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I’m going to Chester!

This Friday I’m hopping on a train with Cyber-Mom and heading to Chester to meet Jenny from Let The Sewing Begin.  She’s heading over to the UK, across the pond from New York, and after several emails back and forth we’ve managed to arrange a meet up!

I’m not familiar with Chester and neither is Jen but there’s an Abakhan Store within walking distance from the train station so we might not get any further than that!

If you’re free and would like to join us – the more the merrier! Or, if you can recommend somewhere we could have lunch or any other shops  or places of interest that you think are worth a visit, that would be fab!



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  1. Let Paul (from GBSB S3) know, he’ll show you around. And he’s the sweetest man on earth, so worth meeting anyway. And he’s the king of Abakhan!!

    • She’s visiting family and it’s about 2-2 1/2 hours each for us to go to Chester, we were looking for somewhere in the middle that would be worth visiting. 😃

    • Hi Lynn! No tour really, a visit to Cardiff for hubby and me and my hop into Chester to meet Ali. The rest of the time, staying around brecon and visiting with family. It’s so very beautiful here. 🙂

    • Hi Kim, does that mean you’re in Wales today (Wednesday)? In brecon? It’s quite lovely – my hubby and cousin’s hubby have returned from hiking the Beacons and straightaway fallen asleep! I’m sorry to miss you.

  2. Ali, hi! I’ve just got all my electronics synced and can comment. So looking forward to meeting you and cyber mum! It’s coming up tomorrow now. We spent yesterday (in gorgeous sunshine!) driving to mama’s childhood farms and school. It was fabulous fun, quite emotional, and did her a world of good!
    See you tomorrow morning! 😃😃😃

    • It’s going to be an early start, hope I can sleep! Hope the weather holds out for us, but the sun always shines in fabric shops do we’ll be OK! 😎

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