Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens ’19 – 2

Well it’s been a busy week! Lots of sewing, work and time for sewcial stuff and golf too!

The week started with our Crafternoon tee at the Golf Club
I’ve eaten some strange but healthy meals this week. Here’s home made soup with scrambled egg! Much nicer than it looks, honest!

A visit to one of my friends who has the most gorgeous labradoodle ever!
An an hour or 2 in her hot tub, bliss!
Another soak but this time in the bath, catching up on some TV i’ve missed.
End of an era…on Thursday I worked my last official shift on the response car. There’s been a few big changes at work and I’m now going to be working on the ambulances. At least I’ll have company!
I baked for the first time in ages! White chocolate and raspberry muffins.
Lots of sewing this week
And a favour for a friend who’s lost a couple of inches and now needs belt loops on his walking trousers.
H’s footie match went to penalties as it was a cup match. Unfortunately they lost.

Phew! A few more than seven pix but on time!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely productive and happy week too,

Thimbers xx

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. Good for you. Recently my most dubious-looking home cooking is vegetarian chili with a ton of cottage cheese thrown in to the bowl at serving–it looks worrisome but tastes sublime and increases the protein tremendously.

    • I love cottage cheese and could eat with with almost anything! And cauliflower rice too is a healthy alternative too with chilli.

      • The only thing for me with cottage cheese is that the sodium can be high–I can eat the whole container in a day, and yet that is something like 80%+ of the daily recommended sodium in the organic type I buy. Cauliflower rice sounds like hard work–is it all cauliflower made tiny by a machine, or any actual rice in it?

        • I just whiz the cauliflower up in the flood processor, uncooked. Or you can buy it already done in the shops. The put it on a baking sheet in the oven, or microwave it.

          • I see. These days our kitchen sink is not working well enough to have to clean machines in it, so maybe another time, or buy it already done if they have it here in the US. I am into big giant salads lately, and the chili, and lentil stew. It all goes well for winter food–and clementine tangerines by the dozen!

  2. Tialys says

    My recent foray into muffins didn’t go well. They were more like biscuits and I can’t work out why. It’s a recipe I’ve made lots of times before. White chocolate and raspberry though – yum!

    • That’s strange if you’ve made them before, but I bet they were yummy biscuits! For me the trick is to not over mix them, the mixture has to look lumpy and it doesn’t matter if the flour is still showing a bit. Good luck with your next batch!

  3. What kind of soup is under the scrambled eggs? And what sort of paper is that wrapping your muffins?? Hadn’t seen it over here, unless it is in fancy schmancy shoppes. (hehe!) Now how do you safely watch telly in the bath-ipad? You’re one adorably sweet lady even if you do get a bit pruney with all that soaking. Lol! šŸ˜‚ xx

    • Hi Del, I made the soup with broccoli, carrots, butternut squash and through in a couple of potatoes too, with a couple of veggie stock cubes. I don’t follow recipes for soup, just through in what veg I have left.
      I didn’t have any muffin cases so I just cut up squares of greaseproof paper and ‘shoved’ them in, I think you can buy shares already cut up and shaped, but I bet they’re overpriced. These didn’t look to fancy but did the job!
      Ipad and the bath…..I used to prop my iPad up on a shelving unit at the end of the bath but I found a board that sits across the bath with a groove in it for your iPad and a but out bit for a wine glass, and another cut out for a tea light candle! I love it, and am getting very wrinkly and prune like since buying it, lol xx

      • You are a luv to have given me the recipe for your soup! If I can collect enough leftover veg I will give it a go. Might have to put cheese instead of egg in mine, though. Love me cheese more than egg! šŸ„°
        I wondered if those were squares of what we call wax paper round those scrummy muffins! On the contrary, I thought they looked quite special and will give that a try as well.
        But oh, that bath board is something else!!! Perfectly wonderful. šŸ›€ Should we all send you bath oil & body lotion to counter all your soaks?! xx

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