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What I’ve been making during my absence

Vogue 8903 Mc Calls 7542 Burda 6626 Vogue 1449 Vogue 1411 Sexy Lounge Pants! Vogue 8888 Yasmin Yoke skirt by Maria Denmark Vogue 8888 A Huge Granny Square More Crocheting Cushions! Curtains! Teaching Henry to Crochet A Beanbag for my DSLR Fleece drawstring bags Infinity Scarf Stitchin Santa Crocheted things for my bathroom Lastly an alteration I didn’t think I’d been up to much, but now it’s all here on my blog I’ve actually been more productive than I thought!! Cheerio for now Thimbers x

Do Not Adjust Your Screen – Espresso Leggings

They really are that bright!! This colourful fabric, an ITY knit, has been illuminating my stash for over a year.   As my gym joining experience has continued and not just been a flash in the pan I thought it was about time I added to my ‘gym wardrobe’ which is over 5 years old, with the exception of the VNA top I made last year. I’ve made leggings before, but not ones that needed to withstand 6 minutes of squats in a Les Mills Body Pump class.  But for starters, and for a speedy make I dug out my TNT Sewing Cake custom made Espresso leggings pattern.   I’ve made loads of these, about 7 pairs I think, but not for a couple of years. In legs than an hour i had them cut out and sewn up except for the waist band:   And then I had a busy couple of days and put them aside.  I googled making active wear leggings as the basic elasticated waist wasn’t gonna cut it for these pants. …