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Sewing With Raggedy Annie

Remember THE bag??

#fabberdashery 417


The one at the Fabbadashery that i accidentally stumbled upon.

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  627


Well, last week i attended a sewing class with Raggedy Annie, the creator of the said bag and learnt how to make my own! (it was last week when I starting writing the blog post, it’s not now!)

It was a full day class, from 10am till 4pm and was the best Saturday I’ve had in ages.  It was a scorcher of a day, but the Fabbadashery’s work room has big doors which open right up, so it was cool and airy all day.

Annie showed us examples of the squares which make up the bag, and different ways to embellish them.

I say ‘squares’ very loosely as there’s not measuring or perfect corners.  If you’re a bit OCD about having everything neatly lining up you may wish to beg your Doctor for some valium before attending this class!

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  633

And how to stitch them together

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  634

And all the different things that can be made from the squares – not just bags.

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  635

The table was rather neat at the start of the class as Annie showed us the basics of making the bags

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  628

The idea is that nothing matches, which was a bit of a challenge, but we all soon got into the swing of things

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  629

Not sure if my spotty back piece clashed quite enough, but it was a start!

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  630

Annie had a fab assortment of embroidery thread that she’d bought in a big bag from The Range.  I think she said they were about £17, I neeeeed to go!

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  631

the table was starting to get a little bit messier

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  632


Once we’d all completed a few squares Annie showed us how to sew them together, and how to embellish them.

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  637


This is when things got really messy!

#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  638



The day went so fast.  I managed to make 5 ‘squares’, and turned 2 of them into a needle case, which is now at the other side of the pond keeping Del’s needles nice and safe.



#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  641



Before I left i just couldn’t help fest my eyes over all the lovely fabrics in the Fabbadashery.  Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long, but I’ll be back soon as I was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher from a special friend – THANKYOU…..you know who you are!


#raggedyannie #quiltasyougo #fabbadashery  644


Before I posted of my needle case, I did a little more embellishment when I got home

#raggedyannie #fabbadashery 627

If you’re in and around West Yorkshire and want to attend classes at the Fabbadashery here’s the link for the workshops – there’s all sorts of different ones:


You can also have a look at Annie’s website to see all the other clever stuff she can do!  She can even do custom classes for you and your crafty buddies!

Raggedy Annie Website

(Just to let you know, I paid for my own class & all opinions are my own)


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  2. Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you, you clever, clever lady, you ! ! ! ! !
    I’ve just posted a wee bit about the insides of this lovely needle kit, and am so-o-o thrilled to have such a special piece from your special day. Cannot thank you enough, Ali! 💕 M-wah!
    And what a perfect name for the lady who led the class! Must admit to going through her site thoroughly, just feasting on all the eye candy. Now will get stuck into her Folksy site. Wonder what I won’t be able to resist… anticipation! He-he-heee ! ! !

    • You’re welcome Del! So glad you like it ☺️ Annie’s just as you’d image her in real life too. We should talk her into doing online classes on YouTube 😃

  3. Thanks for your very kind comments Ali ! Your completed needlecase looks great and your friend sounds thrilled to have received it.
    We had a fun day didn’t we ?! Although we all look pretty serious on the photo’s !
    Great to hear that people are having a look at my website and blog – have to confess there isn’t anything on my Folksy site at present, must remedy that !
    Hope to see you again for another course. I am running a ‘Wool on Wool Applique’ day at The Fabbadashery on Saturday so I’m just getting things ready for that now.
    Thanks again, RaggedyAnnie X

    • Bit late replying Annie, sorry! I don’t get many weekends off but will keep an eye out for your other courses. It was a fab day, and I think we look serious because we were concentrating! 😀

  4. What a fabulous day that must have been! Love seeing the mess monster creeping onto the table. And what a sweet little needle case….can’t wait to see how your bag comes out. 😀

  5. This looks like SO much fun and totally out of my comfort zone as I’m not used to anything quite so random in construction. I remember the bag that inspired you and love it. Such a lovely thought to make a needle case for Del, too – I’ve just read her blog post about how thrilled she was with it.

    • It was out of my comfort zone too, but I felt quite liberated afterwards! I think if I was at home I’d be using my rotary cutter and my sewing machine for some bits to speed up the preparation. 😀

  6. That looks like the sort of workshop I would love to do – completely out of my comfort zone and not too serious. Will you be making a bag?

    • I’m hoping to, I think it’ll be a long process though, just making the ‘squares’ in between other projects and on my travels, and maybe one or 2 at work. 😀

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