Sunday Sevens
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Oops a bit late!  The weekend was a bit hectic and yesterday I was in bed for 7pm so finally finding time to share my antics of last weeks.

There’s not much variety this week. I played a lot of golf (4 rounds!) so not much time for anything else on those days.

Monday was our Lady Captains Trip.  We didn’t venture far, only to Bradford Golf club which is a fantastic course who looked after us and fed us very well.   My team came a close 2nd and we each won a lovely toiletries bag with 2 other matching smaller zipper bags.   In golf if you have the same score as another person or team the one with the best back 9 wins.  Unfortunately we didn’t have the best back 9.

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Tuesday more golf.  H joined in the ladies comp.

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Ripped out the naff zip on my dress and added an invisible one, thinking I was going to be wearing it for the races on Thursday.

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Wednesday – more golf.  H bet me for the 1st time every!

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Thursday – Ladies Day at the Ebor Festival, York races.  We didn’t pick a winner between us all day but still had a great time nonetheless.   As you can see I didn’t finish the pink dress (and still haven’t).

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Friday – took H to Tadcaster for a one-to-one coaching session as he’d been asked to play for Yorkshire the following Monday.

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A 30 minute journey home took 2 hours as there was an accident on the Motorway.  Driving conditions were atrocious.  At least we had a empty coffee cup for little Charlie to have a tinkle in!

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Friday – I took the hubby out for our anniversary to a retirement do.  It was great to see many old faces, and some not so old that I’d not seen for ages.

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Anniversary flowers from the hubby – 16 years…seems like only yesterday!

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Saturday at 4pm I was back at work after 12 days off.  A slight shock to the system.  Then on Sunday I had to be up earlier than I would have liked to play in the semi finals of the club mixed knock out competition.  Her I am with my partner, the Club President, enjoying a celebratory meal before I headed off to work.

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………..Sunday Sevens is the brain child of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins. If you’d like to link up with her too you can – it’s easy! Just share 7 ish photo’s from your week that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post of their own.

Cheerio for now x



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  1. Happy Anniversary.
    I don’t understand much of the golf terminology but you three ladies are looking good in your shorts/skorts/skirts. I won’t ask any questions about golf but I will ask ‘who is little Charlie?’

  2. Pretty pretty bouquet, and so delighted you’re another so-happily married couple – CONGRATULATIONS!!! You golf ladies look quite spiffy in your duds, even if that score wasn’t quite up to par (sorry, couldn’t resist 😘). Good for H for top scoring and for taking care of Charlie! I do like that fascinator, even if you think it’s too small. Sorry you’re back to work now, but know your life isn’t about to get less busy!
    PS/What was the pud on Sunday? Just know you saved room for one & didn’t clear that huge plate. Lol!
    (The shortbreads are sinful, m’dear, positively SINFUL. 😉)

    • Like the pun Del! But guess what, no pud after the huge plate on Sunday. Mainly because I didn’t have time, not because I didn’t want one! Hope you’re having a cup 0′ Yorkshire tea with your shortbread 🙂

  3. Happy 16th Anniversary to you both! Your bouquet is so lovely, and it looks like you had a very grand week. Oh that pink dress, what heavenly fabric! Hubby and I keep threatening to take up golf but so far haven’t succeeded. One of these days….I love how much joy it brings you.

    • Thankyou Jen! You 2 should have a go, it’s great to relax and get some fresh air too! If you have a range near you could could have a couple of lessons and practice a swing as it takes a while before you’ll be brave enough to go on the course. It did for me! 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary! Good decision about the zip – invisible ones are always worth the extra few minutes, aren’t they? Another day at the races? Lucky you, it’s one of my favourite days out. Looks like you had a fair bit of good weather to counter the bad, but being stuck in traffic is no fun. Can you imagine what would happen if YOU needed a wee?!

    • I’ve been caught short in all sorts of places when I’ve been at work. Vomit bowls have their use! And once I knocked on a door as we were broken down. The lady showed me where the loo was as her husband came out rather sheepishly. It was the worst smell ever, I almost passed out, but had to go as I was bursting!! 😁

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! How do you keep up with such a busy schedule. I am glad you explained who “Little Charlie” is. I was thinking something totally off the charts. HA!

    • Haha, I think everyone did! I’ve no idea how i keep up either, mostly I just go with the flow and eventually get to at some ungodly hour! 🙂

  6. Late? Thought this was early for your SS.
    Happy Anniversary!!!
    I too though Little Charlie was a euphemism.
    Looked for a button to like the anecdote about the smelly toilet, but you don’t have one on your comments – or am I going mad?

    • Haha, one of these days i’ll be on time for something. Not sure where my like buttons have gone when looking on a internet browser but they’re there when looking through a wordpress app. Strange!! :-0

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