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Jumping into June Update: Those who dare

Originally posted on said & done: Handmade by Chris:
It might be mad, bad and dangerous, but it’s definitely happening: Jumping into June is now a thing. So far the following brave women have signed up for sewing a jumpsuit until June: Ali ofThimberlina Amanda of Sew Deputy my good self, Chris of Said&Done: Handmade by Chris Amanda of Sew Deputy Neela of SewFusion  Nakisha of SewCraftyChemist Beth of Sewing Soothes the Soul Teresa of  Navybluethreads – who really started this all Sew and Supper Of course we hope many more will want to join! For your inspiration there is a Pinterest board suitably named Jumping into June . It contains some pattern inspiration. If you would like to pin to this board let me know and I’ll add you. Of course there is a hashtag #jumpingintojune for Twitter. I hope I have not missed anyone off this list. If I have please drop me a line and you will be on it before you can say jumpingintojune. Chris x

Jumping into June: Jumpsuits for all! #jumpingintojune

Originally posted on said & done: Handmade by Chris:
Me Made May may only just have started, but let me announce to you the next go-to event in the sewist’s diary: Jumping into June! Sew a jumpsuit for June. Yes, I know I said I would never sew a jumpsuit, not because of any fashion considerations but because of the bathroom practicality implications. But somehow (and I assure you, alcohol was not involved on my side!) Ali of Thimberlina and I talked ourselves into making jumpsuits, provoked by what may have been a throw-away remark Teresa of Navybluethreads may live to regret ;-). You can read the “making of” of this idea in the comments to this post. In true spirit of sewing awesomeness (BECAUSE WE CAN!!!) Amanda of Sew Deputy and Neela of SewFusion  have joined up as well. So this is GBSB royalty involved, you know!! So while there aren’t any rules or any prizes we would still love you to join us as well in making either your first or one of…