysevens 627

Topped up the tan wearing my bikini whilst doing the ironing.

#sundaysevens 628

Harrison had his birthday.  Alfie his cousin made him a birthday cake.  (that’s not his cousin in the pic tho!)

#sundaysevens 631

Me & my sis’

#sundaysevens 630

One of H’s favourite birthday pressies!

#sundaysevens 629

These buns tasted as good as they looked!  They were in the halfway house for Mr Captain’s day at the golf club.

#sundaysevens 632

Essentials packed and ready for our holiday.  We never go anywhere without a cricket bat and ball, even if it has to be a plastic one!

#sundaysevens 633

This dish was called “Eggs In Purgatory”.  2 poached eggs with tomatoes and chilli.  Gorgeous!

#sundaysevens 634

The hubby’s tan came along nicely as his freckles joined up.

#sundaysevens 635

We called at the local market to pick up provisions.  We came away with 3 bags full and only spent about £6.

#sundaysevens 636

H’s new nick name is now “Legs”!

#sundaysevens 637

We made use of the underwater camera I bought a few years ago, which we normally forget to use.


Heading out on the last night of our holiday.

#sundaysevens 638

We went to a buffet just down from where we were staying.  It was gorgeous, so many new things to try.

#sundaysevens 639

On our last day I pushed the boat out and had this delicious pudding – the yellow was pureed apple.

#sundaysevens 640

I didn’t get a wink of sleep on the flight home.  Or so I thought until  looked through the photos on my phone!

#sundaysevens 641

First night home I went on a hen do around Manchester with the girls from work.  My feet were killing the next day – 11 hours in heels, ouch!  The head faired surprisingly well though.

#sundaysevens 642

Straight back onto the healthy eating once I was home.  Scrambled egg with king prawns and cherry tomatoes, with spinach thrown in at the last minute.

#sundaysevens 646

Although H didn’t make the Yorkshire squad this year they asked him to play in a match at Saltburn-On-Sea.    If you’re ever up North on the east coast it’s worth a visit just for the fish and chip shop on the front alone.

#sundaysevens 644

We spotted with old World War 2 home made bomb shelter whilst walking back to the cricket club from the beach.

#sundaysevens 645

Some family are visiting from America – Here’s H with his cousin now and about 10 years ago – they’re only 4 months apart in age.

I was working this last Saturday and Sunday but managed to watch H play cricket afterwards.  Both days had beautiful blue skies, but with a chilly wind, so I watched from behind glass!

#sundaysevens 649

The hubby was organised and we had tea in the van whilst watching cricket on Sunday, and had a real treat of berries and cream for afters!

#sundaysevens 650








………..Sunday Sevens is the brain child of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins. If you’d like to link up with her too you can – it’s easy! Just share 7 ish photo’s from your week that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post of their own.

Cheerio for now x



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    • Ahhh! Nothing like some gorgeous holiday snaps to put one in the right mood… Firstly, Happy Birthday & HUGE Congratulations to H on his award! 🎉🎈 (Goodness, he does have a set of gams [legs]on him these days!) And speaking of them, how about that colour on yours, m’dear?! But really, ironing in one’s bikini? Guess it was a bit diffy to get outta th’holiday spirit, eh? 😉 Here’s hoping it stays with you a bit longer!
      Grand to see you back, Lovely! Hope your week goes beautifully! 💋

  1. Wow! Younhave been busy! Great to catch up with you. Agree with Del that yours pins look beautifully tanned👌. Congrats on H’s bday and awards💫✨

      • Looks like that tummy is disappearing girl!! Well done especially with all that lovely grub both at home and holiday K xXx

        • Thanks, yup, it’s going at last. I’ve had egg n chips after golf today as treat, but was healthy and left the bread. 😂 xx

  2. Such a fun vacation! Lucky you! No wonder H is so tall (all those legs). He is a very handsome guy. Happy Belated Birthday to him. I love to follow you as you always seem to have so much fun!

  3. Looks like a lovely holiday, plus some nice times since you returned! I’m glad I’m not alone in getting out of the swing of things with blogging – we must all have better stuff to do which can’t be a bad thing 😊

    • It’s like anything I think once you get out of the habit of writing and reading posts, or just too busy, it’s hard to get back into it. I’m glad I’m back but it’s hard catching up with what’s going on.
      Are you going to the sewbrum meet up in September? I’m going to get the train from Leeds and it’ll be passing you on the way 😃

      • I had seen the sewbrum meet but wasn’t sure – I am definitely more tempted now you’ve said that! Does your train go through Worksop or Sheffield do you know? 🚊

        • Hi Camilla, sorry for the very delayed reply! I’ve just been checking out the trains and the Leeds to Birmingham new street does go via Sheffield. I’ve been looking at prices. For me an open off peak return is £60, or £41 if I choose specific trains. For you an open return is £40.40. I was thinking even though it ismore I might buy the open ticket as I won’t know what time I’ll be wanting to go. What do you think? I’ve not heard if any others from our direction are going, have you. 😀

  4. Blimey, what a catch up, you’ve got so much to share! ‘Legs’ is an apt new nickname, especially looking at the pic of him on the sunbed – the wide angle lens makes them look endless! Looks like you had a great holiday and I love the under water snaps. I only own bikini bottoms and I hate ironing. Not a good combination, I can assure you! Looks like a great spread of food laid out and I admire your willpower at getting back to healthy eating as soon as you got home.

    • Prob a good idea not to iron in just bottoms :-0 the pic of “Legs” was taken just with the iPhone so no special lens, they look that long in real life. I think he’s growing an inch every time he goes to be at the minute! 🙂

  5. Love that smiley picture of you and your sister! A friend of mine burned her tummy ironing in a bikini but probably a risk worth taking to be able to iron outside.

  6. Oh such a nice round-up! I love the pic of H “little H” – he certainly has his mama’s great smile! Haha, love the “legs” nickname. The very thought of ironing in a bikini sends me into a panic. I’d have to wear a corset, which would certainly ruin the effect. Your dedication to healthy eating is inspiring! 😀

    • I wouldn’t be ironing in it if I was on show, no one can see me in the back garden, unless they pass by the bottom of the garden on a horse!! I don’t mind sunbathing in them on my hols tho – being flat on my back the tummy looks as good as it’s gonna get, lol. 🙂

  7. Great to catch up with you. I’m in the same boat at the moment – need to do a catch up then try to get back into it. I’ve got the photos just need to insert the words.
    Loved the photo of H looking embarrassed as his proud Mum took a photo but, once I’d registered how tall he is, I couldn’t take my eyes off the towering quiff on one of his friends to his right. What a structure!
    Looks like you had a great holiday and how typical of an offspring to remind us of how attractive we are when asleep. 😉 (I see you had ‘our’ dress on again btw – I haven’t had chance to wear mine yet – maybe this weekend).
    I’m amazed you had the energy to go out on a hen night on your first night back but then it’s important to flaunt that tan at its best isn’t it!!

    • I love wearing ‘our’ dress, it’s so comfy with it having a built in bra. The hen do took its toll, I’m still not sure if I’ve fully recovered! 😃

  8. OMG your tan! I love the underwater photos. Ironing in the garden! Whatever next! Great idea though! 😀

    • I’m lucky that I don’t burn, but it was so hot on holiday i was in the shade mostly but the Rays still got me under the brolly. Ironing in the garden is the only way for me, hence I don’t do much as the weathers not compliant very often 🌞🌞🌞

  9. corrineappleby says

    Great to have you back. Your tan is incredible! X

    • I only gave to look at the sun and I change colour. Once we had amazing weather when I was a kid on holiday in burniston. We were all really brown and everyone thought we’d been abroad. Can’t beat an east coast tan! 🌞🌞🌞

      • corrineappleby says

        Ha ha! I don’t have an East coast tan! Neither do many other people round here! Mind you, today it’s red hot – first time in ages!

  10. I’m exhausted just reading that. That boy of yours really is shooting up – what the heck are you feeding him? Love the golfing themed cup cakes. Well done for getting straight back to the healthy eating. that’s the way to do it!

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