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Jumping into June: Jumpsuits for all! #jumpingintojune

Fancy a new challenge….. I somehow have been talked into making a Jumpsuit … want to join us…? Read on………!

said & done: Handmade by Chris

Me Made May may only just have started, but let me announce to you the next go-to event in the sewist’s diary:

Jumping into June! Sew a jumpsuit for June.

Yes, I know I said I would never sew a jumpsuit, not because of any fashion considerations but because of the bathroom practicality implications. But somehow (and I assure you, alcohol was not involved on my side!) Ali of Thimberlina and I talked ourselves into making jumpsuits, provoked by what may have been a throw-away remark Teresa of Navybluethreads may live to regret ;-). You can read the “making of” of this idea in the comments to this post.

In true spirit of sewing awesomeness (BECAUSE WE CAN!!!) Amanda of Sew Deputy and Neela of SewFusion  have joined up as well. So this is GBSB royalty involved, you know!!

So while there aren’t any rules or any prizes we would…

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email - Thimberlina.blogATgmail.com


    • Don’t you fancy joining in? I’ve not worn one since my engagement party so not sure if they’ll do anything for me, but hey ho!

      • I think I’m setting myself enough challenges this months thanks. Plus I’ll probably drop half of it down the loo every time I go. And I don’t think I’ve worn one since about 1986!

  1. I did use the Holly pattern (well – I started with the Holly pattern) to make a gift for my particularly fabulous friend recently (the trousers are a really nice shape, even if you end up losing the top half!). Not sure I am fabulous enough myself to pull off a jumpsuit, but I might possibly have picked up a couple of new patterns for them recently, so clearly the idea of one is percolating in there somewhere… (trouble is, you’ll never know if I make one or not because I still seem to be unable to take pictures!)

    • Sounds like you’re in if we can find you a photographer.
      Problem solved! me!!
      We’ll have a photo shoot in Shibden Park. We could even go on the mini train 🚂! No excuse now!

      • If we went for a boiler suit vibe we could pretend to be the train engineers!
        Though I am enjoying picturing the two of us in disco-glam prancing around Shibden Park… we’d scare the ducks! 😀

        • Haha! Maybe we should try a different location! In the dark!!! I think you should get signed up and make one and worry about the photo shoot after! Be brave! 😄

    • I’d not seen hers, it’s stunning! I was trying to decipher the French (I did it at a level but forgotten most of it) then got to the English…

      • Google translate! !!! I don’t remember any french from school but I’m hoping to pass for a francophone on her blog thanks to monsieur Google 😉

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