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#SewDownDewsbury 2019 & last years pix

Hi Lovelies! 

I’m like a bloody bus this week.  No posts for ages, then 3 in quick succession!

For the 5th year in a row I’m  organising a meet up (or 2) in Dewsbury for those of you who live far and wide and enjoy some proper Yorkshire Fabric Shopping!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   326


If you’re thinking about coming, no distance is too far. In 2017  Chris came all the way from Germany (her flights were cheaper than Anne’s train fare from Newcastle!!), and last year Sheila spent over 5 hours stood up on a train all the way from South Somerset!  In 2016 Manju came all the way from Carlisle.  In 2015 Corrine came 90 miles from Scarborough, not knowing a soul and not knowing what she was letting herself in for as it was the first Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up.

About the meet ups ….

They’re very informal, very friendly and very expensive!

Only kidding about the expensive bit!  That’s all down to you!  But I’d compare shopping in Dewsbury with like going to Lidl instead of Tesco – you get a lot more for your money!

Dewsbury has 3 main Fabric shops – Lucky Fashions (my favourite!), Fabworks and the Pound a Yard shop.  There is also the well stocked Creative Craft Centre which stocks wool, sewing patterns and lots of haberdashery.  And then there’s the market – more fabric shops and haberdashery.  And you’ll probably be able to pick up a M&S bra too for less than a fiver too!

The Dates ….

The only days to visit Dewsbury if you want to do it properly are Wednesdays and Saturdays as that’s when it’s Market Day.  The first meet up I arranged was a Wednesday and the others have all been Saturdays.

This year I’ve decided to organise 2 Meet Ups

Wednesday 6th March

Saturday 13th July

As the numbers have grown for the last 2 meet ups we’ve met in Weatherspoons, as there was no where big enough to accommodate us.  I think that will be the case for the July meet up, but I’m expecting the March meet up to be a smaller group.  If it is I will arrange for us to meet up in a coffee shop.  Obviously I’ll keep you updated.

Still undecided if you should come??

Here’s the photos from last years meet up which I never got round to posting.  Better late than never!

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1450

Sheila was my house guest for the weekend which prompted the meet up.  Here we are ready to set to meet the lovely Spoolettes.

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1451

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1452

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1453

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1454

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1455

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1456

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1457

The Creative Craft Centre

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1458

We were lucky our day coincided with the Creative Crafts Centre birthday celebrations!

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1460

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1462

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1463

Lunch including G&T in ‘Spoons’ for around a fiver!!

Sheila was my first house guest in my new home.  Here’s a few more pics of our weeks – a trip to Hebden Bridge, crochet/knitting at a cricket match, a curry, cake and of course something alcoholic!

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1464

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1466

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1468

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1471

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1472

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1474

#sewdowndewsbury #spoolettes #sewingmeetup #thimberlina 1476

Sheila heading back on hopefully a less stressful journey, with a seat!



Hope you can make one or both of the dates!  Have you started looking at flights yet Del!!

I’ll keep you updated on times etc for the days.  There will be fabric and pattern swaps, but they can get a bit big, so if you only bring just 1 or 2 of each that would be great as there’s usually quite a few bits and pieces left after.

Hope you’ve got those dates pencilled in your diaries,

See you in a few weeks!


Thimbers xx


  1. Ooh good, I missed the July meet up as I had visitors but really enjoyed the Moneta party was that February last year or the year before? Anyway hopefully I can make it, I usually work Wednesdays but will see if I can swap x

  2. Blimey! There’s so many photos of Sheila I thought she’d also come back over from the dark side (aka Instagram) and I was reading her blog.
    I like the photo of you both at the cricket match but I think you have too tight a hold on that fluffy little dog – it doesn’t look comfortable to me.
    Only last week I booked a flight to the U.K. but it’s the last week of February so I’ll be back in France by the time of the March meet up. Maybe I could think about the July one – I guess I would have to fly into Leeds would I? Ooh – up North, how exciting.

    • It would be fab if you could make the July meet up!! Yes, Leeds & Bradford airport is our nearest, less than 1/2 hour drive for me. If you’d like to come I can put you up for the weekend xx

  3. I love to read about your joyful meet ups! I might be able to join you next year when I am no longer stuck at home with a baby! Until then enjoy the parties, ladies (and gentlemen?)! Can’t wait to see your posts about it!

    • Hopefully one day you will, I’d love to win the lottery and pay for all my lovely friends across the ponds to fly over for a big sewing party week!!

  4. I missed your posts. And I missed last years meet up too but had problems!!!!! I would love to come to the March meet up if that’s possible. Please keep me informed of arrangements xx
    Margaret Posti gs

  5. Only just started to read your blog, not sure how I found it. Have often thought I should get to Fabworks…..maybe now is my chance!

  6. corrineappleby says

    It’s in the calendar so I’m definitely coming! I was gutted to miss the last one so I’m thrilled to be going to the July one this year!

  7. I was sad to miss the last one (or was it two?) but I’ll be there in March!

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  9. Anne says

    Thanks. I can’t get there until later – my train gets into Dewsbury about 10.09. I looked at the earlier train but it’s peak hours and much more expensive.
    I’m not sure who’s going but I don’t want to be wandering around on my own! Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with one or two. Warning – my walking is still slow after my fracture.

      • Margaret Postings says

        Our train doesn’t get in til 10.30 will you still be in weatherspoons. Xx

        • Hi Margaret
          I’ve just emailed you my mobile number, it’s the email address I’ve had a couple of years. If you’ve not received the email let me know, with a different email address and I’ll try again. Xx

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