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Fankenpattern to the Races – Newlook 6648 and 6730

For the last few years we’ve been invited to Ripon races and I’ve always made a new dress for the occasion. This year I almost deviated from wearing handmade as I finally was able to fit into a favourite RTW dress that has been too small for ages…..or I’ve been too big! Unfortunately I gained about 4 pounds after this picture was taken and it wasn’t as comfortable so I had to have a plan b. I still had some of the blue ITY fabric (from this years SewUpNorth) left after making Simpicity 1613  So then I had a crazy idea to make some pull on wide legged pants (Newlook 6730) and create a jumpsuit if I shortened the dress and stitched them together. I cut out the pants in a small which is a 25 1/2 – 26 1/2 inch waist and a 34 1/2 – 36 1/2 inch hip. I’ve not been that small since I started school but due to the stretchiness of the ITY knit and the close fit I was wanting …

McCalls 7577

Back in February I joined Slimming World.  I’d lost about 10 pounds on my own, well not entirely on my own, I’d been hitting the gym classes with my bestie but I needed a bigger push to shed another 20 pounds. One of the things that spurred me on to loose the weight was the Mc Calls pattern 7577. As soon as I saw this cute little playsuit I really wanted to make it for my June holiday.   So as the inches melted away I rummaged in my stash and found the perfect fabric for View A but without the sleeves.  I bought this crepe from Leeds Market last November in the first SewUpNorth meet up.   Shockingly (for me) I didn’t trace the pattern and I didn’t make a muslin! My thoughts on tracing have changed slightly.  Before I used to trace absolutely everything as I was hoping to be a smaller size in the future, now i’m tending to cut straight into the patterns as I’m adamant I’m staying the size I …

BHL Holly Jumpsuit – No excuses needed this time

Last year I made a Holly Jumpsuit in the name of frivolity, also known as Jumping Into June. This time I didn’t need an excuse. I’d been given a gorgeous pair of shoes which just happened to be the same colour magenta as some of the circles on this silky fabric that I recently bought from Abakhan when I met up with Jenny in Chester.  This fabric was just crying out to be a jumpsuit! The first thing I did was try on my first Jumpsuit. I knew I’d need to modify the pattern pieces to avoid making a modesty panel like in version 1.  I’d also lost a few pounds too, so needed to check if any other adjustments were necessary. I needed to loose 4 inches from the drape at the front. It’s a bit tricky putting into words what I did to the front bodice piece.  Do the photos make sense? I basically removed the shaded wedge from the top which then created a side dart by cutting into the fabric and …

Jumping into June – Linkup Party

Originally posted on said & done: Handmade by Chris:
Let’s celebrate the power of the jumpsuit! Let’s celebrate Jumping into June! If you’ve sewn a jumpsuit in or for June, please add the link to your blog below. That way we can have the most wonderful collection of jumpsuits all together. In order to view the full lineup you can click on the Linkup button. Thanks for being part of Jumping into June! Spread the word using #jumpigintojune!

#jumpingintojune: A Lineup of Jumpsuits

Originally posted on said & done: Handmade by Chris:
What is the collective noun for a number of jumpsuits? A gaggle? A school? Hmm, not sure – but I am sure there should be a word for this, because when you look at the lineup of jumpsuits that #jumpingintojune has generated you know that these are here to stay. Aren’t they amazing? Look: Ali ofThimberlina in her BHL Holly – amazing jumping skills AND the requisite amount of modesty incluced. Amanda of Sew Deputy in her summery jumpsuit with the most impressie photography, inspite of some trampolin related embarassment my good self, Chris of Said&Done: Handmade by Chris, trying to be the teacher’s pet by making a long sleeve and a strappy sleeve jumpsuit Neela of SewFusion , who would convince even Alladin to wear a jumpsuit Sew and Supper in her fun and flowery summer jumpsuit Beth of Sewing Soothes the Soul  in another BHL Holly – the shorts version Tia Dia of MezzoCouture and the amazing red linen jumpsuit that daughters want ? And this is not all!…

The Leap Of Faith – with a modesty panel #jumpingintojune

Firstly can I apologise for yesterday’s post which may have distressed some readers and put them off their lunch.  I returned home late last night after getting drenched at golf, opened my reader and was shocked to see me almost doing a full frontal for all to see!  I never realised I’d put that photo as my feature image!  Needless to say it’s gone and won’t be reappearing! So, onwards and upwards! We’ve all been waiting for June with varying degrees of anticipation and excitement!  A few weeks ago in some friendly blogging banter on Chris’s blog it was somehow suggested that we’d sew Jumpsuits for June!  Before I knew it I was signed up and dusting off my Holly Jumpsuit pattern – or Jolly Humpsuit if your that way inclined! I think rather than rambling on I really need to just move on and show you my pics!  The first photo shoot was in pouring rain, and after a dynamic risk assessment by trainee blog manager (TBM) and myself the height of the Jump …

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN – #jumpingintojune

Oh my goodness me!  Whatever has come over me!  Last year when I made a random purchase of the BHL Holly Jumpsuit I had no idea what I’d be getting myself in to!  This would never have happened before the world went technically crazy and we all started blogging! So, here I am, about to take the plunge and Jump In To June!  I’m sure you want to know more, maybe even join in yourself.  If that’s a yes, then head over to Chris’s post HERE where all will be  revealed.  In the meantime, I need to have a rummage in the garage for something to jump off! Due to certain time restraints, which include teeing off in a team match in an hour, I’ve not time to write the full post.  Until next time when you see me take the leap of faith!

Ready – Steady – Juuuuuuuuuuuuump!!!!!!! #jumpingintojune

Originally posted on said & done: Handmade by Chris:
OMG – soooo exciting! Today is the last day of May – which of course makes tomorrow the start date of Jumping into June! All throughout June we would love to see your jumpsuit creations! Quite a number of intrepid sewists have already signed up for #jumpingintojune – see a list here. But of course you can still take part if the fancy takes you now. So as and when you are ready to blog about your jumpsuit, leave a comment here with the URL of the blog post so that other jumpers can jump (not hop, ’cause that is how we roll!) from blog to blog. I for one am getting myself ready for the the big jump. So I leave you with a tantalising glimpse of the uniform of Flight Lieutenant Said&Done. Cue Top Gun music!

Holly Jumpsuit BHL Muslin No. 2 #Jumpingintojune

Not much tweaking was really needed after Muslin No.1.  I’ve added a ruler width to the body length, which turned out to be 1 1/4 “.  I just guessed and as it happens, it’s turned out ok.  I’ve chopped the excess length off the legs, cut them to 30” for now so I can try them on with flat and heals. I’m feeling happy after my second muslin.  The thing I’m going to change tho is the width of the top which causing slight boob gapage. If I was a bit younger it wouldn’t bother me, but I’m not and it will so I don’t think it will be a big job to reshape it.  I’ll add extra fabric when I cut out the top piece and shape it on my when it’s nearly at the finishing stage – I think!! Now the big question is what fabric am I going to choose. How’s your “Jumping Into June” project? Have you chosen your pattern yet? Or are you wondering what I’m talking about? If it’s …