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The Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show and The #BVSEWALONG Afternoon Tea


I thought I’d share with you my whole day as those of you like me who have never been to anything like this will be wondering if you should make the journey and go to one near you (the show not the Tea Party – the Tea Party is a bonus!)

So how do you start your day if you’re going to be attending a Vintage Tea Party?

With your hair in rollers of course!


(Excuse the bare back, at least it’s not the front!)

When I bought my ticket for the Tea Party a few weeks ago my initial plan was to go on my own.  But then I mentioned it to a Glen & Mags who I play golf with and they really wanted to go too so we all travelled together.

When we arrived we headed for a coffee first, there was a bit of queue, it was so busy, so be prepared to queue for the loo and refreshments if you’re heading there in the next 3 days.

There’s a few coffee stops dotted about but if your near the Royal Hall I’d recommend sitting in there to enjoy your cuppa and soak up your surroundings.  If your lucky like these 2 ladies you might find a seat in one of the boxes.


Unfortunately we didn’t so sat in the bottom on the large tables.  Everyone was so friendly – we got talking to some ladies who had travelled from Newcastle on a coach.

Here’s the first selfie of the day with Mags and Glen…..  all excited for what may lie ahead!


If you wanted you could learn to knit whilst having a drink and make Christmas Stockings.


They were hanging on the tree….


There was even a lady in a white coat – she was the Yarn Doctor!  What a cool idea!  I think they should have them in all the Accident and Emergency Departments too!


We stayed together for a while and then I had a wander on my own.  It would be hard to stay together in big groups, especially if you had different crafty hobbies.

I had a look around lots of the shops but i wasn’t really in the mood for buying fabric (no I’m not ill!!) – though you’ll be spoilt for choice if that’s what you are looking to buy.

There was so much to see and do without spending money, which I was surprised at if I’m honest.

This is a huge backdrop which was created the mark the release of the 5th series of a Game of Thrones. I should have taken a photo with someone in front of it so you could appreciate just how big it is.




These ladies were spinning yarn, and making it look really easy – she could even talk and take her eyes of what she was doing!


There were beautiful garments and accessories which were like works of art:


And here’s where some of the classes were held.  I didn’t book on to any but I might do next year now I know what to expect.


On the wall were examples of what you could learn to make in some of the classes.




Out of everything that amazed me throughout the day this was the most stunning (in my opinion!)


Unfortunately my close up photo doesn’t show if off to its’ best, but each square below was fastened together to copy the photo above. And i think each square was made by different people.


The were lots of quilts to admire, and I’m really surprised I held off getting carried away and buying a load of jelly rolls or fat quarters to make something like this.


At the far end, after all the halls of stalls, and before the workshop area, you’ll find the world’s longest embroidery.


And you can add your name or whatever you’d like to it.


I couldn’t resist a little bit of embroidery!  I was still on my own here, so it was another chance to get chatting to lovely new crafty people.  I even got a sticker and a certificate – for sewing, not making friends!    And can you see I’m wearing my Sew Up North badge?!


Here’s my little bit of handy work….. My skills weren’t adequate enough to add anything fancy – I’d have needed to google to do anything more than a simple back stitch!


There were some amazing creations from local colleges on display….


And so many stalls to enjoy.  The lady in the blue dress was showing a customer how to spin the yarn!

Before long it was time for my highlight of the day… The Vintage Tea Party!


I’d gone in jeans and boots so needed to change into my Vintage Vogue 9082


There were other ladies who were on their own and others with friends.  I sat with a lady called Hilary who had the most amazing outfit on. Also on our table was a lady called Claire and her daughter, and a midwife and a nurse (sorry I can’t remember your names ladies!).

It’s amazing how sewing brings people together.  We must have looked like we all came together as a group and that we’d know each other years as we all chatted none stop and had such a great time.

Sue, who’s the MD of Butterick, came and introduced herself to everyone.  She even spilled the beans as to next years theme but I’m afraid my lips are sealed, but I’m very excited and will definitely be attending this event next year – but it might be called something else!




Call the midwife!!


I’m a bit embarressed to have forgotten this ladies name, but I can say she’s very good at twirling in her Butterick 5813.


Thanks Claire for sending me the pic below… I can’t remember what we were laughing at here.

Hiliary is in the middle but unfortunately you can’t see her outfit.  Once the official pics are out I’ll add a link as she really did look stunning with matching bag and shoes.  She came over to Wendy (on the left) and me to chat and asked Wendy if she subscribed to Sew Today.  Her answer was “no I write for them!”  maybe that’s what we were laughing at, it was quite funny!


There was lots of mingling and even though there was a professional photographer there, ladies didn’t mind posing for my little iPhone camera.


The moment when you see someone in the same frock as you!!

But it wasn’t an embarrassing moment like you’d get if you’d both bought them from Marks and Sparks!  They were thrilled to see another version of the same dress.s


And here they are with 2 ladies who are twins – by birth as well as by outfits!



Everyone had made such a bit effort. I’m wishing now that I’d taken more photos but the official ones will be out soon I’m sure.


Do you recognise anyone on here……………I was excited to see myself on here!



So all in all a fabulous day out!

If you get chance to go to the show, with or without an afternoon tea, I’d definitely recommend it.  Even if you go on your own, you won’t feel alone.  There’s lots of crafts to try your hand at and it doesn’t have to be an expensive day out – but I can’t promise that!

I’ll show you later the few things that I’ve bought – the main things are for my Stitching Santa recipitant.

We left the show about 5pm and the traffic was a little busy, so we had to stop for a pub tea on the way home!


Are you planning on going to the show over the next 3 days?  If you are I’m sure you’ll have a fab time!

Have fun ladies!

A little update.  Claire who I met at the Afternoon Tea Party has kindly sent me some more photos to add to my post.  Thanks Claire x


    • It was great, I just thought it would be full of stalls selling things so was great to find other things to see and do too 😃

  1. I was going to message you to see whether you’d had fun! Glad you enjoye it, I really must get organised and join in next year: I did at least buy one of the vintage patterns but it hasn’t made it up the to sew list on time!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time and I’ll look forward to more photos and more reviews! You are so fortunate to have such a concentration of sewing fans – keep up the grand sewing fun! 👏🎈👏

  3. Pam (sweetpeagreen) says

    It was a fab day (mine was an expensive one). I usually go on a Friday but thought yesterday was a little quieter, might be my new go to day.

    I saw all the 4 ladies in red at various points during the day – they all looked fab, but I really loved the fitted suits.

    The only downside to Harrogate is getting in and out on the A59 – I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be better at the Yorkshire showground, but it might not have the right set up in hall space, and I think the atmosphere would change (plus I wouldn’t be able to have the annual Betty’s treats).

    Amazingly, you caught me in the Dressmaking Studio attending the knits/necklines workshop – – good way to spend 1.5 hours away from the crowds.

    • Oh my! Thursday was quieter!?! I couldn’t believe how busy it was. Funny that I caught you in the class – I tried not to be nosey and just sneaked a quick photo.
      We went in in the A59 and it took ages getting into Harrogate but went home past the airport. I think we’ll go that way in next time.
      Avoid the A59 everybody!! 😳

  4. Looks like a fab day out. I’m going Sunday with mum, I migh gave to do the tea party next year! X

    • You want to, it was great, and worth it too when the price of the food everywhere else is a bit OTT. Was great chatting to all the other lovely ladies, and we had prosecco too which is always an ice breaker! ❤️

  5. What a great day with some fabulous outfits on view at the tea party. I love your hair like that – you should put in rollers more often, whether in vintage get-up or not.
    My favourite outfit (apart from yours of course 😉 ) is the unnamed lady’s Butterick 5813 – it’s gorgeous, and what a swirl of a skirt.

    • It was amazing, the twirly dress really looked the part – even the fabric she used was from a vintage fair. It was the same pattern as the 2 red straight dresses but a different version. 😃

  6. What a great review & you looked fab. I decided to go on the spur of the moment & you’re right it’s great on your own as everyone is so friendly. I bought lots of bits & pieces but only 1.5m of fabric from Bombay stores – only £1.50 per metre! I went mad on the wool though despite the fact that I hardly ever knit, I blame Hila as she’s been blogging about her knits recently. It was a great show and some of the exhibits were truly inspirational. there are some really talented people out there. No Tilly stand though – unless I missed it, in fact there weren’t many pattern sellers there at all.

    • I was impressed with the Bombay stores stand, they had a good selection of fabric and habbadashery too. I thought there’d be at least a Tilly and sew over it stand from the Indi Pattern makers. Maybe they don’t like to head up north??

  7. Beads and Barnacles says

    Looks like you had a wonderful day. I have yet to go to any form of sewing or knitting meet up. I should really get round to it :-p

  8. Holly Gwilliams says

    Oh, it looks fab. I will be going tomorrow with my mother-in-law and I’m even more excited now 🙂

  9. How fabulous! Loved seeing all those vintage dresses in a modern setting, and oh the happy twirler – you got some great shots of her. It does sound wonderful indeed. (My hubby is already “just checking into” rates and bargains and “things to do” in the UK next year … wouldn’t this be a lovely diversion. And wouldn’t I be surprised to actually be there again next year. Not holding my breath) And your hair looked great in the roller set!

    • That would be fab Jen!! You’ll have to look at the dates for next year show and see if you can work around it. If not this one, there’s others dotted around too. 😀

  10. You looked to have a great day! I decided not to go as I have so much fabric at the moment! I’m with Hila though, my goal for 2017 is to use my current fabric and patterns and save up to go to the show next year! Maybe a Yorkshire spoolettes trip?

  11. Glad you enjoyed it, it was my first visit too, and I agree there was so much to see and do, I got sensory overload! I planned on not buying fabric but fell I love with a London map print which was a real bargain. It’s supposed to be upholstery weight but feels like denim so I’m hoping it will name another Till and the Buttons Cleo Pinny….then I just need to be brave enough to wear it!

    • I was shocked that so many ladies sew and knit. I know they must do but it’s still a shock to see something like that so busy! You’re Cleo will look fab in the London print! 😀

  12. I just keep reading and re-reading this post as there are so many things to look at! All those outfits – everyone has gone to so much trouble to join in with the vintage theme. I love your hair like that, too. I think my goal for next year has to be to do a spinning course, as I’ve wanted to try it for years. I like the fact that you managed to embroider your name onto a potentially record breaking piece of sewing. Great photos – everyone looks so happy!

    • i can imagine you having a spinning wheel next to your roaring fire. It looked so therapeutic too. I think you’ll like next years them, and it would suit you. How far is it for you to go to London for the Alexandra Palace show? Maybe the Spoolettes should head south for the show next year, it’ only a couple of hours on the train from Leeds and train tickets are cheap if bought in advance. Will have to see how the dates fall and if it’s feasible. 🙂

      • I don’t know how far ‘Ally Pally’ is, but it takes two hours to get to Waterloo on the train. The Spoolettes down South? Now that sounds like an adventure!

        • Its a couple of hours for me, but we go to king cross from leeds. I’ve just been checking out where ally pally is, and it’s 39 mins from your station and 29 from mine. I think it’s be a long day travelling and doing it in a day, and we should save up, arrange child care and stay over!! 🙂

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