Sunday Sevens
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The week kicked off with a night at the movies.  Not the real movies – that was the theme for this years “Welcome to Yorkshire’ White Rose Awards held at Harrogate show ground. There were about 1200 guests and it was a huge event.  I just wish I hadn’t have been running late as it would have been great to get some photos whilst everyone was mingling before they were seated.


The food was stunning…


And as you could probably have guessed my highlight was the dessert.


Back to each and a pub lunch in our local-ish pub.  H skipped dessert and had a hot chocolate instead.  I think it’s getting hard for him to look cool and have his photo taken in public!


My missing parcel arrived from Fabric Rehab.



My purchases from the knitting and stitching show. Can you believe no fabric!!


I also spent my £10 stitching santa allowance at the show.  Here is the ‘main pressies’….


Friday I had my first Christmas Dinner.  It wasn’t a christmas celebration – it was a ladies golf dinner but we had turkey and all the trimmings and Christmas pudding.


I’ve taken a few photos from here – the car park of our local co-op – when I’ve had an unexpected sunset.  This was so dramatic but the photo doesn’t quite catch it.


I feel i’ve just thrown this together in a bit of a rush, but it’s my first day off since Saturday and I’m due at the hair dressers in an hour, then off to see The Fully Monty at the Grand in Leeds.  Eeek!  Must dash!

Enjoy your week x

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and BobbinsI

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  1. Ooer. Your Stitching Santa pressie looks like a close up of a sewing machine bobbin with a huge bug staring at it from behind. Am I close?

    • Haha…no, it’s quite a lot bigger than a machine bobbin, it would sit on the palm of your hand (might not be your hand though!) quite comfortably.

  2. My word you were very restrained at Harrogate!! Unfortunately I wish could say the same 😏 I’m now getting snowed under in fabric and not enough time to sew it all then I start to stress about it and end up getting nothing done cos I’m stressing 🙄 Vicious circle 😀. Looked like you had a good time at the show ground too. My fave would have been the dessert too 😋 X

    • I really tried not to look at the fabric, though I did end up stoking more than I should and am still amazed I didn’t buy any. The Cora app i’m now using to organise my stash has really made me appreciate what I’ve got, and even if I had a team of helps it would take forever to use up. 🙂

  3. I thought it was a close-up of a bobbin too….can’t tell what it is but, now I am intrigued. You are going to love the buttonhole hole cutter. I don’t know how I lived without one for so long. Wait! Yes, I do. With much anxiety over mishaps cutting open my button holes with the seam ripper or mini snips. {shutters-at-the-thought}

    • It was definitely anxiety that led to me buying the button hole cutter, so scary after all that hard work that everything could be ruined. 🙂

  4. You’ve been a busy bee again, haven’t you? and oh goodness, what can it be? You are a good/bad clue giver. 😉 That little hemline measuring devise is pretty cool, must locate one around here. You and Mr T certainly look sharp! Neat new stash of fabrics!

    • It’s a terrible clue, and even harder because i think most of you will never have seen one like it before. I haven’t and I’ve visiting many shops on line and in real life so it might be something that’s not been out very long. It’s very useful though and I’m wishing I’d bought myself one! 🙂

  5. I don’t know what the mystery photo could be. Intrigued.
    I didn’t see the buttonhole cutter at Harrogate – I could sure do with one of those. Suggestion for one of my daughters I reckon.

    • I bought the cutter from the stall immediately as you walk in, but not till later in the day. I saw one at another stall for £10 and then googled to see how much they are on line and saw them for £8 so was really pleased when I spotted this for £5.99. I’ve just had a look at my guide I bought on the day and the shop was the – I’ve just checked online and they’re £8.99 there. 😦

  6. Hope you’ve enjoyed that show, and they all were wearing beards/moustaches/whatever, in honour of the month. That must be some kinda hot chocolate, for H to prefer over pudding! Sorry, but cannot imagine a thing that could be anywhere near whatever that is you’ve got for your Stitching Santa. Will also be keeping my eye out for a hem thingey, but don’t need the buttonhole chisel as I haven’t done one in years… Hope you’re enjoying your time off. (Email if you’d like to Facetime. I’m going off my special phone rate as they’ve increased it over 300%. 😱 And not because of Brexit.)

    • Crikey! 300%, that’s crazy! I’m about today Del if you want to call, FaceTime or which ever. You can fill me in about FabGate!! What do you think of Hubby’s beard then? They’re all growing them over here, even H wishes he could! So it’s not for Movember or anything, he’s just having a mid life crisis and trying to be cool!! 😉

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