Sunday Sevens
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It’s a good job there’s no hard and fast rules with Natalie’s Sunday Sevens as I think I’d have well and truly broken them in the last month.  If you want to share snippets of what goes on outside the sewing room, join in too!  Head over to Nat’s blog or her Pinterest Board to see what it’s all about.

After being late off and coming home from work starving I whipped up a quick tea – leftover veg, beans and dry fried eggs.  Not everyones cup of tea, but did the trick!

#sundaysevens 627

Rory’s found a new bed…..

#sundaysevens 628

Standing by in Salterhebble, Halifax….

#sundaysevens 629

I was a bit disappointed with this pic taken at Meltham Golf Club – I was hitting onto the green (where the yellow flag in) and behind it it drops away to a river – a scary shot!  it doesn’t look quite as dramatic here.

#sundaysevens 630

I finally finished off  my first proper quilt….. it went everywhere with me for about a week until I finished hand stitching the binding.

#sundaysevens 631

My dad had a rummage in the loft and brought out some old pics of Liam, my nephew who is now 26 and just had his first child – well his wife has.  I think I was 19 here.  It’s a shame rummaging through old photos will soon be a thing of the past.

#sundaysevens 632

In our dry cleaners entrance in Brighouse……

#sundaysevens 633

Someone took this pic of me whilst I was playing golf on Lady Captain’s Day without me knowing – it looks like I’m swinging with my eyes closed!

#sundaysevens 634

At night we had a do at the club for lady captain’s day – I got a lift there in a Ferrari!! Bit of a tight squeeze in the back, but I wasn’t complaining!

#sundaysevens 636

Me and my buddy with the next X Factor winner!  Well, he’s not but he could be.  He’s one of our golfing pals grandson and he sang and kept us entertained at lady captains night.  Sue and I wished we were 20 years younger!!

#sundaysevens 637

Hillsborough Golf Club – our last A team match.  Amazing scenery…..

#sundaysevens 639

Our day at Ripon races – a great excuse to get dolled up and wear a new frock!

#sundaysevens 640

Gorgeous weather coincided once with all the family being at home – no work and no cricket – so we were able to eat al fresco.

#sundaysevens 641

Pokeman everywhere – even at the cricket club!!!

#sundaysevens 642

Another meal al fresco, but this time in a beer garden.

#sundaysevens 643

Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses – literally… I used my sunglasses as a filter over the lens of my iPhone.

#sundaysevens 644

The view over happy valley – I’ve showed this before but I never get bored of the view when I stand by here.

#sundaysevens 645

A friend has worked in the garment industry for years and has loads of fabric, mostly from the 80’s.  After a good rummage I came away with a bin liner full and gave a donation to charity.

#sundaysevens 646

The first batch of pre washing on the line….. it wouldn’t all fit on.

#sundaysevens 647

Our cleaner at work has retired. We had a collection and bought her a new cooker.  She was over the moon.  It was secretly installed one day last week when she was taken out for lunch.

#sundaysevens 648

Last Saturday I had a sewing day at the Fabbadashery, here’s a sneak peak but I’ll be writing a separate post….

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  638

Phew!  I’m almost exhausted looking through that little lot!  But it’s not all happened in just one week, I think it’s about 3 since I last did my Sunday Sevens.  I try not to leave it too long till the next one.

Cheerio for now, and enjoy your week!




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  1. Fab-fab-fabulous 3 weeks, and no complaints here on all those piccies. Love that first shot of terror tee by the river- those dark green trees against such green grass.💕 AH! Of course I could drive myself crazy just looking at all the stuff on that table in the Fabbadashery pic. When do we get to see the front of your first ever completed quilt?! And how precious is that new retiree with her new cooker – wow! You folks are really special to have gotten together for her. Almost forgot all that fabric! Is there room for you in the house?! 🎈🎈

    • There’s no room for anything! We’ve still not sorted out when we’ll start the extension, hopefully soon but dreading the upheaval. Gill’s a special lady and has been a rock to us all for years. Listening to the up and downs over a morning coffee. She could write a book too with all the banter she’s overheard on station! I made her a little something too, but you’ll have to wait til next weeks as I only did it yesterday. And your parcel is well on its way to you!! xxx

      • I shall start haunting the posty!
        Thank you – THANK you – THANK YOU !!!!! 😘
        Good golfing today, I hope! 😉 Nothing gone into the river… so to speak. ⛳️ 🌞
        Gill sounds absolutely delightful! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve made for her. 💋

  2. Wow busy busy. You even made it look like we had a summer in Yorkshire!! You have some amazing photos there. Yes it’s a shame we won’t be rummaging through boxes of photos in the future K xXx

  3. The photo with the sunglasses is fab, great idea! I’m hoping to get over to Faberdashery in the summer, I keep looking at their workshops, I’ve even sussed out the trains 🙂

  4. So when are we going to see a proper photo of your first ever quilt then??
    Not that I’m trying to upset you – I wouldn’t want to ever get on the wrong side of you, especially when you have a golf club in your hands – you look like you are about to beat somebody to death with it.

    • Haha, I’m last comment made me laugh, I do look a bit scary! It’s hard teeing off with an audience, that must be my look of concentration! I’m hoping to be busy on the blog this week and do some catching up 😃

  5. corrineappleby says

    Some great pictures! Love the chaos on the table at Fabberdashery and I’m really looking forward to that post. You’re not playing Pokemon too are you??

  6. Lovely pictures and Fabberdashery is a great name! ! look forward to seeing what you got up to there!

  7. Lovely lovely pics – well, expect for that egg veg nonsense at the start! I never thought about not being unable to shuffle through photos in the future. It feels sad, but at least it saves future generations being like me, who has so many black and white photos from my parents – that were presumably my grandparents – that I have no idea who most people are on them, but can’t bring myself to throw away . I made all out holidays into photo books up until a couple of years ago, I guess that cuts down what my kids will be expected to stash, but there’s still plenty of them. Really looking forward to seeing that quilt finished – you little tease.

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