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My First Quilt

At the start of the year we heard some amazing news – the hubby’s God-Daughter was expecting a baby!  And now I had a real and proper reason now to make my first quilt.

I sweated over this for hours, and had sleepless nights and there weren’t even any fitting issues involved.  I did discover when I went shopping that I needed a pattern and couldn’t just buy fabric willy nilly!

I came home with these lovely little lot after my Spoolette’s Meet Up at the Fabbadashery:


And 3 months later I had this!


I had quite severe brain ache whilst making this.

Not the actual sewing, more of what colours to use:


I finally chose these, and after much googling the pattern of the disappearing 9 square.

#firstquilt #babyquilt #disappearingsquare 636

Then I needed to choose the layout of my squares ones I’d chopped the into quarters:

The quilting design:

I made myself a piece to practice on

#firstquilt #babyquilt #disappearingsquare 641

And practice I did!

#firstquilt #babyquilt #disappearingsquare 647


And the binding:


And lastly, the easy bit – embroider her name – I’m glad I didn’t have to choose that too!!

#firstquilt #babyquilt #disappearingsquare 645

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  1. Love your quilt, the fabrics are great, I find I spend ages trying to choose and place colours! Have you got your next quilt planned yet? 🙂

    • I couldn’t believe all the decision making, more than dressmaking! I’ve thought I’d like to do one for H if he goes to uni – 4 years away! The one you made for your son gave me the idea 😃

  2. It’s lovely!
    Firstly, you don’t really need a ‘reason’ to make a quilt but, if you must have one, a baby is a good one.
    Secondly, there is nothing wrong with buying fabric ‘willy nilly’ . I do it all the time and that is how you end up with a lovely stash of fat quarters 🙂
    Some of my piecing and quilting is still nowhere near perfect but I really believe that patchwork and quilting generally has improved my sense of colour matching no end.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of quilt making – I hope you feel encouraged to stick around!

    • I don’t think I’d have finished it if I’d not had a reason, I need a deadline to get me motivated. I really need to get on with sorting space out for a quilting stash as I have a feeling I will be hanging around your world for a bit longer 😃

  3. It’s beautiful, I’m sure her parents will be very appreciative! I’ve always fancied quilt making and thought I would start with a simple cover for my overlocker but I haven’t even got my head round that yet! Did you use a pattern book?

    • No, I just did lots of googling and decided on the disappearing 9 patch – there’s loads of tutorials out there, I can’t remember which I used. I had a dabble with a 5″ charm pack that I bought last year and made a quilted zipper pouch. They’re great as you’re into a winner as you know they’re all square. I ended up with lots of new rulers and a new rotary cutter. Beware, it can get expensive! 😃

  4. Well done it’s beautiful. I didn’t think for mine except for the fabrics. Luckily Dollys Craft Corner sorted my lining and edging. I only found them through a link you put on so my boy (25) is grateful for his Marvel/Batman/Superman quilt. Yours will be loved for a long time I am sure K xXx

    • Thanks Karen, I hope so!
      I’ve not been there for a while. We are lucky being surrounded by so many fabric shops. Xx

  5. Lovely quilt. I’m really close to joining you on ‘the dark side’ and starting a quilt myself. I also can’t believe how indecisive I’m being over details😕

    • I was surprised at how much thought went into all the different stages, not even including the fabric choice. It’s great not having to worry about it fitting though. Good luck ☘

    • Thanks Chrissy! Being spoilt for choice in the Fabbadashery didn’t help my indecisive nature! I’ll be back soon 😃

      • Well done you! This is a gorgeous first quilt & am certain it will be treasured for many years. Had no idea quilting was so involved ~ no wonder you seemed to disappear from time to time. You’re well on your way to having mastered another sort of sewing. CONGRATULATIONS ! 🎈🎈 (Adorable fabrics! No wonder you were spoilt for choice, at Fabbadashery! )

  6. corrineappleby says

    Great job! I love your colour palette. I really like quilts and I appreciate the work and effort that goes into them but I find them incredibly dull to make! I’ve had one on the go for about 18 months now. Maybe I’ll finish it one day…

  7. Cracking job. Looks wonderful and bet the recipient was utterly made up by such a beautiful personal piece . Quilts are just so versatile. . I love making them but have the same issues when choosing colours 😂

    • Thankyou! I couldn’t believe how hard it was to choose the fabric and I already had the colour scheme in my head after picking the then mum-to-be’s brains 😃

    • Thankyou! Proper quilters say they don’t need an excuse to make one but I think i do, so I’m just waiting for one to come along and then I’ll get started 😃

      • I think some of us are just more practical and don’t like to make anything without reason. I certainly am. Maybe you’re a practical proper quilter 🙂

  8. I too have brain aches mostly over anything I sew. I guess it is part of the learning/figuring out process. You did a beautiful job. I love the colors and your creative quilting.

  9. Fantastic quilt & I love the fabric choices. I made a quilt for my grandson then had to make one for his baby sister when she arrived! Now that I’ve started I’m going to have to make one for every future grandchild😃

  10. Love this! What great fabric choices.

    I recently decided I’d like to attempt quilting but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Google the disappearing 9 square, and check out granny maudes girls blog, and all the free stuff on craftsy. I learnt a lot from block of the month on craftsy, they have a monthly video how to do different techniques 😃

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