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What I’ve been making during my absence

Vogue 8903

Made in a dark blue denim colour chambray type fabric.
I’ve only worn this a handful of times, I’m tempted to shorten and wear it as a shirt so I might get more wear out it.

I made a mixture of the views – no pockets, no belt (I did make a belt but it made it look like a dressing gown!), 3/4 sleeves and shorter than the short view – I did’t have enough fabric to make it any longer.
I had some satin fabric in the exact same colour (a fluke as they were bought separately) so I used this to make a subtle contrasting yoke. I also made some bias binding in the satin which I used to hem it as I would have lost too much length if I’d have used a conventional turned hem.

Mc Calls 7542

I made this in leftover fabric from a previous make
I added hearts to the front and back using an old lade RTW top, and edged in bias matching trim.
I sewed the seams using a rolled hem seam on my overlocker, and had the seams showing on the outside as a feature.

Burda 6626

This was made in a jersey fabric I picked up in the sale at John Lewis ages ago.

Vogue 1449

A golf dress made in a stretch cotton sateen
It was a bit shorter than intended so I wear gym shorts underneath – I was glad as I did have a few Marilyn Munroe moments!
Helen, one of my golfing buddies borrowed the pattern and made it in a Scuba from Lucky Fashions in Dewsbury.

Vogue 1411

Slim fitting pull on pants in a ponte knit
Dissapointedly I’ve not really had much wear out of these.
The pattern instructions say to top stitch the seams with a twin needle using a regular machine.
I used my coverstitch machine, the insides shows off the stitching detail better.

Sexy Lounge Pants!

A must for every girls wardrobe!!
I hacked the pattern for my Espresso leggings by just straightened the leg, and were able to make these bad boys in around an hour.
The fabric was a remnant I picked up from Samual Taylors in Leeds yonks ago. I think it cost me about £5. The fabric is stretch velvet with none stretch lace panels running lengthways.

Vogue 8888

I made this for Minerva Crafts and wrote a guest post which you can read HERE.

Yasmin Yoke skirt by Maria Denmark

This has got to be the most used pattern I own. I love everything about it – the fit and the instructions are just perfect for me! And I’ve easily been able to take in these skirts when I’ve lost weight which is a huge bonus.

Vogue 8888

This time the cami shorts – made up in scraps to match a T shirt I’d previously made.

A Huge Granny Square

It started life as a square but as I wanted it for my sofa I added some additional rows at each end before continuing going all the way round a few more times. I worked on this mainly whilst watching cricket, which got a bit hot at times during the scorching summer we’ve enjoyed.

More Crocheting

I do tend to get a bit bored after a (short) while, so this is not quite as big as I wanted. It’s 3×5 big squares in size, each square is about 12 inches, and at the moment it’s on my spare bed.


I picked up this M&S rattan chair on ebay for £30, and it sits under my bedroom window. I recovered the pad and made the cushions with fabric I picked up in the Laura Ashley Sale early in 2018.


These have got to be the quickest pair of curtains I’ve ever made. I used a super king size duvet (same as the one on my bed – both £18 in Laura Ashley!) Cutting it in half down the middle, stitched up the seams and added curtain header tape. The buttons to open up the duvet are still there, but no one knows but me!! I also bought a 3rd duvet cover which I used to make a valance for my bed and extra pillows.

Teaching Henry to Crochet

My room mate learning how to crochet. He gets up to quite a lot of mischief with me, so look out for him on future posts!

A Beanbag for my DSLR

For when out and about, it’s really light as filled with polystyrene balls and has a velcro hook so can be hung from my rucksack.

Fleece drawstring bags

To keep lens and other delicate things in when I’m on my travels.

Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarf. I loved this but left it in our local pub and it never got handed in! I was gutted, but I keep my eye out and one day I’m bound to see someone wearing it. And then I’ll be having a word in their ear!!

Stitchin Santa

Peg bag for the lovely Sheila at Sewchet who organised the Secret Santa for us, and who I was putting together her pressies.
A hexa caddie – padded on the outside for pins and plenty of room on the inside for bits and pieces.
Patern weights…. I’ve still to make myself some of these!

Crocheted things for my bathroom

Things!! I don’t know what else to call them! I used some jersey yarn from Wool and The Gang, and made these ‘things’ to put ‘stuff’ in, in my bathroom. No pattern, just went around in circles until they were finished.

Lastly an alteration

One of my good friends got married in September. She was struggling to find a bridesmaid dress to fit her daughter, so bought 2 and I were able to add inserts to the side seams using fabric from the second dress.
And little draw string pouches for the bridesmaids too!

I didn’t think I’d been up to much, but now it’s all here on my blog I’ve actually been more productive than I thought!!

Cheerio for now

Thimbers x


  1. I’m glad to see you haven’t been letting the side down in your absence.
    So many things to like but my favourites are possibly the Burda dress which – and I don’t mean to be rude about your lovely front here – looks particularly AMAZING from the back and the Maria Denmark skirt which is a very handy skirt to have in any wardrobe.
    I like the look of your room mate although he looks as if he’ll have as much trouble getting used to holding a crochet hook as I did when I first started.

    • I wish there was a laughing face instead of the like button, you always put a smile on my face with your comments😊. Henry is a slow learner but has an amazing amount of perseverance, I think it’s because he’s left alone all day!

  2. Pauline says

    Great to read your blog again. Must have a go at making a hexie caddy.

    • Thanks!
      I hand stitched the first one I made when on holiday, which was a fab portable project but since then the others have been machine stitched. Have you got the pattern? There’s a link in an old post, let me know if you need it and can’t find it.

  3. Well my golly gosh, no wonder there was no time for blogging. Love the first dress a lot and look at your pins. Also the golfing dress and the sofa re vamp and the peg bag and crochet bathroom things. Oh My. But I would watch out for the pupil, he looks like trouble.

    • Pins always look better with a tan…roll on summer! And yes, my pupil is BIG trouble but so cuddly at bedtime he can get away with murder!

  4. Claire says

    OMG. U have been busy. Luv all your makes, but especially your Laura Ashley bedroom. Fabulous. Like reading a decorator magazine. Also luv your crocheted bowls for the bath. Great idea. Thx for returning to the blog-o-sphere. From way across the pond. 👍

    • Thanks for stopping by… it makes the writing worthwhile! I’m hoping to decorate my bedroom in the next month – paint is bought, just need some time, then it will look proper fabulous! x

  5. You HAVE been very busy with making things. I love the golf dress and the heart top, and am always a Laura Ashley fan for furnishings. Good for you to get so much done!

    • Thankyou, roll on summer so I can wear the dress again for golf, hopefully will make one or 2 more as it’s great not to have to match tops and bottoms!

    • Yea, it’s good to rest it down instead of using a tripod. When Ive just used a wall or the ground there’s no support for the lens so this is perfect.

  6. You have been busy! All great projects, and that flowered dress is stunning! Didn’t know Laura Ashley was still around – you got some great steals and we’ll never mention buttons and curtains together. Lol! 😉 xx

    • Laura’s still going strong, I tend to pick up things in the sale rather than full price as my budget doesn’t stretch so far at the moment! xx

    • Thanks Natalie, yes, just a bit busy! Blogging makes you realise just what you’ve achieved so I’m glad to be back too xx

  7. You’ve definitely out-sewn me! Lots of fun stuff and I’m in awe of the crocheted throw for your sofa!

  8. That’s a very productive year, especially with settling into your new home. I couldn’t find the link to the Hexa caddie – could you oblige, please? TIA. I need to make some protective bags for photography – inspiring!

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