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One of the things I’ve yet to master…… The twin needle!  I’ve had success on scraps of fabric when practising, but it’s the threading of the needles that I struggle with.  I’d rather re-thread my overlocker!  Every time I give it a go I can’t make the 2 spools behave nicely and generally the  in the seconds one jerks and snaps the thread. I have read the instruction manual 17 times and made several on observations on You Tube, but no no avail.  If you would like to add a link below, or any words of wisdom they would be greatly appreciated.     Feature photo (because as usual I am unable to just share one photo):  Does anyone else keep all their sample stitches when trying something new? Head over to Wild Daffodil’s blog where she’s joined forces with  3 other lovely bloggers who’ve created this weekly challenge. 


Joining in with Wild Daffodils photo challenge. A different word each week for a whole year. Both of these pics were taken on a day out to Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire. It’s a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year.  I tried to narrow it down to one photo but couldn’t (this won’t be a surprise to anyone who ‘knows’ me).  I could have added another 20 it was such a fab day.  From the size of H you’ll probably guess it wasn’t this winter. I think it was about 3 or 4 years ago. Head over the Wild Dafodil’s blog (link above) where she’s linked up with the 3 others who’ve created this challenge. I’m posting from my iPhone so it’s a bit harder to do link ups from here. 


Whilst out and about today I decided I would find my vintage photo. I actually found 2! The above feature pic was taken as I was cooling down after my run. There was a young women at the bus top dressed in vintage style clothes. I daren’t ask her for a pic but managed a sneaky one from behind!  Isn’t the coat gorgeous!? And next a plant holder at my mum in laws home. It’s actually the toilet from an old Victorian terraced house she used to live in! Linking in the Wild Daffodils weekly photo challenge!


H winning his first man of the match trophy from November  2008, playing football/soccer. Click HERE to find out the weekly photo prompts and all the rules – there are no rules!! This photo challenge was created by: Cathy from Nanacathydotcom Jane from rainbowjunkiecorner Melissa from the Aran Artisan Sandra from Wild Dafodil  Head over to their blogs to see their pics!