Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Seven ’19 – 3

Keeping up with my weekly Sunday Sevens didn’t last too long, but at least I’m doing better than I did in 2018!

Lots of sewing in the Lady Cave.
One of my favourite meals – Chicken Madras, with yellow rice. I bought a rice cooker and it’s changed my life!! Well, not quite! But I love it!
We had our New Season Competition at the golf club (a little bit late) and Glennis our lovely Lady Captain did stand up bingo for us afterwards! I managed to come 2nd in the comp and won a prize at bingo too!
Birthday Breakfast for Cyber Moms birthday. It’s never too early for cake!
Me after a trip to the hairdressers. How come they always dry it so nice, and so quick too!

There should be a photo here of my friend who I’m giving secret golfing lessons to. But if I post it, it won’t be a secret no more!

More bingo, this time it was Cyber Moms turn to be the caller!
My new look!! Haha, only kidding! An afternoon out with friends than lasted until midnight. It’s a long time since I had an 11 hour session!

It was my friend from works Leaving Do. Look at that for a whopper of a Naan Bread!
One of my patients had the most amazing needlework framed on her walls. (she was happy for me to share this pic with your).
Pic taken whilst at work.
A day out in Harrogate would not be complete without a Trip to Betty’s
Or a trip to Fine Fabric’s of Harrogate – one of my favourite bricks and mortar fabric shops. This also led to me organising another meet up.

Saw this in a shop in Harrogate, what a fab idea, but check out the price tag!! £39 !!!!!
The next day we had a ride out to Skipton – more tea pots and cake. Can you believe they brought me my cake before my soup! Obviously I started eating it!!
Seems ages since I needed to wear my sun glasses but I’m happy to say we’ve had some really sunny days and the days are getting longer. It was almost 6pm before it was dark last night.
Another bottle of gin bought for my Gin Collection – the pink ISH one
I found a new fabric shop in Shipton – The Little Fabric Shop. It sells curtain fabric, and I picked up this sample. I’m on the look out for fabric to make a roman blind for my lounge.
I also picked up this fabric for a Roman Blind in my kitchen. It was a remnant – 3.2 metres for £24 and goes perfectly with the colour of the walls.
The view from my office window. Well not quite right, I had to get out of the ambulance to take this but it was bloody cold. The things I do for my Sunday Sevens!
Lots of lovely soaks in the bath, it’s the only time I really chill out and catch up on my favourite programs – except the Sewing Bee! But that will have a post all to its’ self!

Hope you’ve all had a productive and happy start to 2019. And those who are able to are watching the Great British Sewing Bee!

Catch you all soon,

Ali xx

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. So much in one post – although tea and cakes play a big part – you could only be a Brit really 🙂
    I managed – by fair means and foul, being in France – to watch the Sewing Bee. I quite like the new presenter I think and the contestants all seem lovely. I was impressed with the way most of them got the fitting right on the real, live models. It’s easy to be critical of some of the efforts but, really, I couldn’t do it with those time restraints – I would be in a puddle on the floor.

  2. Busy week – main theme – cake! HaHa!
    I’m hopeless at sewing clothes, but I love to see what people make – hoping some of it will rub off. Love the Sewing Bee, so glad it is back.
    I’m not a fan of Joe Lycett, but he’s doing ok.

  3. Wow what a super Sunday I lost count Seven. Love the fabric you choose for your kitchen blind. Please tell Cyber Mum Happy belated birthday from me. I envy you your woman cave, I need one. I thoroughly enjoyed episode one of the Sewing Bee, I think I heard that one of the contestants is from my neck of the woods. Hurrah for Harrogate and Bettys. I love the Fabric Remnant shop there, such helpful staff.

  4. Pauline says

    Love reading your blog. You can’t beat Betty’s for tea and cake. My daughter lives in York so Betty’s is always a good port of call. Enjoy watching the Sewing Bee and admire the contestants for sewing on TV. I do patchwork and quilting and each time I read your post and watch the SB I feel inspired to have a go at sewing clothes, but put it off…. maybe soon.

  5. Lovely pics – you’re looking fab! Bit jealous of the trip to Harrogate – was planning a break there for the end of Jan then Harry arrived! xx

  6. Was thinking of you last night when talking with Jen. So delighted to read your current exploits! Knew you’d be golfing no matter what the weather, and continuing to make your new home your own. Thoroughly jealous of your fabrics including trips to Harrowgate plus tea and cake! 😘 😘 👍

  7. I really must start my Sevens again but, as I don’t have access to my craft stuff, there’s not much making going on so it would be a bit boring. Love your kitchen fabric and the plain fabric will go perfectly as a blind with the curtains. Good to see you making the house yours in terms of style and decoration. You and your cake though!😘

  8. I was in Harrogate last weekend. I’m looking forward to returning for the meet up sans husband!! It’s a pity we can’t just take over Betty’s for lunch!! Lovely to see pictures of your new home. Hope everything is good x

  9. I’m glad to see you posting, and the work and office window photos are so lovely–it makes such a difference to live and work in a beautiful area. And CAKE–I miss cake, and yet there is no place near me that makes genuinely good cake, and I do not have the skills or patience to make something excellent with buttercream. The local organic baker (who is the only baker) In Woodstock NY makes cakes on a silly ‘seasonal’ rotation, so for winter they only had a few that are very heavy on sugar, which I dislike. In autumn they had a nice one with buttercream, but in most of the other seasons the offerings seem way too sweet for me. I’d love a place that makes good cake and coffee now and again–lucky for you to get some, even if before soup (!?).

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