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“Crafternoon Tee”

Yesterday was our monthly Crafternoon Tee at the golf club.

The Crafternoon Tea (or Tee as it’s a play with words – golf tee!)  came about as there’s quite a few of the ladies at the golf club who have gotten back into sewing after catching the bug.  There’s also a few who knit and crochet.  And there’s ladies who I know who don’t play golf who come too.

We meet around 11am, (so it not afternoon!) and we are usually good and don’t have cake (so it’s not afternoon tea either!).  But there’s always lots of laughs and we usually wear something we’ve made and really inspire each other.

Here’s some pix from yesterday… I did an hours speeding sewing first thing in the morning and made myself a new top to wear, another Mc Calls 6612.  I’m not sure of the patterns of what the rest of the ladies have made but I’ll add them when I find out.

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1665

Karen wore a wool skirt the’d made:

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1663

Lorraine modelled Jean’s newly finished hat:

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1658

Gaynor wore a grey shift dress in a ponte knit, the inside of the fabric was as lovely as the outside:

And Suzette did a mini fashion show of all what she’d been making lately:

Karen (who’s Scottish) has some tartan which she had years and decided she wants to make a skirt for golf with a pleated panel at the back.

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1666

Gaynor’s been making a girly apron from Simplicity 2295…..

Gaynor also has the most amazing sewing room…..


We had lunch, browsed through a collection of Prima magazine, did a bit of knitting and whatever else we wanted until about 3 when our jaws were aching so much it was time to go home!

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1670

Here’s some photo’s from an earlier Crafternoon Tea.  Hazel had acquired a huge stash from an elderly friend who had passed and brought some of it for the golf club for us ladies…. We had a good rummage and all found goodies we could make use of.

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1654

Lorraine and Karen showed off their handmade outfits…
#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1655

And Suzette brought her amazing tapestries….

The ladies have also been making clothes for the Fish and Chip babies in Africa (our local rotary pays for the postage to send them):

Karens made an amazing net skirt for her granddaughter:

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1674

A new cover for Suzette’s sewing machine:

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1672

A knitted zipped cardi by our lovely Lady Captain Glennis:

#thimberlina #craftnoontea #sewingmeetup 1673

Our next get together is Monday the 18th February.  You really are welcome to joinn us.  We won’t make you take up golf (but Gaynor is really thinking about it as she’s not a golfer).  We have lots of space & big tables if you want to do any cutting out, and the food is very good and cheap – less than £4 for a club sandwich which fills me up so much I don’t have any tea when I get home!!

Catch you soon

Thimbers x



  1. It looks like you’re all having a blast – if it wasn’t so early in the day I’d have sworn there was a drink or two involved.
    I love your Mccalls top but why is one hand and one arm white? I like to know these things.

    • No drinks needed, we were all high on life🤪🤪
      The sun was glaring through the window and I think parts of me got over exposed! At least I think it was the fun, I’ve not seen it for a while! 😎

  2. What a very talented bunch you are. I had never heard of fish and chip babies till a week ago, and look there are some outfits- I mentioned them in my last Knit and Natter post.

  3. Pauline says

    Looks like you have lots of fun. I’m a member of a sewing group and we start back next week after the Christmas break and I can’t wait.

  4. Cannot agree more about sewing groups… although I’ve never managed to enjoy any over here. Thanks so much for sharing your group’s enthusiasm and creativity with us! xx

    • I reckon you should start something your way Del, there’s loads of crafty people everywhere, once you find one or 2 it would soon gather momentum with word or mouth. Lovely having a catch up the other day xxx

    • I love getting together with my crafty buddies – real life and online ones, much more fun and inspiring that sewing on my own x

  5. Oh, how lovely you all are! Very crative and talented bunch!
    What does ‘Fish and Chip babies’ mean?

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